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great, one to one support, the Transfer center is the best. they take time to listen. I was so comfortable to express my self. very resourceful for the scholarship. it was one of my best community life experiences i have in my life. The cafeteria food is great. the prices were ok
IVC is a great transitional school before transferring into a 4 year university. The professors are decent to good, and there are great resources. One critique is that the chemistry department is not as advanced as saddleback college.
Most of the professions not great at teaching students. Many of the classrooms are old. The food is extremely bad and it is hard to make friends
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The school provides many resources for a student to be able to succeed and be able to transfer out to a good four-year university. Most students looking to transfer out are very focused and are willing to help others.
I like how clean and safe the campus is.y current pre statistics class is great. Great professor approachable, funny, practical, helpful.
It's a super nice campus. They've been adding policies to make the environment smoke free and healthy. They continue to engage with students by holding monthly events and keep the campus life alive. Parking is still an issue, but like what college is it not a problem at? I love the time slots for classes and their waitlist system.
I liked my two years at IVC for community college. They are the number one transfer school in CA and I got into some of the best UC schools because of IVC. They have challenging classes and some outstanding professors. The academics are great and prepare you for whatever university you transfer to. You are not going to a social life here because it is community college but thats not what you are here for right? Its all about the academics and transferring in two years.
IVC offers a lot of resources; they really want their students to succeed and therefore provide anything they can to help. The facilities are all modern and clean. The campus is huge and easily accessible. The professors are highly qualified and excellent at their jobs in educating their students.
The campus and surrounding area is very nice. Professors are very accessible, and a lot of them teach at the prestigious UCI right next door.
I will be attending this university starting august 20th. Therefore, I can not accurately give an approximation of the school when I have yet to attend it.
The school is good in terms of opportunity and in resource. The school offers may different resources that can range from books to financials. With that being said, not all departments have the same resources that can benefit a student. Nonetheless, the overall resources that are there benefits all students. In terms of student life, it feels like it is little below average. The reason being is because the school tries to do too much before the little things. But overall, the school in general is good.
I have been an Irvine Valley College student for 2 years now and I can say it's been a very good experience. They are very helpful with their students and have really helped me get this far in my career as a student. This fall will be my last semester here before I transfer . The transfer center along with the kind counselors have kindly helped me pick the right classes for me. They are very dedicated to helping students succeed. The colleges resources are also very helpful and overall this school lends a helping hand to all those in need.
This is a terrific community college. I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect when I first decided to go here but so far I've been really impressed. Professors are very helpful and knowledgeable about what they're teaching. I have learned so much and I'm excited to transfer to a university.
In my Junior year at Laguna ills High school, I took Japanese at IVC. Proffesor Sachi Johnston was an incredible teacher.
Although this is a community college, its teaching quality is no worse than that of other universities. And you can meet a variety of different people at community colleges, which is hard to do in a normal university.
i like the school campus and students are really nice and the professors and teacher are really nice and its great to work with it is really safe and the food is really good and
Irvine Valley College is a great school to study at if you are prepping to transfer in two years. The classes are very straightforward and most of the professors are really talented at their jobs. I would also recommend the campus, library and food. All very solid.
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I have attended only one full school year at Irvine Valley College thus far. The Professors I've had throughout educational journey at IVC have been great so far. They constantly help you reach your goals whether it may be receiving an AA, Transferring, etc. The cafeteria though could use some renovating; there are many stains lingering around the area and the tables and chairs appear to be really worn out. The student body can be a little hard to come by, because many of them aren't really outgoing and talkative. Which means the vibe can seem a little quiet and unwelcoming, but when you put yourself out there and take the first step the atmosphere can be very warm and talkative. Either than that, the professors are great, the campus is constantly progressing to be modern, and the educational goals that come with you are made possible, by the resources given to you.
I love that the campus is very clean and organized. They have a lot of great teachers and plenty of events to attend year-round. One of my favorite things about IVC is how easy it is to see a counselor. Something I would like to see changed is perhaps the food court menu, a lot of the options are not very healthy and some of the food tastes less than fresh.
My favorite part of my first semester at IVC was being able to study in a nice and quiet environment. The library is beautiful and also happens to be my favorite spot on campus.
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