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The sports and activities are fun. Lots of great people and students. Its a great size for students coming from smaller high schools.
Im currently attending Iowa Central Community College and they have a horrible drug problem. Rude housing staff and discrimination as well im a non athlete and i was promised things that was taken by athletes when i moved in other good thing about this college is my field of study professor
Iowa central is a welcoming community college and is a great campus for a two year degree. The college has many groups and organizations for students to be part of. This campus is well maintained and students are also good at helping to keep it a clean fun environment. The professors are also welcoming and easy to work with, they make the learning environment energetic and intriguing. Iowa central offers many diverse classes that students can take that offers insight on many different topics.
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Iowa Central has a great campus with tons of resources to help you succeed. Teachers are very helpful and have a great abundance of knowledge.
Iowa central community college is the most awesome, friendly and remarkable institution that i have been to so far. The classes are well equipped with all suitable learning facilities, Instructors are friendly and are always ready to help and the entire environment is a beautiful scenario with students from different parts of the world.
Iowa Central is a good place to get an education. There isn't much to do in Fort Dodge so it can get pretty boring, but the school host good events.
Iowa Central is a great community college to go to. The advisors are always trying to help the students. They keep you informed on information and events going on at the school. The teachers are always willing to help a struggling student understand the information and improve their skills to be able to succeed on life. They make it so you are able to get the availability to go through college and make sure you are doing great. The students going there are also friendly to others and help a new student out like me get to where I need to go and show you where to go. The students are also very helpful if you have a question with school work or homework. I am very pleased with my experience at Iowa Central.
I enjoyed the small classrooms because you are able to seek a lot of help from professors and students.
Iowa Central has excellent math and science teachers. They are usually available for help with homework and advising. Overall, the academics are great.
The safety on campus is an issue, though. There have been multiple students busted with drugs, a stabbing, and it's not unusual to hear police sirens near by.
I like the energy of the teachers, all ready to help you succeed. They have tutoring groups for anything they offer here. The overall attitude of the staff at iowa central is fun, energetic, and ready to help. I love that.
I loved Iowa Central it was a small town campus with a university feel and atmosphere, the teachers mainly knew my name and they were very helpful if I had a question or if I had to miss class one day they were very eager to help me by providing my homework and lecture notes the day before.
It's a small community college with an emphasis on community. I got to know my professors personally and felt like they cared about me and how I was doing academically. I recommend it to anyone who wants a small campus feel. There's nothing to do in Fort Dodge, though.
I love how all the professors help you if you struggle and if you miss a day for some reason they catch you up as best as they can.
I am a incoming freshman student, I have not started college yet. I have took several campus visits and went to camp here so my experience here so far has been excellent! The sports here are amazing and everyone is so engaged in their sports. The coaches for the sports are hard on their atheleats and that's what makes them as good as they are right now.
I am a 45 year old women returning to school. I didn't know the first thing about starting school. Iowa Central staff walked me through the whole process. If I didn't do something that needed to be done they sent me reminders. It was such a smooth process. When I had questions concerning anything they were very eager to help, and answer my questions. If I was worried about a class they spoke with me to ease my mind. If all colleges were like this I think there would be more people enrolling and getting over their fears.
My experience with the online program at Iowa central community college Is going good, but would like more help with my classes/ choices.
This is a great 2 year school. Very friendly staff and students. Great school for sports if you are looking to continue on playing. Cafe is very good and the school is very close to town.
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I love that Iowa Central is only 20 miles from my hometown so it is an easy commute. I am happy that I can receive my two year degree at a reasonable price and all of my credits transfer to Iowa State University where I am planning to transfer next spring. I enjoy the laid back atmosphere and the enthusiasm given by most of the professors here. I 10/10 would recommend this college to any upcoming college freshmen.
There is nothing I would change about Iowa Central. I love that it is close to home so I don't have to drive very far.
The housing is great and the classes are good. Many different types of people and cheap. Some illegal purchases and activities happen here too. Maybe not the safest place but, it is a good bang for your buck and good education.
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