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International School of Beauty Reviews

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This is the best school I have ever been to in my life. In this school, I have the freedom of doing certain things, that I could never do in all previous schools. This school is unique, because the course variety is excellent, and there are many interesting activities going on. Additionally, the teachers are very helpful. The resources are also varied and quite modern. Thus, there should be no reason why I wouldn't choose this school again, if I could do it all over.
My school is the best international school in the country and the community is quite diverse, so there is no discrimination.
There are no post-grad services offered at my school.
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This is one of the best campuses I have been studying in, but there are some modern resources needed.
The computers are still using Microsoft Office 2007, so it is a bit old-fashioned. The printing facilities are fine, but could be better. The wireless is pretty good. The computer labs are also very good.
The academic program is challenging and workload has increased.
The curriculum is good and teachers are also very nice.
The value of education I am getting is very good and worth of what I paid.
I am flexible with most of my classes and the curriculum they offer.
I think my school campus is pretty cool and I like it.
Best School in Area – I like my school. It is the only school of its type in my area that fafsa recongnizes, so that was a major decision maker. I wish it was closer to home and not quite so expensive.
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