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My daughter went to IBC for 3 terms. They were not accommodating to her special needs as they said they would be when we enrolled. Her teachers would not give her the accommodations that her 504 plan allowed. She had horrible room mates in her dorm/apartment, and the man you looked over her building would not do anything to actually help my daughter. Because of all the stress and anxiety, my daughter was not able to keep up academically and was put out after 3 terms. IF THE SCHOOL WOULD HAVE INTERVENED AND ALLOWED HER TO CHANGE ROOMS, I know she would have been able to pass her classes. This college was a waste of our time and money!
I love this college because it is small and the dorms are right across the parking lot. The staff seem to really want to be involved with the student.
I love how everything the instructors teach you is exactly what you need to know as you graduate and start to look for a job in your career field.
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I just had my financial aid appointment and they were so nice! I can't wait to start attending here in the Fall. I truly believe they will do big things for me in the future!
I am looking forward to learn newer things about my major!
So far at international business college, I have loved everything about that school! They are very respectful and they are responsible with time and effort. I cannot wait until August to start!
I have not started classes yet but I love how helpful everyone has been and I'm very excited to start classes
I will be honest this school is a bit expensive but for what the education is worth i think its worth it. I have not been pffered any finacial aid and seem to have trouble finding any i hope to find some soon because i really desire to go to this school to get my degree iin dental assistign.
I have yet to attend this college but I recieved a glimps of what I would be getting into. They do hands on training and get you out in the real feild of the work place of your desire so that you can see what it would be like if you were to pursue that career, very supportive in helping others understand and giving you that hand when you need it. You learn the roles of the Dentist and what you will be doing as their assistant, and 4 weeks out of the school year is scheduled for internship where ever you choose.
The offer a varity of programs at this school lots to choose form if what you initially choose what not what you expected. The offer programs like accounting, computer programing, computer specialist, dental assistant, grapic design, medical assistant, network management, paralegal, travel and hospitality, vet tech.
I have yet to attend this college but I cant wait to. They are very considering of others interested in going to the school. They took out their time during a school day to show me and my mother around the school. Anwsered any questions and made me feel really comfortable. I am so excited to be attending International Business College !
It's okay to go if you can keep up with the pace.
The school is accredited by the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA). These credits must be obtained by the school for the classes to count.
I have class from 8am to 4pm. The classes are already laid out for the term. The only frustrations I have experienced not working as much as I would like to due to my classes.
I feel like it's too high for having a set classes for only eight weeks before moving to another set.
The work load is a lot for someone who isn't used to having like five things due on the same day to take, but the teachers do give you time to complete it. The last two months of my program is externship. The externship is when I get to work in a veterinarian clinic as a tech to hands on experienced.
The professors are approachable for the most part. Each professor teaches differently just in case something overlaps in a different class the students get a different aspect of the subject. Most of the vet tech students study when they aren't in class or working.
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They have people there to help find their graduates jobs and even people who don't go to school there find jobs.
The computers in the classrooms and library are the only sure way to make sure that your work is getting done. If you bring in your own laptop, then be prepared for lagging and possibly some disconnecting.
It's a great school, but the work load is intense. The classes get harder in the program as you go further into it.
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