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Very mediocre student body and faculty. The students(who are all sheep for the most part) will complain about the dining hall food, which is actually pretty good. The people are rude and boring, the clubs are rather useless, the professors are just alright. Extreme dissappointment and highly overrated school. No good parties either, the one frat is not associated with the school and is lame. Choose something else.
Ithaca college was a really good stepping stone for me to go out and pursue my dream to study and play music classically.
Ithaca College has provided me with an incredible experience. All of my teachers are incredibly supportive and willing to worth with students. The community created among the campus is vibrant and encouraging. I have througholy enjoyed my Ithaca College experience and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have attended such an incredible institution.
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Ithaca College offers a diverse and inclusive student life that ties in very well with great academic programs.
My daughter has really enjoyed Ithaca College. Her teachers have really taken the time to get to know her and she is excelling in her studies. The campus is in a beautiful city and as many great restaurants and boutique bed and breakfasts that make your visit even more enjoyable. She has been fortunate to make real and sincere friendships playing for the Varsity Women's Soccer Team for the past two years. Unfortunately the coaching staff is sub-par. She has received more guidance and encouragement, skilled training, support and encouragement summers away than while on campus with the team. I have observed that if you are not a favored player, you are irrelevant and mistreated. Quite unfortunate for what could be a program that enhances young college students strengths does the opposite.
I have only visited Ithaca but I plan on attending in the fall. The campus and everyone there were amazing and I fell in love with Ithaca the second I stepped onto the campus.
I have wanted to live in Ithaca since I was 14 years old. For some reason, I never thought of going to IC. Once I took my very first tour of the school, I fell in love. The campus is gorgeous, the people and students are so friendly and the professors here are really helpful. My academic experience has been really good and even though I am only a freshman I am already considering IC for graduate school.
My time at Ithaca College was the best 4 years of my life! I have met so many life-long friends and have made connections with professors that will help me in the future when applying for jobs and internships. The faculty really care about the students and help us in any way that they can. I have felt supported since I first walked on campus and I still feel supported as an alum. I absolutely love Ithaca and everything it has taught me! I have become a better person since graduating from Ithaca College.
Like any other college or university, your experience is what you make of it. Although I wish some things would've been different, I got an overall great education and experience at my school. I feel prepared to go into my industry and happy to have befriended so many students and professors.
I love my classes, and have been especially impressed with the Park School of Communications. I love the campus and think it's the perfect size, because you can get anywhere in 10 minutes, but it also doesn't feel too small. That said, it isn;t very accessible for people with physical disabilities at all.
I have been to Ithaca a couple times but from the first look I knew it was for me. As soon as we entered Ithaca I saw myself going to school there are walking around town. I love the people there, everyone is helpful and nice!!
Ithaca College is great for those looking for a school that is not too big or small, located in a beautiful area in NY (waterfalls everywhere). Ithaca town itself offers a lot. You can get a great education at Ithaca College if you choose. For the most part the professors are good and very approachable.
I love the campus, my sister goes here. Very beautiful town and great campus. People are so friendly here.
I like how welcoming Ithaca is and how helpful the professors are. If you have a question, it is easy to approach someone to get it answered. The students are very inclusive and there are so many on campus activities to get involved in.
The Ithaca community is vibrant and welcoming. There are some issues, but we're making improvements, and our new president is a big force moving us in the right direction.
Ithaca College is a good choice for graduate school. The professors are hardworking and the coursework has been challenging. The main criticism is the lack of diversity on campus.
I am so happy that I chose Ithaca College. I was originally hesitant because I knew it was the school for me but they didn't offer me as much money as other institutions did. However, I have had opportunities to play music and exercise recreationally, while getting a top-notch education. I am studying physical therapy and have been getting to work with patients from the community in our on-campus clinic, thus gaining hand-on experience while learning incredible amounts about the practice of PT. Aside from academics, I have noticed that the student population is very friendly, caring, and in touch with nature. I get a lot of comfort from the people I am surrounded by, knowing that they are all hoping to help others. I am so lucky to be at IC, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a close community of down-to-Earth students.
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This is my freshman year at Ithaca College and since then, I have been adapting to student life, academics and balancing my social life outside of school. It hasn’t been an easy ride, in fact it’s been everything but an easy ride. I honestly would’nt have made it through my first semester if it wasn’t for my closest friends, family, caring professors and my boyfriend who despite the distance between our colleges, has always been there for me.
I came to IC and was pretty excited about the school. But I quickly realized how wrong I was. The campus buildings are ugly, being in the library is incredibly depressing, and the students are unmotivated and uneducated. If you are a driven student, looking for a good education this is not the place for you. It is in a remote location, VERY cold, and too expensive for what you pay for. I knew I wanted to transfer in October of my freshman year. This school is not worth it.
Great liberal school with a wonderful town and community. The professors are lovely and want you to succeed, and the resources on campus are helpful. Expensive, but they help with financial aid.
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