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Isothermal Community College is a great 2-year college located in Spindale, NC. I am taking the Associate of Applied Sciences in Advertising & Graphic Design and the instructors are very helpful and really want to see us (the students) succeed. Since the class sizes are smaller, each instructor can have more frequent 1-on-1 conversations with each student to help them in their respective classes. Even this small community college has an up to date and very useful graphic design lab that is completely accessible to anyone enrolled in that subject. If you are a legal resident of either Rutherford or Polk County, you are eligible for the Powers Scholarship which will pay for all tuition and fees so that you will only need to pay for supplies and textbooks. All in all, if you are looking for an affordable and a great community, Isothermal Community College will be the right place for you if you live around the area.
Very convenient! I worked pretty close to regular school hours, so nothing crazy or demanding. Classes were pretty flexible, and professors were understanding to personal issues.
I have taken a couple online classes, and they were great! Easy workload and great help available from teachers and peers.
Review Isothermal Community College
After I graduate, I will definitely have several career opportunities available for me in this county. With my degree, I will have job security and flexibility as well.
Love the professors here! They are very helpful and work around your schedule. They all have office hours specifically dedicated to counseling you in whatever classwork you need help with. All the staff is very approachable.
As far as a community college goes, it's average I think. A degree from here would obviously not carry as much weight as a degree from Harvard or Yale, but the requirements are the same, so therefore I feel like I am earning it just the same.
I'm in the associates degree program, and it's been a rewarding journey. The advisors lay out everything you need to take, and then work with you to conform it to your schedule. I will graduate next year with my 2-year associates degree and could not be happier!
I have loved my experience so far, and I am looking forward to continuing my education with them!
No problems with transferring previously so hopefully no problems when I transfer next semester.
I like the online course because I can work at my own pace. Teachers have been great at answering questions. Lots of tutoring services available.
great career center and counseling available.
I will not have internship opportunities for the degree I am going for through Isothermal Community College, but there is job fairs and recruiting meetings held frequently for the students.
My experience with professors and the courses has been good. I have no complaints. I was able to get into all the classes that I needed to finish my associate of art degree.
Im just pursuing my associate of Art right now so this program is very easy to complete. Workload has been great.
All the teachers have been great and easy to get along with so far. My teachers are great at answering questions. The admissions process and financial aid process was very easy. These offices were very helpful and very nice; they made me feel important like I was the only one they working on at that moment. Isothermal is definitely a great school to get your associates!
If I had to start over again with the knowledge I have now, I wouldn't have chosen to come to this school. My dream is to go to Western Carolina University but I put it off because I was worried about the cost. Now I've messed up and lost Pell Grant due to my unhappiness at this school. I'm trying to get enough money to afford to go back and reinstate my Pell Grant so I can make it to WCU. Isothermal is not a bad college, it just wasn't for me.
Credits transfer is an issue, with Isothermal, which is a problem.
Review Isothermal Community College
The courses that are offered at Isothermal are great in variety.
The fact that Isothermal is a small college is very benificial to students.
Campus life at Isothermal is great. They have lots of activities and programs.
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