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The school is very invested in the success the students. Their staff are highly skilled and enthusiastic about instructing their students.
The school has a wonderful team of advisors who help you acheive every step whether just supporting you or assisting you where they can. There is a geat little communtiy just for students where you are supplied with fully furnished apartments to make the transition easier. The school has several different programs helping people learn their new trade. Best of all they teach you great skills like professionally building a resume, proper interview atitre and techniques, as well as how to complete the application and interview process successfully. It is your job to complete the schooling, fill out the applications, and attend the interviews. The jobs are not guaranteed and are based on your performance and interviews at the discretion of the interviewers.
I met a very inspiring man who I was lucky enough to have as my teacher and mentor. He's so knowledgeable and so are all of the staff there. They're there to help us and make sure we get our foot in the door and a career started. I can always go back to them if I need their help in the future too! I enjoyed learning the computer system, ticketing, geography, airport codes, etc. They have plenty of connections with airline companies and even if they don't, I can still interview with any airline and my Airline/Travel Specialist Diploma keeps me on top of the list. I'm more than happy I attended this school and I learned beyond the material taught. I had a great experience besides some of my classmates, but that's just another learning experience... You're taught to be professional, work in groups and resolve conflict. This school prepares you for the travel and hospitality industry and I highly recommend it!
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If you cannot afford the tuition expenses of a 2 or 4 year college I highly recommend looking into IAHA. There are many different options for students to not only learn the things you would in your career choice but they also take the time to assist you with building the proper resume and background check that attracts employers. By the end of your program there's a high chance you will already be hired before you leave! And on top of that you also get housing that comes right out of your tuition. And it's not just a room with beds. You will be in a full townhouse with bedrooms 2 bathrooms upstairs downstairs kitchen and fireplace in the living room. The Village as everyone calls it is located close to the school and everyone in the neighborhood is from the school. They also provide night shift security to monitor incoming and ongoing visitors. This place is great and It's very much so worth it in the end.
Upon graduating, if you don't have a job yet; you're welcome to contact school and they'll continue to help you find a job.
The classes are typically small & not difficult.
The staff really go out of their way to find big and small companied to recruit at the campus. They really want to help you find a job before you graduate.
The instructors are very knowledgeable in what they teach. The teachers will make sure you know what you need to know. They make a great effort to bring companies in and help you get a job.
This staff at the school are willing to go out of their way to help you in anyway they can.
it's what i've always wanted to do
I need to know I will be able to have money from a scholarship, grant, loan etc to help with tuition, clothes, food, uniforms, travel etc. I am excited to be accepted but I am worried about these costs and I am not from riches so I need some cash assistance. I hae what it takes to be successful, I just need a just start to get there. I have sold all my belongings to pay what I can and now I am praying.
I can't wait to see where the school takes me :)
I have two friends that sucessfully graduated from IAHA and are very satisfied, I am sure that I will be as well and I cannot wait!
I can't wait to become a Flight Attendant through IAHA I am concerned about money and cost though and the say i'm approved for a loan, however when I spoke with the financial aid office she didn't know how to get the loan questions answered for me, now I'm concerned about finance...
I would love a scholarship to IAHA in Vancouver, WA to become a Flight Attendant.
no complaints just want to get a scholarship to IAHA to become a Flight Attendant
I was both attending school full time and working full time.
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The process is fast and the finance staff is on top of their game. However, there are no outside loans available so it is very hard to afford getting by in school without work or other monetary means.
Usually up and running but sometimes needs to be rebooted. Generally available without any problems though!
Terrific staff, always willing and able to help and give employment leads! Great support!
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