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Ivy Tech Community College - Evansville Reviews

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Very good program. Awesome tutoring staff. Classes aren't too difficult, but some online teachers are unresponsive, so you can be left in the dust if you procrastinate too much. At least at this campus, the lunch food is really good. Vending machines available, but don't expect too much sustenance from falling food. Don't rely too heavily on the security team; they seem incompetent. Luckily though, I've only needed to interact with them once.
Ivy Tech is filled with wonderful students, faculty, and staff. Everyone makes you feel welcome and like they are truly happy you are there. Professors are incredibly encouraging and motivating, and if you plan on transferring to a 4-year institution, they are more than happy to assist you in your journey.
I enjoy the small class room sizes and the opportunities the college offered. they had several career days and mental health activities that occurred while I was on campus. I take mostly online classes now and love the easy to use app as well as the class sizes still staying small.
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I have had a really good experience with Ivy Tech so far. The only downfall is the distance factor but they really do work with you and with your schedule.
The instructors there are all quite passionate about what they do. They understand the position that they are in and make the most of it for the students.
I will be taking classes at Ivy Tech starting in the Spring 2020. The class sizes are small and the courses are affordable. They have a good variety of transferable degrees and classes. They could use more IT programs, though.
Overall, it’s fine for a community college. Some professors put in the effort (they are angels) but others seriously don’t care at all. The advising staff is laughable. They do nothing and will pass you around to other advisors because only 1 of 6 might know how to solve an issue. Communication between departments is non-existent so be prepared to do a lot of footwork if you have to find an answer to a question. I can’t express how incapable the staff can be at times. Double check everything that has to do with your academic progress. They are so over-encumbered and understaffed that you can easily fall between the cracks and end up taking unnecessary classes. I wouldn’t recommend it but honestly they have a monopoly on community colleges in the area so there really isn’t another choice.
So far my experience at Ivy Tech has been rewarding. I have made advancements in my education, I did not see myself being capable of doing! The reasons why are my professors really were supportive and made it known, I am capable and smart. The only issues I have had were with the advising center. It was disappointing when talking to them and hearing one thing about my schedule and then hearing something else another day in email. It has gotten better this second semester, I am just aware that lack of communication is what is needed to be fixed. I expect change because the school over all is great and they are caring about their students education and success.
Went through Express Enrollment. It was a very rushed process, and not very thorough. When they finished with me I wasn't sure if we were even done, they just disappeared and I left the building assuming everything was done.
The programs are decent, but only if you're in culinary, nursing, or automotive. The other programs aren't funded enough. It kind of feels like just being in high school, too.
I like how the professors are available to answer any questions or give feedback. I like that they have resources available to help me succeed in my journey to finish college. In addition they have a Career Development office that helped me put together a cover letter and a resume. I would recommend to family and friends to go to Ivy Tech Community College.
My Advisor Cliff was very helpful and took the time to help me in my career choice, if I had to give a bad review of the college I would have to say that the staff in the Financial department talk to you as if your a two year old sometimes, and tends to take forever to get back to you on the question that you may have. But over all I feel like I will succeed in the two years of me being there and that I know my advisor will help me on my transfer to USI when the time comes.
I liked that you knew which classes would transfer to other colleges in Indiana. I didn't like the lack of challenges in some of the courses.
I have not attended Ivy Tech yet. I plan on attending this summer but from what I have seen and experienced so far it is a good school.
I love how small class sizes are. Ivy Tech is much more laid back then other universities. I enjoy the classes, and the teachers very much.
I like that Ivy Tech is a small, community-based college where the teachers really care about the students' well-being.
There are many classes to take as well different times to take them. The school is very flexible with their classes and understand that things come up.
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The online classes are alright. They could definitely use some improvement. There are times where the work load is very heavy such as three to four assignments that week, a paper, and a test all in the same week. So sometimes it is difficult. The registration process is very easy. The peer-to-peer interaction is very well on the discussion boards for assignment.
the post-grad services at my school seem to be fine people seem to be getting jobs once they get out of school.
The professors are awesome at Ivy tech they really put their heart and soul into their students. They want the students to succeed. The class sizes are normal around what a high school class would be. Maybe 20 students probably 25 at the most There are a variety of courses that are offered.
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