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Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana Reviews

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I went to ivy tech for short a period time and overall it was a great experience. I lived near the campus and it was a great commute.
I really enjoy attending ivy tech, the classes are just the right size for my learning style and have a great range of times that make it easy for me to attend while working
When I first started here people would ask me where I was attending college and I would answer, "Just ivy tech." After being here for almost two years, its not JUST ivy tech! It's ivy tech! They have changed my entire mindset on a community college. All of the staff are friendly, the very few times I've had problems with instructors they were easily resolved and the advisors are so personal. Usually when you think of college advisors, they look over your profile and know you for one appointment. My advisor knows me by name, not just my student number. In fact, she even recognized me in public! The personal touch that Ivy Tech provides is one of the best things about being a student here.
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I've only attended Ivy Tech for a semester but so far my instructors have been very respectful of my time as a working mother and left me feeling prepared when it came to taking my finals. All the academics and advising at Ivy Tech has been phenomenal but I have no opinion on the campus as I'm taking online only courses.
So far I have been attending this college for almost a year and I love it. The students and professors are very positive and work with you. Every time there was a situation, they helped me with no problem. When I’m class, it is not like you’re just sitting for three hours for a lecture bored. In every class I have taken the whole class was engaged and everybody is communicating to get an understanding.
I love my school. I have now been at Ivy Tech for 1 year now and it has been great experience this far. All my teachers I have had was helpful and so was the advising staff.
The college works well with the students and is a great place to receive your Associate's Degree at a fair price.
Ivy Tech Community College is the most amazing school in Indianapolis, Indiana! It is the most amazing school because they give everyone an opportunity to go to college by waiving application fees and providing as much support as they can do so that students are able to be successful. What I love most about Ivy Tech Community is the one on one support and small class sizes. Ivy Tech Community College has truly changed my life because I’ve felt supported my entire three years at Ivy Tech. The Advising team and staff is phenomenal because they help you to make the best desicions to be successful at Ivy Tech. The office hours, and additional support hours are great too! Coming out of high school I just knew I wanted to go to a four a school and have the full college experience, but I can honestly earning my associates degree in human Services (May 2019) and transferring next fall was the best decision I could’ve made for myself.
The Ivy Tech Community College of Central Indiana, has served me well. I would recommend it to students who would like to get a start before attending a four year institution. My experience with the Professors has been great. The aid I have needed in every area has been very helpful, from financial aid to student success. I would recommend Ivy Tech Community College with 5 stars.
I went to the campus looking to complete my RN degree. They have been very helpful and resourceful. They have flexible schedules and competitive prices. I am able to work and complete my schooling because of this.
I like how my college offers online as well as in class, I'd like to see more scholarships available.
This is the best and most affordable college! The Academic Advisors specialize in getting you into the the correct courses needed to obtain your college degree that best suit your level of education. It's highly affordable and the professors efforts in their teachings are tremendous in helping ensure students succeed. Degrees from Ivy Tech Community College are highly sought after in the work field due to their curriculum and ways of teaching. It also helps that the tuition is nearly half the cost of any other schools around. It doesn't get any better than this!
Flexible class times, so it's generally easy to work and go to school full time. I have had some of the best instructors at Ivy Tech.
I previously attended Ivy Tech and received my Associate's in Business Administration about 5 years ago. As for my whole learning life, you have teachers that are great and some that you don't care for their style of teaching. I loved the campus and all the help offered there though.
Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana Indianapolis Campus is a diverse well laid out site. All of the classes I have taken have fit into my schedule. The instructors were willing to work with me when I had an issues, either with class, class assignment or making up work. The cost for the classes are affordable. The school is very open about helping the student take classes that can be transferred to a 4 year college. The school also offers outside activities for all students
I've currently finished my 2018 fall class at Ivy Tech-Downtown Community College. I'm going through the ASAP program where you get your associates degree in eleven months or greater. I enjoy the accelerated pace. Most people do not want to attend college cause of the years needed to complete. With the ASAP Program, it gives us the opportunity to be great in a shorter amount of time.
Ivy Tech is a great academic technology that is affordable for everyone and extremely accommodating.
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The campus downtown is amazing, the only thing I don’t like is their FAFSA process. It’s absolute horrendous. Otherwise, campus is quaint, pretty and close to iupui and some places to study.
Ivytech is a broad university which is available for all diversity throughout the universe. People are willing to attend this college to better their career and future; as a freshman student I believe my future is secured and will graduate with flying colors.
Small friendly environment, right by downtown Indianapolis. I am going for my ASN and I'll be able to work as an RN. This is a great way to get your foot in the door at an affordable price.
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