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Iowa School of Beauty - Des Moines Reviews

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It's an amazing school with wonderful instructors
I only start 6 weeks ago, and I know I made the right decision! The instructors are so supportive and take the time to train you properly and make you the best you can be. I wouldn't choose any other school if I was given the chance! I feel like I'm at home.
The best experience with this school is the one on one attention the students recieve from the instructors both in the classroom and on the floor. I might choose another school that better seperates the different aspects of cosmetology instead of throwing everything in all at once. I would also choose a school that gae us better quality products and tools to use.
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There are many opportunitues for internships, mentoring, and employee recruiting. Businesses come in frequently to show their techniques, give advice, offer mentoring hours, and job recruiting.
There is a wide range of diversity at Iowa School of Beauty. It is a place were everyone gets accepted for who they are, not where they come from, how much money they have, the color of their skin, religion or sexual preference. People are not only accepted by the school and the instructors but the students make everyone feel comfortable as well.
There is a lot of one on one with teachers and students. Workload is average, we learn a lot with hands on experience while on the floor doing things with clients under instructor supervision but also have a fair amount of homework in the classroom and at home. The curriculum can be challenging. in order to pass we must score atleast 78% on all tests and homework assignments. My school scores very high with internships and job opportunities. There is always businesses in the field coming in to talk to us and share their techniques as well as offering mentoring hours and jobs.
The instructors at my school are great. They are always willing to help and offer a lot of one on one with the students if they need it. Curriculum is pretty basic in all cosmetology schools. Class registration was very easy and the administrator was very helpful if there were any questions.
I think the tuition is too high considering the products and tools we are given to use are not high quality.
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