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Ithaca College is a small college that is very welcoming. The professor wants to see you succeed and are willing to meet you halfway. The school has weekend activities like movie nights for people who don't like to party, and the town of Ithaca has many restaurants that you can try one every weekend.
Ithaca College is a really wonderful place to go to college. I am currently in my third year and I have loved my experience so far. It can be difficult to get to, the housing market can be frustrating, and campus living is not ideal but those are my only cons about this school.
The college overall is a great place to be. It is a safe campus, the environment is not competitive to the point of being toxic but people are motivated here. The faculty is wonderful, except the Computer Science and the Math department. I'm not saying that because I'm a non-STEM person. I am a STEM major and the computer science department sucks horribly, especially their department chair. The math department is constantly changing up their curriculum. The only solid STEM departments here are the Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Bio-Chem departments.
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Some of the best 4 years of my life here! Great programs and campus in the most beautiful town. Great campus community with a variety of organization and housing options.
I love Ithaca college. I am an art major here and my teachers are so passionate. The parties are pretty fun when you find the good ones. The bars are pretty fun too. I value the saying "work hard play hard" and that definitely applies here.
Man, this school. It has gone above and beyond my expectations. As a freshman student, I have witnessed friends from my hometown at their colleges dreading their work, their professors, etc. Not once have I had doubts about Ithaca; the professors are intelligent, helpful and kind and the programs are well-made. The amount of established alumni is incredible. The food is great, Terraces is the best dining hall and SubConnection has good food. Upperclassmen are awesome and enthusiastic. The campus and buildings are beautiful, and the location is ideal. Parties go on every weekend, on and off-campus, and are easily accessible by the TCAT.
I like the size of the school, 6000-7000 students and that it is in a college town with many opportunities to do great things off campus as well as with nearly Cornell University.
I love Ithaca so much. Both the Ithaca College Campus and the Town of Ithaca provide students with a great community to thrive in. They have a wide variety classes and have small class sizes for optimal learning. The only downside is some of the staff in the offices are not as helpful as would be ideal and the tuition is very high.
I love this school, If you are trying to decide where to go, Ithaca should be one of your options! It is an amazing university
I love the scenery of the campus, it is nature all over. The buildings on campus aren't too far from eachother, making traveling easy. Also, the staff is great, majority are really open with students. I wish there was more diversity in race of students though. Students are really engaging with eachother on campus since it is a medium sized school it is easy to get to know a lot of students. The dorms vary in size but even as a freshman you will have a decent size room.
At Ithaca College, you have a lot of support. There are a lot of resources here. You will have a good opportunity to achieve your dream goals. Being here, you will experience a wonderful campus and faculty. Some things that I wish to change is the diversity on campus and the food.
The ICC (gen Ed requirement system) is so stupid. They need to fix it or do away with it. The atmosphere is friendly and there is something for everybody.
I love the college town as well as the campus itself. It has been kind of difficult financially to afford the school because it is so expensive. There are some aspects of the school that are not worth the 60k that is spent to go to school there, but I love the atmosphere and the area so to me it is worth it.
I liked how they are an SAT optional school because sometimes students on standardized tests, yet their G.P.A is higher. They are very friendly and they were capable of answering every question I had there.
I was enrolled at Ithaca as a Politics major. The professors and campus environment is ultra-liberal. If you do not represent the ultra-liberal ideology then expect to have points taken off your papers, be shunned from class discussions, and be singled out because of your views.
Additionally, the IC to Cornell program they offer is poorly understood by factuality and administrators. This program is also really available in name only. After MONTHS of attempting to track down people who could answer my questions, when I attempted to apply for this program I was told that the program doesn't work and that it is hard to arrange a schedule within the IC to Cornell Program.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my one year at Ithaca College so far and am excited to begin my next . I have very few complaints about the college and believe that they have done a good job with most areas. Maybe a little more diversity would be a welcomed change but other than that I appreciate what they have done, despite the many problems the president and his staff have with the student body.
I have a lot of fun here but I've finished a year without learning anything. I went to private HS and honestly, it was more difficult. However, it all depends on the college you're in (parkies probably already are angry with this review lol). I feel like most of my time is spent partying. I'm enjoying my time but looking to transfer for something more difficult.
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Ithaca college has a great school of health and human performance. I would not suggest going to IC if interested in the humanities and science majors as those departments are not as strong. The food here is not really that great but doable. The college is located in Ithaca which provides several places to eat and shop.
I love Ithaca. It is great here. Almost everyone is nice and most are quite intelligent. You can always find someone to do something with and there are a variety of clubs and things to do on and off campus. The facilities are a little lacking and the administration is not great, but they seem to be working on it.
I love the welcoming atmosphere at Ithaca college. The city itself has so many opportunities for adventure. The gorges are an amazing hike, the commons in downtown Ithaca has amazing shops and restaurants to explore. Even in the dead of winter, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
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