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I lived on the Council Bluffs campus and I am in a lot of pain and suffering from injuries sustained on this campus. they rented out the same housing/dorm room's out to the students from another college were stalking me, after they assaulted me. the staff were notified multiple times but they did not care. now I am living with a compressed spine, possible hip pelvis and knee damage. then the college decided to bill me when I had to withdraw from college due to the injuries.

The students and teachers were great.
This school is great. What i like about it, is the quiet environment, and the diversity. Also, the teachers here are very helpful. They are determined to help you get to where you want to be.
Loved the campus. I like the fact that the classes are small in size like my current classrooms. Iowa Western also offers man other summer programs. This past summer I took a two day course on motorcycles and passed. With this I was able to get my motorcycle license. Around Council Bluffs is also a great area. One great thing is that you are super close to downtown Omaha which has tons of stuff to do
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The classes and teachers are amazing, but the students and housing aren't all that great. I would improve housing and how they deal with students that have money troubles.
The nursing instructors are wonderful. Registering for classes in very easy through the online format. The ability to take classes online & in person make it so easy to fit into a busy person's schedule. Tuition is very affordable & they will help you set up a payment plan that works for you. The campus is moderate sized and easy to get it. It's also easy to find a parking spot close to the building your class is in. The new student center is fantastic. The library has numerous computers and quiet areas for students to use. The cafeteria offers numerous options at reasonable prices. The food is very delicious. I would recommend this college to everyone. It's a great place to get your start on your degree.
I have not yet attended this college, but I have been on their campus and I loved it. I liked the way the dorms are set up. I also met with some of the professors and they are very well interested in your well being and interested in teaching you. Overall this is the place I want to start for my college experience.
The teachers are easy to contact and easy to work with. They are very understanding if you have to miss a class, so long as you let them know ahead of time.
It's a great school with a lot of supporting programs. It's more like a family campus. There is always someone willing to help you out.
i have had nothing but positive experiences at IWCC. I have been going here part time for 4 years and now a full time nursing student. I have positive teachers in the science department,and outstanding teachers in the nursing department. The only down side is the admissions/financial aid/ office staff over see such a large amount of students, its easy to get lost in the shuffle if as a student i don't actively keep involved with what is going on in the background of my degree program.
I grew up not far from Iowa Western, and was always told that it is where the "losers" go to. But I find that far from the truth. This school has pushed me academically in ways that I did not expect. I have also met many great people that are fast becoming life long friends. Overall, I would recommend Iowa Western to anyone.
This college is great with their students. They have always been willing to help us out with anything and are always concerned for their students. The satellite centers are great too!
Great community college! This is my third semester attending the school, the professors are great, the campus is small and easy to get around. I absolutely love attending the school, they offer really great programs.
It was alright but all my paper work took forever to get through and so making payments was really hard because I didn't know how much I had to pay. All of the professors were really nice and took their time to help me if I needed it after class.
Iowa Western Community College has provided a schedule that works with my full time employment. There are many classes to choose from, an excellent team of advisers, and a user friendly site for online courses. The campus is beautiful and well taken care of.
I took online classes during high school here. However, I had many friends who went here as well. I loved the campus. It was amazing and I loved every minute of time I spent there.
I was attending DMACC for paramedics and the instructor there was one of the least helpful teachers I have ever had the privilege to know. He taught everything from a power point that he would just read off of word for word, which was straight out of our book that I was already reading. I feel it was not enough knowledge for the field I was wanting to go into. Which heavily impacted my decision to transfer schools.
I love it! Very well done!
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Very good, great for the basics.
Online was good, only one teacher I didn't like.
I am an online student, so far, so good
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