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Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana Reviews

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Ivy Tech has wonderful professors and the work is very easy. I feel as if they need work that challenges you more. I was tempted to stay at Ivy Tech just to know that I was able to get an easy degree but I know that I needed more for myself. Also, financial aid was such a terrible thing to experience through there.
good school to take your regular classes. saves you a lot of money, classes aren't hard at all either. classroom sizes are small which is better
Thus far Ivy Tech Community College has been a good educational experience for me. The classes are fairly conducted, though the materials provided in the class rooms can run cheap, but the cost to attend is a good value.
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Ivy tech has been wonderful. It's an affordable start to bettering your future. The classes are great and easy to navigate.
I've been enrolled at one other college before enrolling at this one and Ivy Tech is the winner hands down. The downtown campus is huge and I love it! There are so many classes offered at this college and that is great. The school is very diverse which is always a good thing as well.
The online courses make getting an education while working accomplish able. I would like to see more degree options for online students.
my experience so far while attending Ivy Tech Community College has been amazing. I am currently attending for a Baking and Pastry major and i must say the chefs are very helpful. by helping me be the best that i can be, the chefs are always there when you need them and you can tell because they have a passion of what they do.
Ivy tech is a nice school. Most of the teachers actually seem like they enjoy teaching. Some teachers make inappropriate jokes. Also, the area surrounding seems unsafe and road conditions are poor.
I have learned so much more about myself since I have started attending at Ivy Tech. Just the first semester alone, I have learned about how my mind learns the best and what other ways I can apply my learning skills too.
I have been going to Ivy tech for 5 months, and I do online classes. I like all the options you have for the classes, you don't have to chose classes just in your area, you can chose them from all over the state. I don't like that the books are only on line for some of the classes. It is harder to read for me, and you can't stick notes in the books to help you.
I really live Ivy Tech Community College, The classes are detailed and really pushes you learn and grow in your knowledge in whatever class you are taking. I have thoroughly enjoyed every professors that I have encountered even that I just had brief conversation with. The Professors are dedicated and want you to learn and grow and be successful in your career.
I am a current student here at Ivy Tech Community College. This semester I will be graduating with my Associates in Liberal Arts Degree. I moved from Central New York at the last minute looking for another college due to military. Ivy Tech was very informative and helpful on my transition from another state just a week before classes started. The professors here at this college are passionately driven to make sure their students succeed. The advising is very spot on too! They make sure that you stay on track of your degree to make sure you graduate on time. They even have an honors college that I personally participated in. It is a lot of work but your professors and personal advisor is with you every step of the way! I highly recommend any high school student or anyone who wants to start back on their education to start at Ivy Tech Community College.
Its a starter college, the classes can be quit childish at times. I don't feel as if all the staff and faculty truly cares.
Everything about the school semester went great! The only issue I had with this semester was not being able to fully get help and tutoring because of the lack of tutors available in my area. I did not do my best in accounting because there was only one tutor for two campuses and he was hard to get a hold of. This school is awesome and I cannot wait to start next semester!
I graduated with an associate degree and during my two years at Ivy Tech I earned 4 scholarships, opened a food pantry on campus, was president of CVA as well as President of the Human Services club. I was offered a job at the school and during my time here I had so many doors opened due to becoming involved with the schools clubs and organizations.
I have had an amazing experience at Ivy Tech. The best part about Ivy Tech is that it offers so many options for classes and every class has a wide range of locations and times that you can choose from. There is only one thing I would do to improve the school. I would like to see them offer more classes at more locations.
Ivy Tech Community College makes learning fun. The professors are very invested in our success. The school provides us with all the resources we need that failure in this endeavor is an impossibility. The school is not only there to provide intellectual strength but also emotional and physical power. I have been a recipient of some of these programs. More importantly, the school prepares us to be proactively involved in the community through various outreach programs and activities.
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i love that its a community college, so costs are lower. I love that they offer a variety of classes and programs. The only thing i would change would be that financial aide does most of their communication by email or mail and they don't have a phone number to contact them.
I took a advanced math course in high school, everything was wonderful. Wouldn't change much with course I took. It was enjoyable.
My experience at Ivy Tech has been great. I'm able to be more engaged with my teachers and able to have my questions answered in such little time because of small class sizes. I feel like I can communicate and know all my peers, also I'm able to ask for help from my peers too. A great college for a great start in my career future goals.
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