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The instructors are all active currently in Interior Design or Architecture, and are willing to impart their experience gained to the students. Many are award winning designers that want to pay it forward to the next generation of designers. Some of them graduated from IDI and returned to teach. Not only do we gain book knowledge, but also attend industry events and field trips to the vendors that we will one day be specifying products from. The one thing I would change is to let the students in the various classes select an area of the school to design - for an interior design school, the look is very dated. There is so much creative talent that is under that roof, I believe the appearance of the school should reflect that!
IDI is a great school for interior design, price is cheaper than most private for profit schools, professors are great, I noticed that most people who go here are white middle aged women who want a change in their career, campus is very small and clean
I love my experience at IDI so far. Teachers have personally experienced and are professionals at the topic they are training their students in. I love the hands on drafting experience and believe I'm going to be well-trained to enter the Design Field once my studies are complete.
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I'm glad that I went to a CIDA accredited school. Other graduates at my school go on to work for the top design firms in the world or start their own design firm. It's located in such a great area with growing communities, high-end showrooms and endless job opportunities. Students do an internship in the BA and MA program so they leave with actual experience on their resume to go with their portfolios. Overall, the portfolio I have put together while attending IDI has gotten me jobs in the field.
Most classes are very structured and focused. The range of classes is good and I feel definitely prepares you for the career field. I just wish that the school would jump on the band wagon and get everything submitted digitally, so the printing costs for final projects and presentations wouldn't be so outrageous.
I feel that because it is a private school it is on the expensive side, however it is much better than the school I attended previously. I feel I am getting a good quality education here. It is nice that tuition is locked in as long as you remain at least part time and don't take a leave of absence; so I know I wont be surprised by tuition costs. The financial aid officer is relatively new and seems in over their head, so a more experienced officer would be nice
All faculty currently work in the industry and give real life examples and advice which is very helpful. The school works very closely with professional associations like ASID & IIDA and have many volunteer opportunities along with seminars.
The school is small but the library has great resources. Since there is now only one librarian, the hours are lacking. Resource room has some great things, but is in dire need of organization. Computer labs are spacious and the software is always up to date. Eating areas are almost non-existent.
Career services are great at this school. There is always plenty of information available to current and past students. Alumni achievements are celebrated in quarterly emails, letting everyone know who landed a big job. Alumni are also always welcome to come back in and search through the job books.
There are plenty of computers and the software is always up to date. The wireless network is easy to connect to and the speed is relatively fast for the number of users connected to it. However, the printer availability is lacking. A large plotter is not available to students and that does irritate students when it comes to outside printing costs.
The education is worth the cost but it is expensive. Not more than a private school but in the same range as one. They accept and help provide scholarships. They don't accept scholarships for the certificate program which is 12 weeks long.
The environment at IDI is great. People are really friendly and helpful when working on projects. Everyone works together really well. The people are fun and everyone seems to have the same goal but that doesn't create a competitive spirit at all. People are more focused on helping each other get there together.
They have available computers upstairs for students and space throughout the campus for personal work. I have not had to deal with the network yet.
There is a lot of diversity on campus of gender, age, ethnicity, and even country of origin.
We have a current, inspiring library with many resources. Another excellent resource is the gallery upstairs which displays the best projects from recent classes. They are great for seeing what this school can teach you.
I work full time and go to school part time. In the beggining when you have a bunch of classes to pick from it is great. You can customize classes for the morning, afternoon, and evening schedules as you please. However, when you are nearing the end of the curriculum it gets harder to get into a class especialy if you can only go in the evenings as the time slots for the classes alternate every other term.
The best thing about this school is that it only focouses on design fundementals. They are kept up to date on everything design as far as the education which is really what matters. The campus is very small and not very inviting. There is no interaction between staff and student other than the norm in class. But then again most of the students in this school are older and have jobs and families so the campus is geared more toward that market. If you are young and looking for campus fun this is the wrong school for you.
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The network speed is ok. The reliability of the network is questionable sometimes you can't even log on to the schools network. For as much as they are charging for classes they should be able to provide a computer lab where we can print full scale plans on a plotter without additional cost. (I transfered from Books college and they used to provide it why not this school, whom, by the way is charging me double what I paid at Brooks)
There aren't ANY resources. The campus is too small. The library is too small chairs in there are not confortable so even if you wanted to stay to do homework or study after 10 minutes in any chair makes you want to leave. I'm not sure if we have a student center and I have been there 2 years. We do have two snack vending machines, one coffee machine, and two soda machines though.
I don't think we have a student body. We do, however, have members of ASID who perform volunteer work with habitat for humanity and other functions. The meetings are held in the mornings and afternoons and I am a part of the evening population.
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