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What i enjoy the most about Ivy Tech is how incredibly flexible the professors are. I've noticed the diversity in age and race, the staff is great and willing to help. Everything I learn through the academics I will need for later use in my career.
Small college with a big future! Teachers and advisors are so hands on and helpful. Not something you find at a large university.
I have completed my first semester at Ivy Tech Community college on the Dean's list! I am now working on my second semester here at Ivy Tech Community college and I love it.
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My experience at IVY tech is very very good because Ivy tech offers courses of 2 monks and so on which makes learning easier.
My experience been well, because you get a chance too see new people and get a chance to see more diversity. I would like too see the sports change, like they should add football and more sports people would like to see.
I love just about everything about Ivy Tech! If Ivy Tech did not exist I am not sure if I would be on my educational journey right now. It is close to home, it's affordable, the staff is great. If I am struggling in a class I can easily get a tutor or get advise. Sometimes I wish there was a cafeteria but we are surrounded with places to eat so it's not that bad. The location is perfect for me because there are trails in the woods next to it so when I am stressing out all I have to do is take a nice walk through the woods and enjoy the fresh air. I think the academics are challenging but they also make me give my best and not procrastinate.
Ivy Tech is a very good College that gives hope to the hopeless. For example some people who were in a university wjere they pay huge amounts of money , when they get to Ivy Tech they pay cheaper and also they get quality education. Ivy Tech Community College is one of the best College I have ever known in my life .keep it up.
Teachers are okay, but some need to actually take the time to explain instead of being rude about it.
I liked that it was easy to connect to with professors and it was nice to get involved in student life around campus. The class sizes were not bad and the campus was maintained well.
I like that the class sizes are small enough to get help from professors when it's needed. I also like that the professors know who the students are.
My experience at Ivy Tech was only the beginning to a never ending journey. Learned many different aspects of life as well as alot about myself. How to be disciplined and take the initiative in my area of studies that require a little bit more attentiveness are just to name a few key points to my success. Graduating with honors have been one of my many accomplishments and with continued unstoppable motivation, it will not be the last. So from childhood to adulthood, I’ve learned that I can do whatever I put my mind to whenever I am ready to do it. Life is what you make it! I give five stars to Ivy Tech, not just for the degree, but for the opportunity of advancement within myself and my skills.
Ivy Tech is a educational institution were you can earn an Associate's Degree in about 2 years affordably.
The school claim to support student success is right. The school have various activities that engages student to achieve all round success.
The school is a great school. I just had some problems with one of my professors. The school has friendly teachers who are willing to help you find the room that you need to get to. They also have nice seats for the students to sit at for their pleasure. They also have a library and a bookstore that are really nice and helpful.
I like my school. The teachers are very one on one with us students and provide many ways for us to contact them outside of class.
I really love the small classes and one on one time with the professors. The professors are really good at working with you.
Ivy Tech is a good school but definitely has a lot of cinks to work through with clubs and certain areas in their programs to be great.
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It’s a good school to gen ed courses to transfer to other schools in the state. The classes are easy and don’t cost that much to take plus you can take classes online.
I really am liking the ability to take the classes I want worth the pressure of fighting for spots. Definitely a degree driven school, but I know people who are ksut taking classes because they can.
Ivy Tech is a really excellent school to attend to start your journey in college. It’s a affordable reliable and a peaceful place. They help you understand and get where you want to be , I wouldn’t prefer any other college.
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