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I lived at home with my parents while attending Ivy Tech so I did not get to experience dorm life or on campus activities but I highly recommend Ivy Tech for a very good education at an affordable price. This is a good option of a transfer to a larger university. you can get your general studies taken care of if they do not offer the major you are looking for.
Me being at ivy tech as a freshman for the most part was an experience to remember. Although I could have done better academically, I look forward to attending next year.
Professors and faculty are always kind and welcoming! Very eager to work with students, both old and new. They always achieve goals that they have in place and they make sure they let the students know how much of a vital role they play. Not only hat, the students are both informative but also helpful as well. Everyone comes from different walks of life and it’s refreshing to meet new people everyday on campus.
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The thing I love most about Ivy Tech is the professors are so kind and very helpful! The professors always make time for their students to make sure they really get the materials they are teaching and you can tell that they genuinely care. One thing I would suggest is getting more advisor for certain career field choices seeing as some majors have their own set of advisors. Sometimes it can be hard to see your advisor because they will be so booked. Other than that I love my experience with Ivy Tech and I'm hoping to continue my experience with them.
Since I have started my studies at Ivy Tech, I have been very satisfied with the staff and the resources that they provide and have available for students use. The atmosphere is great and the professors are very helpful most of the time.
I am really grateful. Ivy Tech managed to make my experience super easy with finding my career path and signing up for my classes.
Ivy Tech Community College is exactly what id expect! Ivy Tech Community College is a perfect tool to get me where I wanna be.
Ivy Tech Community College is a great college for people to attend as they help in many ways to get to earn your degree. The professors are great too as if you work together and do your part they will helped you pass.
I enjoyed the fact that the teachers were very helpful. I also enjoyed the amount of people there is to go to if you're having a hard time getting on track, no matter the state of your situation.
It’s a community college. Nothing too special. Just working on becoming a nurse. There isn’t a huge student life or party scene. It’s mostly adults that are continuing education.
Ivy Tech is good for people who want to work and go to school at the same time. The teachers are very understanding and give good timing on assignments and tests. It is best for people who want to commute and live on their own. Ivy Tech is for people who just want an education and not the overall college experience because there is none except for classes whenever you prefer.
There are plenty of programs offered to start it your education path. Teachers are willing to help and classes are easy to follow, whether you take them online or actually go on campus for courses
This is my third semester at Ivy Tech and I really like it. The location I go to is North Meridian and it's is very convenient for me. The advisor and teachers I've meet so far are great. When I need help, they are there to help.
I enjoy being at Ivy Tech due to the diverse student population and the affordable classes. The professors I have had are working in the field they teach so they are able to share real life experience with the class. This keeps it very real.
What I like about Ivy Tech community college is that it allows students to attend school at a much more cheaper cost than a traditional 4-year college or university. And if you keep your GPA at least a 3.0 you can become an American Honor student which will allow you to have an even cheaper tuition
What i enjoy the most about Ivy Tech is how incredibly flexible the professors are. I've noticed the diversity in age and race, the staff is great and willing to help. Everything I learn through the academics I will need for later use in my career.
Small college with a big future! Teachers and advisors are so hands on and helpful. Not something you find at a large university.
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I have completed my first semester at Ivy Tech Community college on the Dean's list! I am now working on my second semester here at Ivy Tech Community college and I love it.
My experience at IVY tech is very very good because Ivy tech offers courses of 2 monks and so on which makes learning easier.
My experience been well, because you get a chance too see new people and get a chance to see more diversity. I would like too see the sports change, like they should add football and more sports people would like to see.
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