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I enjoy all the opportunities that Iowa State offers the students on and around campus. I am an Animal Science major that plans to attend the vet school and Iowa State has many farms around campus that gives opportunity for work, learning, and to break past your comfort zone.
On my visit to Iowa State, I spent much of my day in awe of the beautiful campus and the friendly people all around me. Each moment was something new and exciting! The housing was run down in places, but with the older style buildings that is expected. In love with this college and experience.
So far I have had an amazing experience at Iowa State University. The professors all care about their student's education, the campus is beautiful, and the councillors are very active in ensuring that students are well prepared.
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I love all the activities available! The intramural are very welcoming and there are tons of clubs and organizations to join.
Great Campus with lots of activities. Classes are challenging yet doable. Dinning centers leave something to be desired and there is a rumored tuition increases over the next four years.
Iowa State University always has something going on for students. The activity here is wonderful and I've never been bored. I made friends instantly because everybody is so nice. The campus is beautiful and it makes walking to my classes enjoyable. If you want to experience the best 4 years at college go to Iowa State. (Also, they have good food).
As of my experience so far Iowa State University was the right pick for me. For only in the first two weeks I could tell that I would like my professors that I have and that I also like taking nice walks around the campus. The campus is very beautiful and full of many cozy places. You can meet tons of different people and feel right at home. At first it seems like a huge place, but the more you get to know ISU, the more it starts to become home.
The activities they have for all the students to get involved around campus. The students and staff are very friendly and welcoming to incoming freshmen likr my self.
Iowa State offers a lot of diversity in all aspects: clubs, academic majors, and the general people available to surround yourself with. I feel like myself at Iowa State and my first year there has definitely helped me grow and expand as a person. It's rich in learning both academically and socially. Though the dorms and food could be improved, these are minor hinderances in an overall great campus experience.
I love everything Iowa State loves to offer. It is such a beautiful campus and I think I made the best decision for choosing this College to enhance my career as a computer engineer.
Just an okay college. Seems pretty basic with the appearance of more but in reality there is very little offered. Food choices are the worst! Everything is way too expensive and the staff hates everyone.
Iowa State is an all around great university! No matter who you are or what your goals are for the future, there's more than likely something here for you. There are hundreds of different majors, clubs and organizations, associations, and resources to meet the needs of any student. The campus is beautiful and well taken care of both indoors and out. The city of Ames has a wide variety of foods, stores, housing, recreational activities and overall friendly atmosphere.
As a nontraditional student returning to college it was difficult to find the right one. Iowa State University's admission office was very helpful in answering all of my questions and processing my application very quickly. Where other colleges seem to put up barriers for nontraditional students, Iowa State helps nontraditional students build a bridge to their future.
Beautiful campus and great people. The town of Ames, IA is a campus town so everyone is easy to get along with and it feels like a great community to be apart of.
Iowa state is a solid big school in a kind of small setting. Big into agriculture and farming. Could have more events and things for students to attend.
It is a good University. About what you would expect. Large class sizes and possibility of bad professors.
The campus is extremely beautiful and full of very nice and fun people. However, I have felt that I never received adequate help from my advisors.
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A larger school with lots of activities and opportunities. There were far more things to do than I had time for, or even knew about. Take advantage of all this school has to offer.
I liked the time I spent at Iowa State. I really enjoyed the fact that it was diverse in student body and faculty. There are good resources for almost every department or field of study.
Iowa State has a wonderful psychology program with wonderful professors. The LGBTQIA+ community on campus is also extremely supportive amd has helped me in all areas of my college life.
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