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Some of the classes seem easy but others are challenging. The professors were always willing to try and help during their office hours.
I have no complaint whatsoever about ISU. The professors have been wonderful and very helpful and the campus is so pretty and inviting. It is what you make of the experience at ISU that makes it so great. The challenge that I had was realizing this. You have the choice to study or hangout all the time. There needs to be a balance.
This university has a lot to offer, such as many clubs and majors to choose from. You name something, and Iowa State probably has a club focused around it. I personally enjoy chess, so I joined the growing chess club here on campus. In regards to major, engineering and business are the two major ones. However, there are also smaller ones such as mine (meteorology). With major fairs and other events for incoming freshmen, you'll certainly feel at home and hopefully more swayed toward a particular field. The campus isn't too crowded or large for comfort, and the student body is generally accepting of others.
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Iowa State University is a very prestigious school and well known for its College of Engineering. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and the surrounding town has anything you would ever need.
Overall great university with a wide range of majors and extremely intelligent staff. The only downside would be it's massive size where professors find it hard to have one-on-one conversations with their undergraduate students.
The school really does work towards its students. Though that is really great, the school literally throws the internationals into the wind. Although we have the same treatment in everyday occasions, real problems like financial stability and such things the school doesn't help at all.
A fantastic campus full of great people. The greenspace on central campus is amazing year round. The bus system works like clockwork.
Iowa State University is truly a breathtaking, hybrid higher educational facility. Not only does it have a high ranking, academically rich, and experienced faculty but it also contributes to the needs of its diverse student population. In addition, it spreads the privilege of learning while not conveying only to the superich, but offering education to a wider branch of people.
The thing that drew me to Iowa State University was the campus and offering of majors. I like the diversity of the agricultural programs. There are also many active groups on campus for whatever your interest is. It is also nice to be able to attend football and basketball games where the team is very competitive (Big 12 school). One negative is that it is very expensive and they do not have reciprocity with Minnesota.
Iowa State University was the perfect size and location for me and provided top notch Design education in their College of Design. They really set me up for success in the professional world.
During my years at Iowa State, I immersed myself into meeting new people, getting involved, having a fun night out. Every part of my adventure at Iowa State University has made a major impact in my future. One part being the amazing opportunity it provides and the life-long friends I have gained along the way.
In my opinion, the academics are very effective. I am a Child and Family Services major, so I can't speak for everyone, but I enjoy most of my classes as well as the professors. The campus is gorgeous and the on-campus housing has a fun environment. Overall, the campus is fairly safe, but could use some better lighting in certain locations. Some places have great good, but the dining centers could really use some improvement, especially for those with dietary needs. The local area and student life are both great! There are over 800 clubs on campus so there are opportunities for everyone to get involved!
Iowa State is a great place to study at a professional level. The education I gain from the courses is state of the art and the program I am in is the best in the State. I recommend Iowa State for any prospective Design Students.
Iowa state is a great college that gives you all of the tools needed to be successful. People in Ames are generally very kind and will always help you out if you ask
Iowa State University felt like home within the first few weeks of living there! Living in the dorms helped very much with making friends my first year. All of my professors were easy to talk to. I didn't go to many office hours, but when I did visit my professors, they were very helpful. Campus is very easy to navigate and I could easily get to each of my classes within 10 minutes. I was only involved in one group (The Navigators), but there are so many to choose from! Overall, I very much enjoyed my time at Iowa State University! Plus the fanbase is so loyal, and attending the football and basketball games were definitely highlights of my career at ISU.
My experience at Iowa State University has been incredible! Not only is the campus gorgeous in all seasons, but the people are nice everywhere I go. There are a ton of majors and minors to select from and all the help I can get through the university staff and all of the wonderful people I've met!
Iowa State University has a beautiful campus. Life here is so good. Everyone is super friendly and willing to help you. You will find doing things that you love with great people. There is something for everyone. Academics is really great so is the athletics.
Review Iowa State University
Iowa State has the most beautiful college campus that I have seen. Coming from a small farming town, I love the aspect of nature that I am surrounded at here at ISU. However, there are so many students here that the university seems like it can't keep up. Tuition is not so bad for an in-state student, but housing and dining costs are through the roof and very disappointing. The negative aspects of the functionality of the school definitely alter my overall view.
I love how much diversity there is at Iowa State. I feel like a learn something new every day. The only thing I would change is that there is no cafe in the WLC (World Languages and Cultures) building. I've met so many people that have learned new languages from scratch here and I think that says a lot about the programs offered.
Iowa State is unlike any other college I have visted. Whether that is because the classes are challenging me academically, or the vitality around campus, I couldn't be happier to attend Iowa State. This university offers a variety of classes, one of which are American Sign Language. In the future, I hope to get my degree from ASL.
My family's residents is about 15 minuets from campus, so I'm needed at home to upkeep the farm. However, since campus is so close, I am allowed to do what I need to family wise and do what it takes to keep up with my education. Thank you, Iowa State!
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