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Iowa State University is a great place to go to college! There are so many different clubs and activities to get involved with here. Currently there are over 850 different clubs on campus, so there is something for everyone. Iowa State has a great Greek life if that is something that would interest you! It is a large state university that has a small town feel.
Iowa State University is excellent for architecture. The department is dedicated to the students and the faculty work hard to draw out your interests as you progress through the program.
Campus is great, but I don't like the city so much. Party scene is not the best, and there is not a lot of diversity. Tuition rates increase per year and the population grows even more.
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The best decision I ever made! I absolutely loved the dorms, the campus, my courses, and all of the activities available to participate in. Ames is a great town, not too large and very safe.
Iowa State is setup to help you succeed at any cost as long as you want to succeed. The campus is beautiful and is easily the best campus I visited colleges and I visited 13 colleges and Iowa State's campus easily was head and shoulders ahead of the other 12 colleges I visited. I am also a member of greek life at Iowa State and I love it and so do many others because 16% of students enrolled at Iowa State are in greek life.
I liked how when I first entered the building, people were already greeting me and saying nice things. I thought the campus was extraordinary and the food was amazing.
I attended several different colleges before completing my degree at Iowa State and I can definitely say there is no place like it. I learned more, academically and about myself, in the three semesters I took classes at Iowa State than I did in the four years I took classes at Des Moines Area Community College and Drake University. The value of the classes is incredible and I learned more than I thought possible. Professors are very knowledgeable in their fields and always willing to provide extra help if you need it.
Amazing place to go to college! Numerous different classes and clubs offered to join. I recommend going on a visit to see if this is the right adventure for you!!
The campus was wonderful and there were so many extracurricular activities to do! All the professors were very helpful. The only down side was housing. Finding housing in Ames is very competitive!
I liked the campus and academics but there isn't much else to do on campus besides party. The university is a generic set up and display. It's buildings are old but some new buildings are bring constructed. Hopefully with the new construction it will bring an updated face to Iowa State.
Iowa State has a great engineering program with great academic advisors who are there to help with academic decisions. There are also plenty of opportunities for tutoring or academic help sessions. The residence halls are very nice and close to where classes are, and even though ISU is a larger university, it feels small.
Iowa State is too big of a school for you to have a consistently bad time. There are more things to do than you could possibly have the time to try, so it'll be what you make of it.
My time at ISU was a blast! Having got to see their beautiful campus, hard-working students, and also knowing that they have the classes and majors I want makes me proud to be a future Cyclone.
My first year at Iowa State University has been amazing! The professors here really care about the students and make sure you get the help you my need. There are many research opportunities which let students have hands on experience and get to work right along side their professors.
My experience at Iowa State University has been incredibly rewarding. My friends and professors create a home away from home for me. My education is preparing me for my future role as an educator.I know I made the right choice at Iowa State University! Go Cyclones!
I like that there is so much diversity on campus. My hometown is pretty much a cis, white community, so to come here and see so many different people is just amazing to me.
I just wish that the dorm I'm currently living in would have more buses that take students to campus, it seems that 1 Red always has a bus coming to the stops while I would have to wait anywhere between 20-30 minutes after class for a bus.
I am still deciding where to go, but Iowa is on my list. It has a great engineering program and honors program.
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Love the campus and people of the school. Very prideful students and kind professors. Administration is very helpful.
Variety of great majors! Especially within the buisiness, engineering and design schools! Very into greek life! That how I made my friends freshman year! when you're not 21, the frats, apartments, and house parties are where you'll go. Then it's out to the bars for bar crawls, mugs, FAC, etc. Not the best at football but we LOVE to tailgate!
Great academics, great people. The only downside is that Ames is so large because of ISU, so the things to do other than schoolwork are all based off of the school itself. Ames is a typical college town.
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