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This college is most comparable to a family. Students of all types and characters fit in. The professors care about you and want you to succeed. Everything is beautiful about the school and is dominated by students from around the New York metropolitan area. Also, the new dorm is state of the art. This is a place where you can succeed and meet incredible people, both in the classroom and out.
Great diversity with exceptional class sizes. Iona offers so many connections to get your career started!
Iona is a very excellent school. The campus is very clean and nice. It has a small class size so students can have a better chance to communicate with the professors.
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Iona College is not just a college but is genuinely a community that feels like family. Going to a school with so many different types of people, I feel like at home despite the variety of people at the school. Iona puts their students in an enthusiastic and motivational environment where the students get to join many programs and take part in fun activities. Not only do I feel at home at Iona, but I feel like i am apart of something bigger.
Like any college, your experience is what you make of it and I know from getting involved in a number of clubs and activities that anyone who is serious about college will learn a lot and have a great time at Iona.
Iona College is a great school! It's a close knit community and very spirited! It's easy to get involved and meet people. Class sizes are small and you always have access to professors if you need help. It's an awesome place to be.
Great campus feel, tons of activities and great college town. The classes are small and allow you to get to know your professors. Over the years they have built more of a dorming community but there is lots to do for commuters or dormers. The dorms could be bigger but it is college after all.
Fairly diverse student population; very extensive liberal arts programs; very good sports and athletic rep and teams
When I first applied to Iona I didn't really know much about the school but now I feel like I can write a 2 paged essay about it and my experience. I am from NYC so anything else that isn't the city is foreign to me. I have learned so much through the people I have met and the caring professors. Every single staff member at Iona College insures that every student is safe and their needs are met. At Iona you are not just a number, you are you and you will never feel less than that.
One of many reasons why I chose Iona college was because of how small the campus was. You could better connect with your professors and they are also willing to help you if you ever need anything.
Iona is a wonderful school!!! The staff is fantastic and extremely helpful. They will guide you every step of the way. The campus is beautiful and very safe. You can walk to restaurants and stores - walking distance a plus. I feel very comfortable being here and the students are great! There is always someone to lend a hand. I'm very proud to be a student of Iona.
I like the amazing and understanding teachers that know us by our first name and not as an alumni due to the teacher to class size ratio as well as the small campus that gives us the opportunity to get to know one another on campus.
I personally find Iona College to be a great fit for me. The faculty is always will to help you in whatever way they can. It's in a very nice area that has plenty of things to do. No place can be perfect, but Iona is as close as one can get.
For the past two years at my stay at Iona, I have learned so many things. Not only will you learn academic wise, but you will you learn about other people and develop lots of ethical values.
I currently attend Iona College as a Freshman. I enjoy the student, it seems like there's an event happening everyday; never a dull moment. The academics are somewhat on the higher scale, but there is a huge acceptance rating. Currently I am an A student, but I do put in the work. Attendance is required here, and missing 5-6 classes will give you a F (Fail) in the class. There are 2 (3) dorms freshman can be put it, although it is not impossible to be put in one of the others if doing a suite. East Hall is the nicest of the freshman dorms, perhaps all the dorms, except the recently built North Ave Dorm.
Sports teams at Iona College are exciting. The teams are very competitive and sitting in the bleachers, watching them, makes it worthwhile!
2 months ago I had no idea I'd be attending Iona College. Today, I am a freshman who's very happy with their school and could not love it any more! Iona College is the perfect school for anyone looking for a small-sized school with a community-like feel. The students are welcoming, the staff always greets, and most importantly, it's fun! Gael nation has made it very easy to enjoy academics yet still being able to attend the soccer games and events!
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its alright but could be better with understanding financial advisors
the value isn't as much as NYU for example but many end up doing average
the security lets anyone in and doesn't check ids
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