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I am a recent grad of ICB, and I can be the first to tell you that this is not the place that your going to receive a quality education or get the skills necessary to make it big in the media industry. I will be taking out over $30,000 in student loans, in an industry that doesn’t pay enough to make a comfortable living. I strongly suggest that if you do decide to go to ICB(which I strongly advise against) BE WARNED, you will likely have to pay a company to make a resume for you, because the career developing instructor is a loser that doesn’t want to help you, and his idea of a “resume to land it big in the industry” is to make a very basic and tacky looking resume in Microsoft Word... absolutely terrible.

To make a long story short ICB is a total ripoff/scam for what your getting in return. You can find a way better college to learn communications for probably about the same amount of money. It’s a complete waste of two years and $30,000!
Since it's such a small school, all resources are always available, and everyone is very helpful
I've only been through one semester so far, but it has been the best educational experience I've ever had
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There's a variety of great, interesting courses and all the professors are amazing
I really don't know where to begin, my academic experience here has been amazing, it's everything I could have wanted out of a college
Everything went very smoothly, the lady that runs financial aid is great!
With my school being so small, it's very personal, which is great because it allows all of us students to get to know each other. Everyone is very talented in their own way, and almost everyone has a huge interest in music which is awesome
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