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I am loving this campus!! Transferred from Orlando, FL and couldn't be happier. The classes are great, the Professors amazing and over all the friendliness on campus and all over Ames is refreshing!
Iowa State is a great university for almost everything - education, activities, student life, surrounding area, and academic programs. Iowa State has an incredibly beautiful campus and is in a lovely town with plenty of places to go, things to do, and trails to bike. There are a few things about Iowa State that can be frustrating. Generally, the food on campus is good but it isn't phenomenal. There is a large variety to pick from at first but the menus tend to repeat quite often, after a while you tend to get bored with the food. Another thing that I found frustrating was that, to me, the university didn't seem to wisely budget/spend their money. I understand that accidents happen and building repair is always needed, but they don't do preventative or productive maintenance to help decrease the severity of accidents. Overall, Iowa State is a great university - especially for engineering. I would recommend Iowa State to anyone I know that is wanting to go to a university.
The academics in most of the major fields/colleges of study at ISU are excellent. Many of the professors are dedicated to providing good education and a support system that provides opportunities for internships and career path experiences. The campus is beautiful, historic, and relatively easy to navigate. The location is great, with neighboring "campus town" district being a short walk away and home to many restaurants, stores, and apartments. The local bus system can be used to navigate the vast majority of the city and is a great asset, allowing many students to never need a car.

However, the diversity / inclusion efforts at the school could be better especially in regards to the lgbt community. It can also be seen that the college officials value their athletics department highly, sometimes at the expense of their other students. Parking is also very limited for visitors, commuters, and students.
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Beautiful Campus, Some dining centers better than others, lots of clubs and activities, dorm life is mostly freshmen
I have been at Iowa State for just over five years now. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at ISU! There are hundreds of student organizations to get involved in, several jobs on campus and in the surrounding area, and the campus is beautiful and safe. I would definitely recommend ISU to anyone who is wanting to get a great education at a fair price for a public university.
My experience at Iowa State University has been outstanding. The campus is incredibly beautiful year round. The people have truly made the experience so enjoyable. You find friends right away with tailored programs. There are plenty of different resources to help you as a student too. I love being able to exercise outside or inside two gym facilities. Of course, the most important part is getting a good education and Iowa State provides just that!
I came to Iowa State University expecting to enjoy my experience and learn a lot, but I never expected to really find my niche. I had no idea that Iowa State had an Outdoor Recreation Program, and through that program I have found a job, countless hobbies and the closest friends I have ever had. My career path has grown and changed because of this and I have Iowa State University to thank. I feel as if the size of the university and the open and accepting environment our campus exudes allows every student to find a safe place where they can thrive and enjoy their time with like-minded students. This is so important to have in a college campus, because everyone wants to feel welcomed and at home when they immerse themselves into a new place.
Iowa state is amazing. From the diversity to academics. They know hkw to make everyone feel a part of something bigger. Even though its a big school, it feels like its smaller. I wish Iowa State would bring a all school event to campus.
Iowa State University is one of the most beautiful campuses anywhere in the United States. This campus truly makes you feel at home and comfortable. They do a great job of making you feel included in the student body and there is always something fun to go do. The bus system is incredibly convenient to use to get around and Ames itself is an amazing town as well.
I have loved our entire experience so far with Iowa State University. The email with the acceptance letter came fast and was very entertaining! The college visit was very informative and the students who led us around campus did a great job explaining things and showing us all the perks of being a student there. Orientation was packed full of useful information. It was a great two days of learning about transitioning your students to college. Hearing staff talk about how to help your student be successful and their expectations. And listening to students give advice and tell a little about their experiences. There were sessions on financial aid and the office was open to families with any questions.
As an engineer, it's refreshing to find so many people in your field and a ton of professors ready to help you 24/7
Iowa State has so much to give to its students. There are so many programs and organizations on campus that are there to help students and make sure they are comfortable on the campus they have chosen. Also, the students and faculty on campus only help make the college experience even better.
I am so glad that I found Iowa State! I truly enjoyed my adventure and made wonderful friends along the way. The school was the perfect size and I would recommend it a thousand times over.
The professors are usually nice and approachable. The campus is nice overall. Their are some buildings that are a bit old and could use reinvasions. The gyms are nice and convenient.

When I stayed in Wilson Residence Hall the dormitory was typically however the community that is created is unique and unlike any other on campus. The residence hall staff helped to create this environment by hosting events for residence.
I love the overall vibe. Most people are nice, the food is delicious, the scenery is gorgeous, professors are generally good, and there is plenty of help available for academics, mental health, financial aid, and more. There are so many clubs that everybody should be able to find at least one to join if they have time.
Iowa State has a beautiful campus and everyone has such a friendly face. There's plenty of diversity, clubs and activities for everyone no matter your interests. They're so helpful in making you feel welcome and teaching you in skills you need as well as academics. There isn't much you won't like about Iowa State.
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I graduated from Iowa State as an International Student and it was one of the best experiences of my life; very different from where I am from but excellent overall. The people, the academics and the campus made it worthwhile and being 2000 miles from home I had trying times but I would immerse myself in something around me (the library, road trip to Chicago, a concert or speaker on campus) and it would carry me through. Love to Iowa State and the people of Iowa!
I love Iowa state! Ive grown up a cyclone fan and I've always wanted to go to college there. I visted recently and loved it. Go Cyclones!
I knew it felt like home from the moment I stepped foot on campus. My experience so far has been incredible; there have been so many unforgettable moments - from enjoyable classes with professors who love what they do going out of their way to help students succeed to the football bowl game in Memphis. I cannot contain my excitement for memories that will be made in the coming years.
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