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It has been very convenient
It takes up more time
I think there will be a lot of career aspects
  • 7 months ago
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Overall I've been able to schedule my classes around my life with a few exceptions.
I took a lot of online classes toward the end of my degree and most of them were really great. A couple really piled on the work but my experience with online classes was good.
Just like with any school, there are good teachers and not so good teachers. I had a lot of both. Some of the classes I took felt like a waste of my time because of the way the material was presented in an obviously biased manner or because the teacher really didn't care about the class but overall my experiences were good ones.
They have everything from job fairs to career centers to help students get connected with the career they are hoping for.
  • 10 months ago
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Being a general studies major, I took everything from math, English, computers to criminal justice, psychology and teaching classes. There is a diverse mix of classes to choose from and electives to take.
I've had every different type of teacher you can imagine, both the good ones and the bad ones. Overall, Ivy Tech Kokomo region seems to be trying hard to provide their students with a very affordable and practical education.
i couldnt transfer grades from a previous institution because they were not accredited. i only live 5 miles from the school, so that is very convenient, and they are working with me to insure i can graduate on time. My current employment is not helping me by scheduling me differently every week, so now the option of online is a big big benefit.
just signed up for my first online course. don't expect any problems
i haven't had the opportunity to partake in post grad services yet. but i don't forsee any problem.
  • Mar 20 2016
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i chose Accounting because i like numbers, they are working with me to help me reach my goal to graduate. i need to get this degree so i can rise above what i am doing now. if i have questions they are readily available to help me. i don't have knowledge with the job opportunities yet but i will be ready for that soon.
I am currently working for the hospital in town, they do not want to allow me to continue my education, so the school has worked with me to work around my schedule, and now i get to go online to complete my education.
I loved the fact that the school is very flexible with my choice of classes and schedules. I work and go to school and I am able to do both because of their flexibility.
The online course that I am taking is very convenient for me. The professor/student relationship I find is excellent. Workload is manageable.
I have never been to the career center and I don't have any job prospects.
  • Mar 4 2016
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Career prospects in my opinion are slim. I never got offered an internship of any kind. I have never encountered any employers recruiting at the school. I did not know that there was a career center service on campus.
  • Mar 4 2016
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I find the professors are caring and understanding. The courses that I have are easy to understand and the class sizes are small.
I am only taking general courses right now. The school does not have the major I want. Applied for a job on campus and never got a response. The curriculum is okay and the facilities are are okay.
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