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The variety of classes is great. You can pretty much take a class in anything you are interested about! The atmosphere that the college has is very welcoming and overall great.
I like the character of this university. All of the traditions and superstitions really set Iowa State in a unique category in my mind.
Great environment. Beautiful Campus with lots of diversity. Amazing Facilities and many more. Campus food was alright but it gets the job done. You meet amazing new people that you will remember a lifetime.
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I love Iowa State and I can't wait to attend in the upcoming Fall 2019 semester. I have visited multiple times and every time I go I see friendly faces and a very welcoming environment. I recommend this school to all that want a college that feels like home.
Iowa State is a great college. It has a beautiful campus and provides you with a lot of opportunities. The food is good and have good dorms and housing options.
Iowa State University is a highly rated institution for providing educational opportunities for students with different backgrounds. Campus life is very inclusive and diverse which allows anyone to feel welcome.
Lots of resources and things to do outside of class to learn. Beautiful campus. Good bus system. The dorms are not bad. Campus feels pretty safe even in the dark. Really nice gym with free classes. Lots of clubs and things to get involved. Lots of job opportunities. Always something to do between plays, music performances, sports, and other activities. But definitely not a party school.
While I have heard that our Engineering and Agriculture departments are top-notch, our World Languages Department (WLD) is not. To be more specific, I am an anthropology major and our department recently got consumed by the WLD. We do not get the same amount of funding as the other departments and some of the teachers are not the best (some, in my opinion shouldn't even be teaching they are that bad).
I chose to attend Iowa State University because of the numerous opportunities and academic resources there are for those pursuing a degree in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The many study abroad opportunities and internship programs available have made it possible to get hands-on experience in my field and enhance my learning. The academic resources Iowa State provides to their undergraduate students have greatly helped ensure my academic success, such as their peer mentoring program, academic advising program, and supplemental instruction sessions.
Iowa State University has been wonderful to me. I am only a sophomore but I am excited for for final two years in Ames. The campus is beautiful and well spread out. It is such a diverse campus with people from around the globe. I am very happy with my choice of Iowa State and would certainly encourage younger people to give it a chance.
I love being a student at Iowa State! All of my classes are close to my dorm room and less than a ten minute walk. I live in a learning community where everyone is helpful and shares similar interest.
I never really remember feeling super homesick because the university does a great job of offering activities through Destination Iowa State to keep freshman busy and help them make friends.
Iowa State University is an amazing school, with lots of great opportunities! It has helped me grow as a person, as well as improve my knowledge. Although, I would change the way the transportation system works.
My experience at Iowa State is a very joyous one in finding myself. It gives so many opportunities into involving yourself with your career early and even offers so much help through all of its curricula.
Not bad for a state school. Very much a representation of Iowa as a whole. Lots of white farmers, with Ag Business being a popular major.
Party wise it isn’t bad either, but could be better. Have to legitimately be 21 (fake IDs will not work) to get into the bars, or (as a guy) in a frat to get into a lot of the parties, so good luck with that if you aren’t either.
Academics wise clearly a good school in many majors. Known for engineering and Agricultural degrees. Little bit on the pricey side for the three in state schools, and rent is pretty high for Iowa as well.
It has an amazing "homey" feel that is the best. It looks like your stereotypical college campus online, but it doesn't feel like that when you are actually there. Iowa State is my home away from home.
When you go up there you get a real family vibe from all of the people, students, professors, coaches etc. The town is great and the people are all genuinely nice and good people. The academics are great, they are an upcoming school with their athletics and i just want to be apart of the culture of the cyclones!
Iowa State is a great institution: beautiful campus, caring teachers, and degree programs that are thorough and engaging. It was amazing to be able to go to a school in the middle of Iowa; the distractions are not like what they are in big cities so you can focus and get what you want out of your education.

I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, and I cannot begin to say enough great things about the program and the professors. It's competitive to get in: when I was in the program they only admitted 60 applicants a year. I was able to study a wide range of design-related things, allowing me to follow my passions. I'm so thankful to have spent my formative years there under great leadership and inspiring coursework!
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I am a student at Iowa State University, currently in the 4th year of a 5 year degree. I am going to this college due to its reputation as a good engineering college, and due to its program with a community college close to my hometown, allowing me to save money on tuition. I think that this college scores high in most categories save two. These two are professors, due to a decreased ability to have one on one meeting with them due to large class sizes, and return on investment, due to the high cost of tuition.
It was a pretty campus but thats about it. The dorms suck and they admitted way to many students and did not have anywhere to put them. I got my education and did all the required classes. Most of the professors are proficient and know their course but you can never under stand a word they say or their exams have no relation to the topics covered.
I loved ISU when I visited here. I want to be a freshman there next year, and I bet it would be an awesome experience.
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