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I like Ivy Tech. It is a simple community college. It is a safe campus. The business office is not helpful. My adviser is great. The teachers are good. Their attendance policy is extremely strict. It is a good learning experience for a 4 year school.
I had no problems getting my credits to transfer
Have not started for my second degree. My first degree was in general studies.
Review Ivy Tech Community College - East Central
Haven't Made it that far just yes.
My experiences with the professors at Ivy Tech has always been positive. When I walk into class and the instructor always greets his/her students it creates a positive vibe, and provides a sense of a relaxing and laid back environment. As a student, even though I am in college, my professors also keep in mind that we are human and not robots. I personally enjoy the friendly atmosphere that the instructors provide. The class rooms are simple, they are not much different than your average high school classroom, so one could possibly find a little comfort in that aspect of attending class if one was to have anxiety about attending college. The quality of the courses at Ivy Tech are actually pretty good. The instructors teach you things from real world experience and that is a great thing to have at a community college I must say so myself.
My experience at Ivy Tech has been a convenience. My family has low income, and Ivy Tech has made it affordable for me to attend college just like I have always wanted since I was a little girl. They care about your life outside of school and make things possible for you and that is great. Not that I have children, but for the people that do they offer multiple online courses and I thank them for making others lives a little easier for people that want to better themselves! The online courses and on campus classes are easy to follow as well as the curriculum. They break your wished degree down so you can understand how to reach your goals by showing you which courses you need to take. When you earn your credits and wish to transfer them, Ivy Tech does it best! Once again they make it easy for you as long as you do your homework and follow directions, life at Ivy Tech is worth living.
When I first registered for an online course I was very nervous because I have never done an online course before. Ivy Tech made it simple understand how to do the assignments and it was easy to submit them. The instructor stayed interacted with me. If I had a question of any kind I would just simply contact her/ him via e-mail and they would get back to me in the matter of minutes, and that was fantastic.
I havn't gotten that far.
I would attend this school again simply because the staff helps you keep your motivation alive! Homework is enough stress, but with the opportunity to have one-on-one help by your instructors college life is not as stressful. I really enjoy Ivy Tech.
I have had an easy time scheduling my classes around my work schedule and work has been very nice in granting me my availability with school.
I have had a few issues of my instructors not replying to emails and grading assignments. There are also times where I have had to point out certain objectives within my assignments that my instructors have taken points off and should not have.
I have not seen any offers given to us and opportunities. I have not even seen any information about anything.
I have not seen much of this at this school.
The best instructors that I have had are my education instructors. Their classes are laid back and are fun to attend and easy friendly. The size are small and there are different classes offered with each instructor.
The education program is very easy and the classes are really worth while with an easy curriculum and the instructors are great. The work load is average and substitute teaching is the best internship opportunity.
This school was affordable and has many different degrees to choose from and the advisors are helpful whenever you have questions. The class sizes are great and there are some teachers that really care and do anything to help but then there are others who just do not want to help you at all outside of class and sometimes in class itself.
The classes I have had already, all have been a decent size and every professor has made me feel comfortable about asking questions. Also the professors are super helpful, if you don't understand something they will be gladly to help you.
Review Ivy Tech Community College - East Central
I've haven't had to deal with Ivy Tech and transferring credits yet.
I've only had one, but it's been pretty easy to keep up with.
It's great! Ivy tech will help you out a lot to get a job.
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