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Ivy Tech Community College - Lafayette Reviews

302 reviews
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I am an adult returning to collage after 20 plus years of being out of school. Ivy tech has been very helpful in terms of finical aide, enrollment, and general questions. I'm taking my first semester now. The students are friendly and helpful. The teachers have been patient with me, and definitely know their subjects. I would recommend ivy tech of Lafayette for those wanting to return to school.
Ivy Tech Community College was definitely a good choice in the fact that I was undecided on what major I wanted to go for. Ivy Tech was the cheapest route possible to take general education classes while figuring out what I wanted to do. Ivy Tech was boring though (for obvious college student reasons), so I'm excited that I'll finally be moving on this upcoming semester.
Nothing special. Classes are moved around a lot. Sometimes classes just move to wherever there is an open room. Course work is generally really flipflopped. You are told to buy the book and that you need it, then you are told not to buy the book or that you wont need the book at all, or that you need to the digital copy only now and that you need to try to return the one you bought online. ITs really just a lot of bad communication..
General Education wise, online courses are fantastic. They are the best thing I have done there. Very easy to do well if you just do your work. specific classes required for CSCI majors are not easy at all. They give you the same flexibility, but there is little to no help for you if you have problems with projects.
They really try to be professional about it there on the academic advisory level, walking you through your required classes for each semester. The standards and degree programs are constantly changing and being revised, which does not pose a problem if you are locked into one already but DOES if you want to switch at any time.
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  • 6 months ago
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I have loved something about every one of my professors at this school. For the most part, each one enjoys what they teach and does a good job of helping students understand concepts. I have only had one instructor that was not liked by the majority of the class, but they still did a fantastic job teaching the material.
I know there are tons of opportunities for people that go here. I have witnessed many classmates leave Ivy Tech and go into fantastic full time careers that they are happy with. Indiana life is simple, so I know they will be happy where they are with their jobs for a long time as well.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
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Computer Science is only offered from Fort Wayne IN, so all classes that go toward that major must be taken online in the Blackboard study sessions in the evening. It is a huge pain IMO. The transfer degrees are constantly changing, and the academic advisers are being given the information late, resulting in students having to take very similar classes over again for a new science or math credit. ("Bio 101" does not count for the new program that is ultimately better and more reliable then the old program, so you now have to take "Bio 105" and "Bio 107") You are locked into degree programs when you first start, guaranteeing you the degree you work for, but if a new one comes around you better just pray you can fit into it if you are not perfectly on par with your current one. This is not their faults, but the faults of the higher ups that are pulling all the strings. The instructors are good for the most part, but because of the set up of the class, I was not able to get actual help on some projects because I had no classmates to work with. The most helpful advice I was given when I was struggling with the work was to "read the chapter in the book". Its not much help when you don't know what is wrong and why your code is not working. I suppose this system is fine if you are already good at this, or are pretty smart about learning to code already, but if not, you are going to have a bad time.
Although it is a cheaper alternative, you get a lot more than you pay for. You get a staff full of professors that care about what they teach, especially in the classes outside of the general ed study course. Everything is fair and just. Book store attendants are fantastic. You really are paying for a decent education here. Nothing to turn your nose up at.
My work schedule can be tough to plan around, but scheduling classes here has been a breeze. There is a wide variety of options as far as when each class can be taken.
I was nervous about taking an online course, but once I did I was very satisfied with how it turned out. The instructors were very quick to help & responded to questions through email. They explained on the first day how to submit assignments which helped a lot. There were also a lot of discussion boards which allowed us to interact with our classmates.
It's pretty give-or-take. All depends on the instructor. There is a nice variety of classes to choose from.
Every year there is a job fair, but other than that I am not aware of the career opportunities on campus.
  • College Senior
  • 7 months ago
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My major is general studies which isn't super exciting, but many of the electives I've been able to take have been very interesting. The workload is lighter than other majors which is great. Great program for starting out or looking to transfer and get your core classes out of the way.
Attending Ivy Tech is a fantastic way to begin your college career, whether it's right out of high school or 30 years down the road. It is ridiculously affordable and it is smaller than your average university, which makes it less intimidating. There are a number of professors that do not seem passionate about teaching, BUT the ones who are passionate make up the difference.
All the classes i wanted were available immediately without delay and i was highly impressed.
I believe that at Ivy Tech College i will receive a degree that will benefit me once i transfer to a 4 year and achieve my bachelors in engineering. The campus I've applied to (Lafayette) has made my decision even more clear, I really want to go to this school and make the best out of my two years, they offer numerous student services such as tutoring for all subjects, computer labs,testing centers, as well as online classes. I was made to feel like a student the moment i walked through those doors and was offered an opportunity for a outstanding education and look forward to embarking on this journey.
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  • 8 months ago
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I've finally found a school i would love to attend. I have driven 8 hrs to see this school over the course of a week, registered for classes, and applied for scholarships without hassle. However, the school is located in Indiana and I live in Illinois and have to pay for school as well as rent an apartment to live within the community. This school is a dream come true for me, and i honestly believe that i'll achieve my dreams and transfer to a 4 year through this college.
The academic flexibility is great they have day and night classes and classes in between. there would be no reason for someone not to be able to attend with the variety that they have.
I have taken a few online classes and it was not as bad as what I thought it would be. I am more of a hands on person and like being in the classroom. With that being said as for the online classes I thought it was real easy to follow along and do what was expected of me.
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