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I absolutely LOVED Itawamba Community College!! The BEST two years of my life. The teachers are amazing and really, really care about the students and student involvement/academic growth. If I could, I would require every high school senior in the state of Mississippi to attend ICC. It has helped me so much in my pursuit of a Bachelor's degree at university. ICC will forever be my favorite place!!!
I am at the tupelo campus and I absolutely love it. The teachers are so helpful and the new health science building is so nice. It even has a study room in there. Its so cool to have all of the health majors in one building instead of spreading it all out. Traffic is little hectic in the morning especially when theirs a train.
The education is very good and everyone is very personable. I love this place and wish I could stay 4 years.
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ICC is a wonderful school, everyone was nice in the offices and tried to help as much as possible. I did my classes online mainly, but had to go on campus for test, everyone in the testing center was always friendly and tried to help, and never acted like it was a problem to be there, student wise and employee.
The classes were small and the teachers were always available to help. Campus was easy to get around and had plenty of computer labs and places to sit. I prefer ICC to the university I transferred to.

The only bad things about ICC involve financial aid. Because of regulations, they are required to hold your FinAid until the middle of the semester. If you planned on buying textbooks with FinAid, you're stuck with the overpriced books in the campus bookstore. You can sell them back, but only at 1/3 of the purchase price, and only if they are going to use that edition next semester/year.
Instructors had no time for nonconventional students & behaved as if you were wasting their time. Favoritism was rampant in the health science program. We observed instructors bullying, befriending & gossiping about students. The bias toward some students was very unprofessional. The Health Science program had JUST ONE African American Instructor in the entire building on the Tupelo campus. Diversity was not much better where students are concerned, there were 5 of us black students in the entire class. I would not recommend ICC to anyone.
I would like for there to be bigger classrooms and more spots available for classes. I feel like the spots for each class get taken too easily and I feel like we should be more informed on how credits and programs work.
I have been at Itawamba Community College for a year. I have loved the experience at ICC. The atmosphere and teachers are great.
Itawamba Community College gave me two of the best years of my life. I learned to open up and get out of my shell. There is literally someone new you can meet everyday. Also, the teachers really care about their students. They will work one on one to make sure that you get the grade you desire. Plus, they are very invested in school spirit and making everyone feel like they apart of a family.
The school is a great school. You meet many people from different places and also make new friends. The classes are small and the instructors really try to work with you on anything you need help with. Overall Itawamba Community College is a great place to be.
During my first year of coming to this college, it’s everything I expected. I've been dreaming about coming to this school, not only because of the All American Marching Band, but the opportunity and friends I’ve met and haven’t seen in a long time. It feels like I never left high school but I have in a way. I love all the teachers and the staff. And I recommend every student from my area to come to ICC where Indians chop for life!
Itawamba Community College is a great school for students that do not want to jump straight into a university. I have enjoyed my time here at Itawamba Community College. The staff are real nice and keep you up to date with what is going on. If I was to change anything about ICC, it would be the 5 person dorm rooms. They are not awful, but they are the only downside of ICC.
Itawamba Community College has become my home away from home. This campus has allowed me to come out of my shell and pursue a career I did not even know I wanted. Not only has this institution helped me academically, Itawamba Community College has more than adequately prepared me for a four-year university. Itawamba Community College will always be a place I associate with my fondest memories.
I like how the campus feels like a home. There is always someone around that you can talk to about stuff. The campus is very peaceful and usually not very loud which is great for studying.
ICC offers many programs and educational opportunities to further develop students’ skills and ability to thrive in the real world.
Itawamba Community College is a good place. The professors make things easy to understand, and there are quite a few options when you are looking for classes.
So far this school has been a little basic. I plan to transfer to a university in Texas to major in computer science.
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Teachers are very informative and attentive to needs. The teachers always have time for you and answer your emails in a timely manner.
The teachers always put the students need above everything else. All they do it is for the students best interest.
I didn't have the best experience at ICC
Being fresh out of high school I didn't know what to expect. I still do remember my teachers though. Some where really knowledgeable and some where just collecting a check. When I was there it never seemed like being there a big step into my future because of the lack of diversity in theor degrers. The curriculum seemed mediocre in its approach. The Internet interactions and work submission needed tuning up. Information was hard to send to the school because their website wasn't operating properly. It just wasn't the best. I hope they have made big changes over the years so students can actually be attracted to attend.
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