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ICC offers many programs and educational opportunities to further develop students’ skills and ability to thrive in the real world.
Itawamba Community College is a good place. The professors make things easy to understand, and there are quite a few options when you are looking for classes.
So far this school has been a little basic. I plan to transfer to a university in Texas to major in computer science.
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Teachers are very informative and attentive to needs. The teachers always have time for you and answer your emails in a timely manner.
The teachers always put the students need above everything else. All they do it is for the students best interest.
I didn't have the best experience at ICC
Being fresh out of high school I didn't know what to expect. I still do remember my teachers though. Some where really knowledgeable and some where just collecting a check. When I was there it never seemed like being there a big step into my future because of the lack of diversity in theor degrers. The curriculum seemed mediocre in its approach. The Internet interactions and work submission needed tuning up. Information was hard to send to the school because their website wasn't operating properly. It just wasn't the best. I hope they have made big changes over the years so students can actually be attracted to attend.
Tupelo campus is great. The instructors are well educated and care about their students. The campus is just right for a person coming straight from a (small) high school.
I have had an awesome experience at ICC. I had origionally planned on attending a 4 year university straight out of high school, but my parents thought that it was best for me to attend ICC first. They were right. ICC has been a blessing. I have made so many new friends and built great lifelong relationships. The teachers are always so helpful. They are willing to do anything possible to help you out. I am so thankful that I chose to attend ICC first.
I transferred in with some really bad grades from past mistakes, and was initially denied financial aid. Wrote a nice appeal letter explaining the reason behind the grades and was approved same day.
My Gen Psych professor is really nice and cares about her class.
Only taking two classes, but pretty good so far.
they have worked with me to get my classes around all I needed
online classes just move so fast so I have to be very disciplined but they are okay to take. I would rather be in a classroom
Even though I am only a freshman I have seen how they work with students who are transferring out to another college. so they make it easy.
Love mrs. Boggs she is making public speaking so much fun. the class are not over crowded and the courses are great.
they have indian delegation that help out a lot. they show you around the school and help out with your schedules. the centers are very helpful also.
I am going for Radiology. the only thing I have a problem with is they only take 16 a year and that is not a lot. It is very competitive and I wished they had more of an opening.
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I am loving this school. They really make you feel at home. I am loving being the involved with the clubs and game nights to help keep our mind off of being away from home. Getting to class is real easy for they try to fix your schedule to where your classes are close to each other instead of running all over campus..

I would choose this school all over and so I glad I did.
Online is harder to learn for some but its easier and convenient
They will help when you fail.
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