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This is a great place to start if you are used to a small town feel. Thanks to the fact that most classes have 30 students or less, there is plenty of time for asking questions and actually getting help from the teacher/professor. There are lots of programs provided through this institution that will aid you in getting the credits you need to transfer or jump right into your career. I truly recommend this college to a majority of upcoming graduates or to anyone who yearns to go back to college and switch up their career path.
I am a PSEO student from a local high school who is attending Itasca Community College. I have had a good experience at this school. However, I do not live on campus and I only have classes three days a week, so I do not have the full experience.
This is a good community college that is perfect for your first two years of school. The professors are always nice and helpful. I amd happy that I decided to go here. Itasca Community College is really the best place to start !
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I didn't mind my time attending ICC, staff were very helpful and personable. I would definitely recommend the Business teacher Bill. He was a phenomenal teacher! Couldn't be more thankful for him.
The professors are very engaging with their students! You never feel too scared to ask a question! Every student always seemed to be friendly and helpful!
My experience here at Itasca Community College has been pretty good, ever since I've got here my freshman year. I like the teachers that I've gotten my past two years here. All my teachers have been wonderful to me, I've even got the chance to grow a strong friendship with a couple of them. I would like to see them to change the football practice fields and lower the price at the campus cafeteria.
I balance out all my classes and my family time
I like it it's straight
I like it and it's the best too me
Well I'm just working on getting my AA degree so I can transfer but it is a lot of work to do but I do have helpful teachers that wants me too past and be an successful student
I like it because it takes care of my freshman and sophomore classes and when I transfer I'm going to go straight into my major and begun designing houses
It's going good but I did took out some loans just to pay for my housing bill because my bill is 330 a month and I had too take out a loan for and I need to learn how to manage my money but they did offer students jobs on campus so they can get food stamps and use that too go get food from stores like Walmart
The campus not to good but not too bad because everything is close by but I am out I'm the middle of no where surrounded by cornfields and nature but it's peace and quite here
Everybody just be doing them like they just wake up go to school communicated with everyone get good grades and go on about there business
All of the professors are extremely knowledgeable about the subject they teach and care about each student's learning and well-being. Though not all professors are energetic and determined to make their class as fun as possible, they are all willing to go out of their way to make sure students are understanding the material. Such professors are what make the courses so great to be in. There are many different courses offered at ICC, but the biggest areas of study there are Education and Engineering. Knowing this my senior year of high school, I figured classes would be more or less lecture halls. However, as I learned when I visited ICC, most classes in any field stay below fifty students per class--and for the Education courses the classes are usually closer the twenty students per class. Not only are the classes relevant and interesting, but the styles of teaching the professors use is modern and utilizes new technologies to help prepare us for the real world.
During my time at ICC, I've had no troubles whatsoever. There are multiple times that each course is held so that working students, like myself, can handle both school and work. Also, the counselors completely handled the transfer of my credits, eliminated a problem they had while doing it, and explain everything to me. The highly knowledgeable staff realizes that many students already have a lot on their plate, so they take care of most of the hassles and frustrations for us.
Tuition for both years comes to a little over $12,000--which is very good, especially for how all-around great the school is. All staff members are willing to go out of their way to help any student in need--whether it's the counselors coming in early to help a student register for classes, or an instructor coming in to tutor a student on a day when they have no courses to teach. Instructions for applying for financial aid, scholarships, and anything else are easy to understand. Any misunderstandings or misinterpretations of any instructions can be brought up to appropriate staff members who will break down all the information to make it easy to understand, and provide help if wanted.
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If you miss class you miss everything. Many teachers don't understand that people work.
There is not anything great about this school. The community is very safe but the campus itself feels a bit scary at night. There and many older people who go here. Some teachers are wonderful while others are terrible!
It is so affordable and easy to complete. There are advisors that can walk you step-by-step through the process. I actually got a lot of money and an overage check which has helped me through my time of need for financial stability.
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