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The teachers here have been amazing! The Lync system is great for students in rural areas who can't drive all the way to Council Bluffs!
Iowa western is very affordable compared to a university. It is a decent sized college but not too big which I like, the class sizes are smaller which makes the learning experience better. They have some great instructors who are very passionate about what they do. The schedules are flexible for those who work and have kids. I do believe the nursing program needs to be a little more organized and they are always short staffed for clinicals.
I’m a current student at IWCC and it has been pretty good, students and teachers have been great. The school campus is amazing, I’ve heard their food (buffet) is out of this league! Overall my experience has been really good and I wouldn’t like anything to change, if I’m being honest with you.
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The best part about Iowa Western is the amazing professors! I also love the small class sizes that allow more one on one interaction with teachers. If there was anything I could do to make Iowa Western better it would be to add more parking options.
When going to college I though it would be hard and difficult, but Iowa Western changed my mind. The staff here are so helpful its unrealistic! They made sure I was able to participate in the courses I needed to help me graduate! I graduated with my Associates in July and now am prepared to move on to a new school to finish out my bachelors! Would decently recommend for a starter school.
IWCC Academics is very excellent. The professor who teach the classes have first hand experience which enhances your classroom experience.
I like Iowa Western because most of the classes are challenging enough to actually help me learn. I would like to see some professors at Iowa Western teach their classes a little harder.
Iowa Western is basically a glorified high school with a handful of professors who actually care about their students. Students are rude and not accepting of individuals who don't fit their agenda.
In high school I did not have good grades and when I came to IWCC with the support of coaches and teachers I made the AD honor roll and joined PTK. Both athletic coaches and teachers care so much about your future and well being. Everyone on campus is super friendly too, its easy to make friends and really become a Reiver family. Especially meeting people from other countries is super cool and help open your mind up to new things. My experience here has been amazing and I'm sad I only have one more year left.
I would change nothing about this school, I had the best experience along with the most supportive and driven professors. They guided, supported and allowed me to pursue my true passions while I was there; from the advisors to my wonderful teachers they all assisted me in my journey to greater things. For example my science teacher that I had for 2 years put in so much effort to help me reach my educational capabilities and when I was struggling to solve a equation or concept he broke it down piece by piece to make sure I was solid on that particular topic. Overall this short experience here was not far from perfect and it was a well established community, I just wish it could expand so people would respect community colleges for more value.
I decided to go back to school 38 years after graduating High School because of a job loss. Iowa Western has a campus not far from where I live and I can commute easily. They have a great staff that is always friendly and willing to help if there are any questions that arise. They offer many campus classes and also a great many online classes to help with getting a degree easier without having to travel to their Council Bluffs Campus.
Professors and staff are always very helpful and the online courses were very easy to navigate. Resources were given to help you achieve academic success and classes were paced perfectly.
I lived on the Council Bluffs campus and I am in a lot of pain and suffering from injuries sustained on this campus. they rented out the same housing/dorm room's out to the students from another college were stalking me, after they assaulted me. the staff were notified multiple times but they did not care. now I am living with a compressed spine, possible hip pelvis and knee damage. then the college decided to bill me when I had to withdraw from college due to the injuries.

The students and teachers were great.
This school is great. What i like about it, is the quiet environment, and the diversity. Also, the teachers here are very helpful. They are determined to help you get to where you want to be.
Loved the campus. I like the fact that the classes are small in size like my current classrooms. Iowa Western also offers man other summer programs. This past summer I took a two day course on motorcycles and passed. With this I was able to get my motorcycle license. Around Council Bluffs is also a great area. One great thing is that you are super close to downtown Omaha which has tons of stuff to do
The classes and teachers are amazing, but the students and housing aren't all that great. I would improve housing and how they deal with students that have money troubles.
The nursing instructors are wonderful. Registering for classes in very easy through the online format. The ability to take classes online & in person make it so easy to fit into a busy person's schedule. Tuition is very affordable & they will help you set up a payment plan that works for you. The campus is moderate sized and easy to get it. It's also easy to find a parking spot close to the building your class is in. The new student center is fantastic. The library has numerous computers and quiet areas for students to use. The cafeteria offers numerous options at reasonable prices. The food is very delicious. I would recommend this college to everyone. It's a great place to get your start on your degree.
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I have not yet attended this college, but I have been on their campus and I loved it. I liked the way the dorms are set up. I also met with some of the professors and they are very well interested in your well being and interested in teaching you. Overall this is the place I want to start for my college experience.
The teachers are easy to contact and easy to work with. They are very understanding if you have to miss a class, so long as you let them know ahead of time.
It's a great school with a lot of supporting programs. It's more like a family campus. There is always someone willing to help you out.
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