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The ITC is sacred ground! You will read thousands of pages in study, write at least 100 papers before you graduate! Your real appreciation for the school wont be realized till you have taken your last exams, grades are in and you no longer have to go to class! I felt like an orphan wanting to come back home. AAA experierence. The ITC brand will be etched in your soul!
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ITC is a theological experience that will challenge your critical thought process and prepare you for future ministry, educational and other leadership opportunities.
Most of my prefessors thus far have been excellant. Most of my classes that I have taken have been online, we think the professors have lost their mind with the amount of reading that is required. It makes us wonder if they (professors) realize that we are taking more than one class. When we get to the interactions though it makes it alot better. I have been in a few classes where the interaction with our peers has allowed us to get to know one another as though we have been in class and known those persons on a daily basis.
The experience has been most humbling and greatly rewarding for me towards the ministry.