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I love ISU. The campus is gorgeous, all of the other students are super friendly, and the professors each have their own teaching style that works for different people.

Although ISU is first and foremost an engineering and ag college, I am a poli sci & and criminal justice major, with some amazing professors.
Love ISU! The agricultural program is the best in the state. Recommend it for everyone looking into an ag based field.
Iowa State University is a great place to continue your education. It offers a variety of majors and the professors are there to help you succeed. If you don't know what to major in, there is an open option program where your academic advisor helps you discover what you want to major in. Iowa State also offers a variety of clubs, and you can even create your own if you wanted to. Overall, Iowa State University is amazing.
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Iowa State University is no small place, sometimes the 10 minute break is barely enough time to hike across campus, but even in its vastness there is a place for everyone. Though classes, clubs, and the multitude of events going on on any given day I was able to find my people and my place and thrive at ISU.
I was a little weary or coming to Iowa State because it is so close to home for me, but now I can't imagine ever attending anywhere else! I have met people I know will be my friends for the rest of my life, the community is amazing, and the courses are hard but not too overwhelming and there are so many outside opportunities to help you succeed.
Iowa State is a great place for a lot of majors. They dedicate resources for departments in way that benefits the students. They apply technology for a real world experience. They start from day one helping with finding the career and job each student would love to do. The opportunities are there as long as the students strive for them.
The engineering program at Iowa State is very good, and the career fair is the most competitive thing at ISU.
I have completed one semester so far and it was a very easy transition. Everyone is very helpful, I love the small campus and how everything just fits perfectly.
Iowa State University has been an absolutely amazing home so far. I live on campus in a dorm and I highly recommend it. Living in a dorm will make it much easier to make friends and other connections. There are hundreds of ways to get involved with activities related to your major or other interests you may have. Iowa State University is the only four-year college in the midwest area that has an Event Managment major and I am thankful for that. The program is incredible.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and is nicely connected with cohesive and ivy league architecture and grounds. Ames is a great college town and the people are very friendly and welcoming. The school is very safe. The food is good and accommodates food allergies and special needs. Most professors are excellent, but ISU needs to use fewer grad students to teach and make sure they speak fluent English without a heavy accent. It is very affordable and has excellent programs in science and engineering. There are many opportunities to participate in research, even as a freshman. There is immense school spirit and our sports teams are always at the top. There are many club sports and lots of clubs to join. My choice to attend ISU has paid off. The numerous investments in the university makes ISU better every year, which is why it is one of the best universities nationwide, the best investment in your education, and one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation.
I love ISU! Although out-of-state tuition is a little pricey, there are a lot of financial aid and scholarships available if you apply. The campus has a great atmosphere and is absolutely beautiful.
The campus is beautiful making it worth while when walking to classes. There are many resources on campus and they make sure to inform students about them. I love this school so much and I am glad to have chosen this one to continue my education.
Great school for engineering students. Many employers come to ISU to hire students for internships and careers. If you look closely it gets really sketchy though with crime, procedures, and many other areas. Decision made by university are often ill-considered and detrimental to students and trying to work with them is often nightmare. For example dinning in the past years has gone further and further down hill in all areas (staff, quality, convenience, affordability, atmosphere, variety, etc.) Most student are great though and there are many great ways to be part of the community. Academics are well known and good. Professors are all or nothing. Parties are around if you want them and avoidable if you don't. Alot of things I don't like about ISU but the people here are awesome and have made it my home. I am happy with my choice and would recommend it to others in the Midwest if you are interested in Engineering
Iowa State University has become a home away from home. It not only has an excellent campus, but also great academics and wonderful people. I have throughly enjoyed my time at Iowa State and look forward to continuing my adventure.
I’m a transfer student from Illinois and could not be happier with my decision to attend Iowa State. I felt like part of the University from the moment I stepped onto the campus for my orientation. Coming in as a junior I had concerns of making friends and felt a lot of anxiety that I might be behind other classmates in my area of studies. My concerns melted that first week. My professors had me up to speed in no time. My roommates, both seniors have become my best friends and made sure I knew everything I needed to know to be a part of the Iowa State Family.
I really like pretty much everything about ISU. The main thing that I dislike is the way that meal plans work. It would be much more convenient for a lump sum of money to be an account for food to be purchased anywhere on campus, not depending on if it is a meal or not. It is very inconvenient and is a major factor in my housing choice for next year.
I would like to see more variety in the food that they serve. Otherwise I love Iowa State. It is a very safe campus and professors are great. Academics are challenging and prepare students for the rest of their lives.
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Overall I have enjoyed my first semester at Iowa State University. The campus really is beautiful and there are all kinds of opportunities to get involved on campus. If there is an activity or hobby you enjoy where you'd like to meet others that are interested in the same thing you can find it. If not you can create it too. Academics pose excellent challenges with professors highly involved in research for their fields. Crowds during sporting events have quite infectious energy with great pride for the teams. With the motto choose your adventure you know you can't go wrong attending this college.
ISU is a diverse school that works hard to let its students succeed. The professors there are understanding and knowledgeable, the advisors work to make your life easier, and the campus is just gorgeous. Students there care about each other and don’t tolerate hate.
Iowa State was a great decision! I love the campus; it's beautiful and full of all sorts of diverse people. The dining centers have great food, and the city of Ames is a great place to live. I was interested in the majority of my classes, and there were tons of opportunities to meet people and try new things on campus. It's a fun place to learn!
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