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Iowa Central is a school for anyone. They make accommodations for everyone. If you are struggling they find a way to help if it is tutors all day in the library, student mentoring, TRIO, mental health help, and the counselors. The campus is beautiful and kept that way with the help of work programs to make it affordable.
Very pretty campus! Easy to navigate and learn your way around while meeting new people from around the world while playing your favorite sport or joining the musical and plays! Living on campus is nice! The apartments you live in are semi big that hold 5 people with a bathroom in each apartment. The cafe food is good with new meals everyday with an ice cream machine!
Very good school! Works very well with students who need help with acedemics, financial needs, and accommodations. Then they also keep up with you on them.
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I was an online student only. For the most parts the teachers were ingaging. The students not so much.
Like the student atmosphere and the apartment dorms are really clean and roomy. I enjoy the small size of the campus so you can be relaxed going from class to class. The town itself is really small coming from a large city. There is not much to do or see in the town (ie. mall or drive-in).
My overall experience over at Iowa Central has been good. I have had many professors that care about my education just as much as I do. They are always eager to answer my questions and help me if I am lost on an assignment. There are aslo several activities that are available to students to participate in.
Iowa Central is overall a decent school. As far as community colleges go, I would say it is best in the state. It has more athletics and performing arts and better student life than any other college. There are always activities and such going on, and you actually feel a connection to this place that you wouldn't get at any other community college. Although, the food is not very good. It makes me feel sick every time I eat there. Some of the professors are terrible, too. Some have a different primary job and does not know how to teach. I took a class last semester and didn't learn a single thing. All we did was group discussion all the time, and half the time it wasn't even related to the class at all. Wish I could get my money back for that one. A real waste. Other than that, there are actually some really good professors who actually care about whether you succeed in their class.
Like many others have state in regards to distance learning, you get what you give. I enjoyed my time at ICCC and I got a lot out of it. I have not transferred yet so I cannot speak of how many of my classes will be accepted from my next school, but I can say that I truly loved the work, the instructors and the administration at the school. Everyone has been very helpful and is genuinely invested in making sure we get an education.
It was a very convenient way to get my degree. This is serious business not a copy and paste college. You work for your grades.
My fist year at Iowa was a great experience. It is a great school to go if your looking for a opportunity to continue your athletic career and try to go to a bigger school after you transfer. It also does not have a super huge campus so if your looking for a good transition to college and do not want to have to worry about a huge campus Iowa central is perfect.
Iowa central is a good college when it comes down to academic, there is a lot of sources on campus that will help and guide you to pass your classes. A change i would like to see on the campuses giving students more freedom in dorms and better food
I really enjoyed ICCC. The college offers a plethora of student support and one on one tutoring to help everyone achieve their best.
Iowa Central is a comfortable campus full of friendly helpful people! I came here without a single clue as to what I wanted to do besides achieve my AA degree. Now after two years here, I’ve found my major, a plethora of friends and colleagues, and a great number of references! All of my instructors have always been eager to help me whenever I approached them and if I ever needed to talk with an advisor, they always had time to talk with me to help me figure out what came next in my educational journey! I loved my time here and will miss it greatly!
The Moment I walked on campus I was shocked, this place is gorgeous it got a beautiful landscape and it as an amazing staff. I am going there to study radio broadcasting, this is the best college I have ever seen!
I have had a wonderful experience at Iowa Central Community College. I admire Iowa central for their helpful academic assistance, big library, effective campus security system, great cafeteria, and awesome housing.
Iowa Central Community College is an exciting college to spend anyone's first two years. The teacher are helpful but also work to challenge you. The people are nice and kind. The living space is a place away form home with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom all right in the room.
I enjoy the professors. They are educational and entertaining which I believe is a huge part of education. The campus life is great with lots of activities to participate in. They have bingo nights where you can win prizes, sports to cheer on the Tritons and even bowling or movie nights once a week. The dorms are sweet and the café has hours that work out great with any school schedule you have.
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I love the welcoming community and the availability of staff to help with any of you needs and concerns. Dorms are awesome! Campus is safe and secure, they always have events going on so you can be involved, mingle and meet new people. They have great sports programs available for those that are interested.
I really like that Iowa Central caters to the different people that attend, there is really something for everyone. there are always activities going on for students to attend and enjoy!
The sports and activities are fun. Lots of great people and students. Its a great size for students coming from smaller high schools.
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