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3,196 reviews
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I would deff recommend Iowa State. The people are friendly, campus is beautiful, and most of all the professors and staffs are very helpful. This is a great place to come and get an education
I have great professors that are willing to help when I'm slow to catch on in class. The school work with me on my accommodations well and even help provide tutor if i need it which helps in my class do to the fact slow of my professors. I have a good support network with people that understand me and have gone through some of the same challenges. I'm even able to take advantage of gym and swim to take my mind off everything when I need to. I have grown to love it here. but as most places their are some how have to cause problems.
It's a good school with an excellent reputation and tons of services it offers free for students. Campus is a decent size with lots of nature and beautiful architecture. The students are friendly enough and it's not hard to find people you'll get along with. When looking for clubs online though they don't tell you where or when the clubs meet up and often don't tell you how to contact the club's President either.
There are also only a couple of blue phones around campus. I think I've only seen 3. While campus is pretty safe, I'd like to see more put into place for mental reassurance when walking alone at night.
Iowa State has a beautiful campus and so many helpful resources for your classes. With Supplemental Instruction sessions, the Writing Center, the Library, Study groups and more, help is always available! Plus they're all about mental health which is beneficial to learn about!
Plus there are buses to get you where ever you need to go and Saferide - call for a ride between 6pm and 6 am and you'll get one - no questions asked!
I enjoy the classes and you will learn something. The professors care about your success and want you to succeed. I don't like how big the campus is and dorm life is awful.
Being at Iowa State for just one semester has proved very interesting to me. I have made friends and had a lot of fun moments, but it is not very diverse and I feel that might make my personal experience better. But, at the same time, your experience, for the most part, is what you make it. As far as the academics are concerned, the work is very rigorous, and I would not recommend the school for any slackers. I would probably say the students here party because the work can be very stressful. But overall I definitely intend on completing my college career here at the home of the Cyclones.
I liked the diversity at ISU. There were many majors to choose from and over 800 clubs that could meet any interest imaginable.
The best part about Iowa State is the people. Professors are always on time, willing to answer questions, and more than happy to schedule an appointment for extra help out of class hours. The student culture here at Iowa State feels like everyone is in it together and people are willing to help each other out. I could not be happier with my choice of Iowa State and the people I have made as friends. If there was one thing I could change about Iowa State it would be the cold weather!
Iowa State is everything I hoped it would be. I love the campus, the professors, the Cyclone sports teams and the opportunity to meet other students.
I loved the campus tour and how it allowed you to seem every important building and how to get there on campus. They gave us a free meal and all the printed information possible, which is really helpful when going back through and reviewing what you've learned later. What I hope to see change is a more diverse dorm tour. In college, the biggest decision besides a choice in major, is where to live. I would have liked to see more than one dorm room. It wold be very helpful to see a dorm room in every building location.
The campus is very open and friendly. Safety is a good quality the college campus acquires. The professors after friendly and very helpful. There are plenty of clubs and intermurals to keep you involved which is a great way to meet new people!
My favorite things about Iowa State University are the people and the beautiful campus. The CyRide Bus System makes it easy to get to classes. The students enjoy hanging out on central campus during the warm months. The professors and advisors are genuine and want to see you succeed. Even though it is a larger university, I've never felt as though I am "just a number". The city of Ames has a lot to offer as well.
My overall opinion of Iowa State University is that it is an amazing place to be and everyone there is so friendly and open. The Professors tend to be very interested in helping the students succeed and the environment is safe and welcoming. During my first visit to Iowa State, just walking around the campus and meeting people was great. The helped me to feel welcomed and wanted. While sitting in on one of the sessions I got to observe how the teachers engage with their students and offer them help. Overall I would have to say that Iowa State University is a very homey place that is full of great opportunities for every student that comes there.
Iowa State is a more modest type of college that you would see in movies. With great academics and successful sports teams, it's a wonderful place to go.
It is a really big school. But there is always something close to everything. Some of the dorms are quite old but they are making new ones which will help. Lots of choices for food and things to do. Tacos is a big thing. Easy to get around, to and from class and clubs.
Things that I liked about Iowa State was the huge amount of opportunities here in terms of resources, clubs, and things to do if you have free time. Despite being located in a state that isn't ethnically diverse there is its still good place to meet students and faculty from around the world. Unfortunately there is still a big diversity problem in engineering, sports (american football in particular) and leadership positions here which makes being a minority here a painful experience here sometimes. White students only talk to other white students, etc. The culture here doesn't seem to foster entrepreneurship and innovation here either and focuses on students on only getting a job from the career fair. Many classes here are downright not worth taking here at all since much of them are better learned outside of school and for free. Isu is run like a business but the faculty here are too afraid to admit that.
Iowa State definitely makes sure students first coming into campus know that they have resources and makes those resources widely available to students. ISU has many different majors and opportunities so if you decided to change your major, you can still get a good education.

The campus is big, so if you don't like walking this might not be the place for you, there are plenty of buses though and the scenery is beautiful.

ISU is not that diverse, a majority of the student population is Caucasian, but there are very close-knit communities for POC, and Queer Individuals. These communities are amazing and make you feel at ease. Within these communities you can find a sense of peace and maybe even family. There have been incidents of hate speech on campus however, but ISU Police is very responsive of that and has plenty of diversity training to ensure student safety. ISU Staff have also been very responsive to this and have made sure to reach out to students if they feel uncomfortable.
I have lived in the Wallace-Lantz dorms for 3 years and now in a college apartment off of campus. I have been on the move in crew for 4 years and a member of the Tri Asleen's. I enjoy my classes and my advisor. Any time I contact the university for any reason I get a prompt answer to my question. So I must say I have enjoyed my college years and feel I made the right choice for my life. I am proud to be part of this program and would recommend others to look into ISU as the college to change their lives. Thank you
From the minute I stepped on campus, Iowa State University has felt both inviting and enticing at the same time and I knew it was the right fit for me. The beautiful campus never leaves the eye bored.
Iowa state university is one of the best schools in the United States, the campus is really beautiful and inspiring, professors are nice and cooperative, and students are very sociable.
The only thing that I would like to be changed is the number of sections for classes per semester they should increase it.
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