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Ivy Tech Community College - Columbus Reviews

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I have experienced a big University before and felt so isolated in a crowd of people and I did not do well there. At Ivy Tech in Columbus, I feel as if the professors actually care if I succeed and earn a degree. They care about my future. I love it here!
This a very nice school. It had the potential to help you get to graduate school. They are connected to allot of different Ivt leagues.
I felt that all of the staff that I came in contact with truly wanted to see all of their students succeed. They bent over backwards to help us and made sure that we all enjoyed learning.
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I am a Freshman here and my experience has been excellent so far! My advisor and the staff here has been SO helpful and kind to someone like me who is new to college!
The full-time teachers really care about student success, and the course load is not difficult to handle. They offer both 16-week and 8-week classes, which allows students to get done with their degrees at their own pace.
Ivy Tech has provided em with an amazing array of opportunities that are available to take advantage of. Every student feels like a priority and that their needs will be met fully. The teachers and staff always are there to help with any issue that comes about. The hours are flexible and work with anyones schedule. I would recommend this school to anyone with their quality of teaching and pricing.
Overall good school, I enjoy going here as a business admin student. Does not offer on campus housing but the annex is a good substitute.
The professors seem to really care about the work you do and are all very unique. You learn what you need to know in each class and more. If something does not work out, the school will do their best to fix it. They have interesting programs that are inclusive as well. The art part of the school has a good handful of different programs and options to choose from apart from the normal degrees. Classmates are usually friendly and from what I have seen, the campus is very clean, safe and there seems to be plenty of open room.
The teachers are awesome! They encourage students to explore a wide array of topics all the while challenging students to learn.
I really liked how they were very helpful and allowed you to work around everything you had the teachers were very understanding and helped in every way possible and made everything happen, very wonderful experience. I believe that one way they would be able to change would have to be the class room settings I don't feel they are very roomy but other than that I believe that they are doing a wonderful job.
I think Ivy Tech is a great school. It is on the cheaper end when it comes to tuition. It is close to home so I don't have to pay for a dorm or apartment. The teachers are wonderful and it is so easy to make friends in your classes. I like it here.
Ivy Tech Community College In Columbus Indiana Is close to home which makes it convenient for work and home life. Ivy Tech has grown a lot since I last attended in 2005 and is very nice. Also, all my instructors were very nice and always willing to give extra one on one if you are struggling to help you get a better understanding. So, because I had such an excellent experience with Ivy Tech in the past I am going back in January 2018 to pursue my life long dream as being a Nurse that I feel is my calling. My goal is have my associate degree for LPN in 2 years.
I love it here! There is so much going on all the time that I am ever bored, and there is almost always free food somewhere. The faculty are typically very agreeable and friendly and know what they are talking about.
I would like them to get a new anatomy physiology 2 professor. I liked that everything was not to spread out. It is a great campus and most of the professors are great.
I had a great experience here at Ivy Tech! The staff is always there when you need them. I saved money and it was close to home. I had the opportunity to be involved on campus. It is a great atmosphere at Ivy Tech!
This school has friendly staff and provides a good education for a low cost. Their flexible classes and teachers are great options for somebody going back to school.
Ivy Tech has been like a second home to me. I have never once felt out of place there. Everyone is so nice and comforting. My experience has been great. I chose this school because it had the exact degree that I wanted. The Surgical Technology program there is one of the best. The teacher that teaches it is the best teacher I've had since kindergarten. They have great extracurricular activities and plan special event throught the year to try and get students involved. I would recommend this college to anyone and everyone!
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Ivy Tech is a great school for anybody whether you are looking to just start your prerequisites or get an associates program, they offer something for everyone. I started my path here at Ivy Tech to do my prerequisites and ended up staying to obtain an associates degree. The classes are small and teachers are very attentive. You need them day or night and they are there to help! The only thing I would change during my experience here would be the advising I received. My counselors were very nice, I just wish I would have had longer with them to talk about options. I also would have liked for them to discuss in more detail the process and what my long term goals for classes and graduating would look like.
I like Ivy Tech, I think it's a great school. They have a variety of classes, majors and ways to help you succeed as a student. The campus is small and I think that helps to keep distractions at a minimum. They don’t have athletic programs and that’s fine for me, as I don’t normally participate in sports. It’s a great school for adult students who are working full or part time jobs and even those with children. They offer classes in the evening in addition to their daytime classes, so it’s very flexible as far as working around each student’s schedule.
I had an overall good time. I met new people. My class wasn't too hard. The professor made the lessons interesting. There isn't anything I wan to change.
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