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I love the feeling I get being there. The people are so friendly! There are always activities going on so you won't be bored. I have met some of my best friends there.
I like the local area and music scene in Ithaca. It is really beautiful, but the social scene is something I've really struggled with. It is very clicky and certain majors almost seem like "cults," and are not inclusive at all. I would also like to see more diversity. While they say Ithaca is 30 square miles of paradise, surrounded by reality, the hippie liberals don't take the consideration of PoC in this town. Overall, the school is predominantly white rich kids who do not consider the experiences of poor, PoC, or queer folk.
Ithaca College is a small four-year liberal arts college filled with amazing down-to-earth students. Ithaca has a unique program called Exploratory, which gives students personalized help in finding the right major for them.
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Ithaca College is on the rise to becoming one of the best private colleges to attend. They obtain a wide range of clubs and organizations to keep yourself involved and active on campus. My experience is one that I am still getting to know. The professors make themselves available and truly care about the outcome of their students. I only hope to make my college experience better as each year passes.
There isn't enough dorm rooms for students, most students can choose their housing by lottery number and its unfair for the majority of students so everyone ends up in a housing assignment they don't like. the meal plans are expensive and both my years there I ran out of swipes weekly. registering for classes are a pain, you have to go through so many people to get the answers you want and need. on top of all of that I have made amazing friends, the classes are pretty good and the party scene and social scene is enough for me.i enjoy Ithaca right now, but probably wouldn't recommend to anyone of coming here. its more of a personal experience that you need to figure out yourself.
I like how people are very friendly. There is so much opportunity for students to expand socially by joining clubs and such. Students can find many jobs to work at as well with the help of the school, there are so many nice people that are willing to help any student. I do wish to see more people of color at the school in order to make the college more diverse. As well have many cultures from around the world to enlighten the college's spirit.
Ithaca College has been a great fit for me. I have had numerous opportunities because of IC's small size and professor to student ratio. I've learned a lot and made some incredible friends.
Ithaca college does an incredible job of making you feel at home right from the beginning. As soon as I arrived on campus for orientation I was able to find friends and explore that campus. They also do a great job of getting students adjusted to college with their freshman seminar program. I couldn't ask for better college experience.
Campus community is friendly, thoughtful, accepting, and active. Professors go above and behind both inside and outside the classroom. So many clubs and organizations available. Between alumni and professors, there are so many connections to build experience and your resume.
So far, I'm having a blast at Ithaca College! My overall classes have been interesting and engaging, with good professors. The campus is gorgeous, as well as the surrounding town is cute and has so much to do. The living spaces are good, with many different options. One of the biggest improvements needed is the campus food; there needs to be better quality and more available spaces to get healthy foods. Otherwise, I'm having a great time!
I had a really great time at Ithaca College. The campus is small and unique, the surrounding area is lovely, and my program (Speech-Language Pathology) was great. Tuition is really expensive because it is a private college. If you can get the financial aid and it will make you happy, it's probably worth it.
I absolutely love Ithaca College for so many reasons! The college has so much to offer especially to undergraduate students so you are getting experience in your major day 1 on of class. The professors there are amazing and I have yet to have one that has not made a positive impact on me. There is always activities and events going on on campus so there is never a dull moment at Ithaca College. Overall, it is an amazing school and anyone who attends will not be disappointed.
Ithaca College is a great place for me as a transgender student. The professional staff at the Health Center, the director at the LGBT+ Resource Center, and the college president have all shown great support and efforts to meet the needs of students like me.
Ithaca College has a lot to offer. The academics are awesome, the professors are great, and the surrounding area is beautiful and safe. The small class sizes allowed me to succeed in school and become very close with the professors and other students. A lot of the classes included lectures and hands-on activities, which is helpful to students who learn differently. The amount of clubs and activities at Ithaca College were endless; There is a club for each person. The surrounding area includes great hiking paths, great eateries, and numerous shopping centers. I highly recommend Ithaca College to all students.
It's a good school. I really enjoy my classes and professors. I have been able to establish relationships with some of the faculty, which is really helpful in moving forward and succeeding in my field. They have many systems in place that support students and faculty alike. They have campus safety which really work hard at their jobs. However, it is a POW (Primarily White Institution), and while there is some diversity it is lacking. But hopefully in years to come that will change. The food is okay, but not the greatest. Some days are better than others in the dining halls. The underclassmen dorms aren't great but it gets better once you become a junior and are able go live in upperclassmen housing. Ithaca a lot to offer ranging from great academics to great extracurriculars. Ithaca college is not for everyone and not everyone is for Ithaca college, but it was right for me.
I am in the Park school and I can honestly say it's one of the best experiences. I feel very prepared to advance into the workforce and IC provides an amazing network of alumns to get me where I want to be.
This is an incredible school for communications and there are so many opportunities to learn but it can feel like a bubble at times.
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I just completed my Freshman year at Ithaca College. It was a positive experience for me. The professors are top notch, the campus is beautiful, and the students are very friendly. My only complaints are the quality of the dorms (not renovated in long time), and the food. The food is quite poor, and I would like to see changes in the menu choices and quality.
It is a good school if you know what you want to do and are there specifically for that. Although they have things in place to make indecision an option for a time.
Terrible school, you're making a big mistake if Ithaca College is on your list of schools to apply to. As a graduating Senior I can say with 100% certainty that Ithaca College is a horrendously horrific school more concerned about safe spaces and diversity than the actual education provided at their institution. Do not attend, you will waste your time and money on a school that doesn't give the slightest shit about you and never will. I could write multiple 1000 page papers as to why Ithaca College is such a terrible school but my time is better spent recovering the time wasted at this beyond trash college.