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Ivy Tech Community College - Bloomington Reviews

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I love Ivy Tech College. Smaller campus and classes, lower cost, awesome tutoring center, excellent instructors. What's there not to love?
I have a rare mental health disorder, so rare that I am the first person ever to go to ivy tech with my mental disability. The staff have all been great at helping me. Overall I am looking forward to next semester.
What I like about IvyTech is that it is cheap. I wanted to attend here because it offered the major that I wanted, plus I knew I would not be in debt when I graduated. IvyTech is a great college to attend for anyone who does not want to be in debt after they get out.
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With the Bloomington campus, I like how interactive the teachers are with the students and their willingness to help. No matter the circumstances, the teachers are very understanding and will help in any way possible in order for you to succeed. However, I would change the student loan policy due to private loans being rarely accepted. Changing the requirements for student loans would further allow more students to attend and afford college. With more students attending college, the better chances they will have when carrying their course applications into the job market.
I enjoyed how open-minded and kind everyone was. It is truly a great place to network and meet new friends you will keep a lifetime. Also, the faculty, staff, and teachers are wonderful!
I like the fact that if there is anything that I need help with, someone will always walk me through the steps that i need to take.
It is a great college and I truly enjoyed my time there. I am returning t finish my other two degrees in the fall. My special needs daughter is excited to see me finish college with all three of y degrees. When I graduated with my general studies degree. She stood up and yelled GO MOMMY. I started to cry. I am very happy to see my children get to watch their mother of 46 walks down the aisle to get her first degree. I want to return to finish and prove to them that education is the key to success.
Very great start to college. Helpful professors, great small classes. Lots of class options and overall a great community.
A lot of the professors are very good. I do wish there was a little more help when it came to figuring out classes for each semester. Overall though, it is a good school to help one get started and potentially transfer from.
My experience at Ivy Tech has been an overall great experience. There were a few times where it was challenging to meet with my adviser, because the advising hours are so specific. And, there were a few professors who had some extra rigorous homework assignments, more so than necessary. But there are many resources open to Ivy Tech students, and a great campus atmosphere including diverse and enriching activities. Not to mention a wide variety of majors and classes to choose from!
Tottering is available when you need extra help with understanding difficult subjects , counselors help with selecting subjects to take if you are unsure of the ones needed to take . The college is in a good location to feel safe coming and going .
I have mostly had a great experience with my teachers and professors, there has only been two occurrences where the teacher was not the best and could use more understanding/ explaining when it came to the course.
Ivy Tech is caters to lower class working students who cannot bend to a regular college schedule. For this reason Ivy Tech offers a wide variety of class times and locations. This is convenient but the college is not fantastic overall. With second choice teachers and higher student volumes, it is hard to get personalized care. Some teachers are fantastic and put real care into their students whereas other teachers are short and do not even bother to update assignment due dates or inform students of tests. Receiving an excellent eduction can be hit or miss but a degree is always available.
Ivy Tech has been so helpful with my transition to USI and getting me all the credits I need for my program.
Great, welcoming atmosphere with an easy to maneuver campus. People from all walks of life attend, and you get a lot of diverse culture.
I feel as though I’m getting a very good education for the cost. I like the fact that it’s one building vs a huge campus. I’m a freshman and plan to get my 2 yr degree in criminal justice. Its been a very good experience so far.
I enjoy Ivy Tech Community College. It is good for money and teachers do a very good job of teaching the class. They also do a good job helping students outside of class.
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They provide a unique program that partners with Indiana University- Bloomington that allows students to take classes at Ivy Tech in order to ensure a direct transfer into IU after a semester or full year. The teachers are very personal and care about the students success.
Last year at this time, I was preparing to graduate High School. A few days ago, I graduated with an Associate of Science degree in Liberal Arts from the ASAP program provided through Ivy Tech in Bloomington, Indiana. The program required a lot of discipline, a lot of hard word, some late nights, but, at the same time, provided a lot of consistency and the right amount of support. When it came to finances, the school worked with me to find the money I needed to attend, allowing me to finish without any student loans. In a huge part, thanks to Ivy Tech's accelerated program, I've been accepted at Indiana University where I will pursue a degree in Criminal Justice and will finish college a year earlier than originally planned. Allow it to be said that I am grateful to Ivy Tech and to each and every person responsible for making ASAP the opportunity that it is.
I have attended Ivy Tech Community College, Bloomington Indiana campus for a short period of time. I have had nothing but positive experiences so far. All the teachers, staff, and students have been very open to communication, understanding, and helpful. I have enjoyed my learning experience here. I would recommend this college to anyone, and also have thought about attending here after I receive my Associates degree to further my education. The cost isn't outrageous, the location is great for me, and I have learned so much in the little time I have attended.
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