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I like that I have met a diverse group of people and that Iona has a lot of activities and chances to meet them. In addition, I like that some activities are either discounted or free for students along with off campus meal options.
It isn't worth the money or education. They really are unorganized, also there math and science department really sucks.
I do not know. i have only applied here. i do not start until the fall of 2018. From the visits and interactions it seems decent. The school is nothing spectacular
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I love the environment. Everyone is so friendly and always ready to help you with anything. The professors are always accessible and want you to do well.
Iona College has granted me a lifetime of opportunity through the education and experience that they have given me. A small campus, but everyone is friendly and open to meeting new people and building lasting friendships. There is almost nothing that I would change about my experience here.
The professors are actually very good, but certain rules the school has imposed such as submitting an eportfolio–a subsmmission of an already completed assignment–is a bit ridiculous. If you like small sized Liberal Arts college in a diverse suburban/urban setting, Iona is the place.
Iona College is a great choice if you want to attend a college where the professors know your name, care about you and your performance in their classes, need any additional help for any of your classes, or just want to attend a pleasant and safe college.
Students at Iona are able to develop long lasting relationships with their professors which helps with a range of decision making from course of study to career path and even personal development. Small class sizes allow students to really take advantage of this network opportunity as well as acquiring thorough knowledge on their field of study. Improvements can be made on the detailed majors available to students. For example, Accounting students can benefit even more by having a program focused on Taxation alone.
I loved the family atmosphere and how everyone was friendly on campus. There are so many clubs and activities to stay involved and meet new people easily. The factually are very approachable and understanding.
This college is most comparable to a family. Students of all types and characters fit in. The professors care about you and want you to succeed. Everything is beautiful about the school and is dominated by students from around the New York metropolitan area. Also, the new dorm is state of the art. This is a place where you can succeed and meet incredible people, both in the classroom and out.
Great diversity with exceptional class sizes. Iona offers so many connections to get your career started!
Iona is a very excellent school. The campus is very clean and nice. It has a small class size so students can have a better chance to communicate with the professors.
Iona College is not just a college but is genuinely a community that feels like family. Going to a school with so many different types of people, I feel like at home despite the variety of people at the school. Iona puts their students in an enthusiastic and motivational environment where the students get to join many programs and take part in fun activities. Not only do I feel at home at Iona, but I feel like i am apart of something bigger.
Like any college, your experience is what you make of it and I know from getting involved in a number of clubs and activities that anyone who is serious about college will learn a lot and have a great time at Iona.
Iona College is a great school! It's a close knit community and very spirited! It's easy to get involved and meet people. Class sizes are small and you always have access to professors if you need help. It's an awesome place to be.
Great campus feel, tons of activities and great college town. The classes are small and allow you to get to know your professors. Over the years they have built more of a dorming community but there is lots to do for commuters or dormers. The dorms could be bigger but it is college after all.
Fairly diverse student population; very extensive liberal arts programs; very good sports and athletic rep and teams
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When I first applied to Iona I didn't really know much about the school but now I feel like I can write a 2 paged essay about it and my experience. I am from NYC so anything else that isn't the city is foreign to me. I have learned so much through the people I have met and the caring professors. Every single staff member at Iona College insures that every student is safe and their needs are met. At Iona you are not just a number, you are you and you will never feel less than that.
One of many reasons why I chose Iona college was because of how small the campus was. You could better connect with your professors and they are also willing to help you if you ever need anything.
Iona is a wonderful school!!! The staff is fantastic and extremely helpful. They will guide you every step of the way. The campus is beautiful and very safe. You can walk to restaurants and stores - walking distance a plus. I feel very comfortable being here and the students are great! There is always someone to lend a hand. I'm very proud to be a student of Iona.
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