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Had such a great experience as a cyclone. Diversity and Party scene is decent for a school in the midwest. The campus is beautiful, and overall, professors are very willing to help students succeed. I am so proud to be a cyclone!
Great student atmosphere, the campus is naturally beautiful, the staff genuinely care about student success and their are thousands of student activities to participate in including sports. Love it here!
Coming to Iowa State has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. This institution genuinely cares about student success and goes out of their way to provide exceptional opportunities in academics, Greek life, research, and outreach. With over 100 majors to choose from, there is something for everybody, and everyone can feel at home at ISU.
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There are some good things but every on eve in a while there is a not so good professor that just ruins the week.
Campus is very clean and there's many things to do, the student life is very nice and the party scene is always full of things to do. I love the campus, and am very excited to go. The dorms are very nice and football games are always fun
With diverse course options, Iowa State has a satisfactory education system which provides students with the right amount of information and resources they need to be prepared for achieving higher degrees or for the working world after graduation.
I was super eager to start school to start school here, but that all changed when I arrived. After the first couple of weeks I realized how much this school was lacking compared to other universities. To start, the buildings were quite out dated, the buildings are ugly, the school doesn't have a lot of spirit, and a lot of the people there I would say are shy/timid. Don't get me wrong the campus is beautiful with all the trees as well as the river, but the buildings and the people brought down the overall vibe of the campus. I came to the realization how much this schooled lacked when I went to to cyhawks game at the University of Iowa. I was overwhelmed with the beauty, the buildings, the people, and what I hear about the professors. I can strongly say I am not happy here and that needed to change. Now, I am transferring to the University of Iowa where I should've gone in the first place.
The people that I have met at Iowa State, both other students and faculty have had a big part in shaping who I am and improving myself as a person. It also provides opportunity for ways to get involved like clubs and study abroad.
Iowa State University is the best college in my opinion because of how the students really connect to and find a home here on campus. Larger colleges can be kind of scary to come into but Iowa State does a fantastic job of building communities so that school feels a little closer and more tight-knit.
It really cool to be around so many people. The biggest issue I have is the distance from my dorm to the main campus and the quality of the closest dining hall.
I love Iowa State because I feel so at home. I have so many great friends that I got really close to. My experience here is amazing and I can't believe how quickly it goes by. I can't wait to see what's in store for me this semester and hope to meet many more people. I'm excited for all of my classes and I can't wait to start another semester. It flies by way too fast. I can't wait to see what's in the near future. So glad I chose Iowa State.
Iowa State University has provided medical research opportunities for me, which will support my career goal to become a Physician Assistant.
It is disappointing the cost continues to rise without seeing much benefit to the Biology program.
I was a double major in Kinesiology and Design. It was a lot of work and hours spent in Design, Kinesiology was my back burner degree.
The campus is amazing and they try their best to make sure that every student has equal opportunity for success. Great community feel. There are lots of resources for the students. At Iowa State University, there are clubs, many activities, professors that care about their students, and peer mentor groups that are able to help students with the ins and outs of college. Overall, Iowa State is a place where kids are able to find their way and the next step in their lives. Iowa state is a place most students now call their second home.
While attending Iowa State I've met many people who I like to call my closest friends. I personally think Iowa State has a lot to give in the aspects of majors, clubs, Greek life, academics, and many other things.
Very good school. Beautiful campus. There are tons of trees and a couple parks that make the school grounds very nice. Strong engineering program. Very welcoming to transfer students. Good experience!
Overall, I am in love with my past and current experiences at Iowa State. The campus is absolutely beautiful during all 4 seasons, the University is constantly engaging its students to get out, socialize, join clubs, and attend events everywhere on campus that will benefit us. I have never been disappointed in a meal and there is always free food somewhere on campus. The party life is constant, if you know where to find it, especially on game day. Sometimes, it is difficult to communicate and trust certain professors, however I don't regret my decision to attend ISU.
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I love the welcoming atmosphere of the university and living in Ames. The large amount of students took a while to get used to, but once I found some great friends within the students, I have loved every minute of it.
My experience has been really great at Iowa State University. As a minority I have easily found groups and people I can connect with easily. The Univeristy provides many services that can help students such as counseling, tutoring, health, recreation, and many more. I’m glad to call myself a cyclone!
The thing I love most about Iowa State University is the scenery. The campus is beautiful with plenty of wide open fields, a small lake, different kinds of trees, and historic buildings. The fields between Beardshear and Curtiss Hall are full of students doing outdoor activities and social events when the weather is nice. In terms of academics, there are a lot of resources for people looking for help. Some examples are tutoring, SI Sessions, and the Hixson Lead Success Center. There are a lot of great dining places on campus with options from small cafes to large buffets.
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