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This is a terrific community college. I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect when I first decided to go here but so far I've been really impressed. Professors are very helpful and knowledgeable about what they're teaching. I have learned so much and I'm excited to transfer to a university.
In my Junior year at Laguna ills High school, I took Japanese at IVC. Proffesor Sachi Johnston was an incredible teacher.
Although this is a community college, its teaching quality is no worse than that of other universities. And you can meet a variety of different people at community colleges, which is hard to do in a normal university.
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i like the school campus and students are really nice and the professors and teacher are really nice and its great to work with it is really safe and the food is really good and
Irvine Valley College is a great school to study at if you are prepping to transfer in two years. The classes are very straightforward and most of the professors are really talented at their jobs. I would also recommend the campus, library and food. All very solid.
I have attended only one full school year at Irvine Valley College thus far. The Professors I've had throughout educational journey at IVC have been great so far. They constantly help you reach your goals whether it may be receiving an AA, Transferring, etc. The cafeteria though could use some renovating; there are many stains lingering around the area and the tables and chairs appear to be really worn out. The student body can be a little hard to come by, because many of them aren't really outgoing and talkative. Which means the vibe can seem a little quiet and unwelcoming, but when you put yourself out there and take the first step the atmosphere can be very warm and talkative. Either than that, the professors are great, the campus is constantly progressing to be modern, and the educational goals that come with you are made possible, by the resources given to you.
I love that the campus is very clean and organized. They have a lot of great teachers and plenty of events to attend year-round. One of my favorite things about IVC is how easy it is to see a counselor. Something I would like to see changed is perhaps the food court menu, a lot of the options are not very healthy and some of the food tastes less than fresh.
My favorite part of my first semester at IVC was being able to study in a nice and quiet environment. The library is beautiful and also happens to be my favorite spot on campus.
I like how the campus looks, all the students, and teachers are nice. Good college and I got my classes!
The professors are far and above the greatest in the Orange County area. IVC has the highest transfer rate in Orange County and one semester will reaffirm this notion.
Irvine Valley College is a small but awesome school. The teachers are very well educated and helpful, and there are a lot of helpful workshops and opportunities for a great academic experience. The area is affluent and safe, and there's a lot of great areas to hang out around it. The only faults to this school would be its size, and the athletics program here. It is very easy to transfer from this college, and it's cheap.
For a small Junior College it is big on helping students get the best education they can. The campus has more professors with PHD's than other Junior colleges. Easy to navigate around and no parking issues.
I believe Irvine Valley College is a great transfer college. It is filled with clubs, athletics, and a companionship that not many transfer colleges have to offer. Although it is considered a 2-year college, it provides students with a second home. A second home that is filled with love, dedication, and motivation. It is rare to find such a close and comfortable place to home.
The negative reputation a two-year institution receives doesn’t compare to the actual education and experience available. Entering Irvine Valley College, I was unsure of the expectations professors might have as well as the friendliness of your peers. However, I was instantly able to fit in with the Laser community, and felt as if Irvine Valley was my second home. Being part of the Honors Program entitled myself priority registration for courses required before transfer. Compared to friends currently attending a four-year university, I never struggled to find a class or professor I wanted. Likewise, the opportunities to achieve more are definitely within reach given how faculty does its best to constantly support students whenever they require guidance. The experience I have received at IVC is truly unforgettable and has provided me the proper assistance as I embark on my future at a four-year university.
I am planning to attend Irvine Valley College for the summer of 2018. I hope it's everything that I want in a college. I have such high hopes for my future and beyond.
So far , Irvine seems to be the perfect fit for me to start of college as a freshman. The campus and so far the to teachers I have are making my experience memorable.
Irvine Valley College is a great community college if you are looking to transfer. They offer great programs to help students get on track and the education is great. The counselors actually care about you and your well being. They will help you with anything they can help with. It would be better if Irvine Valley College can make recycling bins more accessible.
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This college is like your normal community colleges. The student life here is not that bad, since most of the students here commute back and fourth. But it is an eye opener for those who wants to see what major they really want to aim for, and also to meet new people. The campus itself is decent as it provides a lot of classrooms and study spots. Especially, lots of parking too.
Irvine Valley College is a nice campus overall. I really like that most of the classes I have enrolled in are about 25-30 students at the most. This gives my professors an opportunity to actually bond with the students and learn our names. It is a more personal learning experience.
Irvine Valley College does provide prestigious education and practical life long learning lessons for students. Small class sizes and small professor to student ratios definitely helped me get along with my professors well and I was able to learn a lot from them. Moreover, there are many clubs and opportunities to get involved on campus. Has a strong Associate Student Government (ASG of IVC) student-led organization. Highly recommended for anyone who loves to be challenged academically.
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