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Everyone was very friendly and made it seem like you have known them. They make you feel comfortable and also help you when you need help with something.
The studying is great the teachers will always be able to help you when you need help no matter how much you don't know and they will make sure that you understand before moving onto the next thing.
The internship I am now with my school I was having problems because the school wasn't working with my hours for work. I had to cut a lot of hours back with work and its making me low on money, but I wont quite my job because I always have to have back up plan and my job now is my back up plan.
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I thought it was a lot but until I learned everything and realized you have to pay in order to get a certificate and get a degree you will have to pay because its someone who is teaching you all these things that you never knew.
There wasn't much activities to do around the school. They had student appreciation to those who haven't missed a day, and having this shows others who is focused on their school work.
The computers were okay, sometimes we would have problems printing out our information or sometimes their wasn't computer available for everyone.
They will work with you on finding a site to do your hours but don't work with people who work in the morning and MUST have you have a certain amount of hours done a weak wither its loosing hours at work or not working in order to get what needs to be done.
The school had a program where I can come to at night because I would work in the morning and it was easy to work with.
Made new friends and the workers in the office are nice to chat with and always their when you need help.
The school is very nice and a great place to come to.
Im happy with the way they give us paerywork and hands on.
intercoast college in west covina is a great school with a great electrical training program. i love my school.
Its There – unlimited printing and so far no problems with computer lab its there for the students to use!
Money for Students? Id say this school is pretty personal. everyone knows eachother and it even has a fund for students. like say you dont have gas to get to school than you can let the front desk lady know and they help you.also the womens restrooms come with free feminine products. it makes you feel at home there.
Great Doorway – I dont go to a regular college but i think im getting something that will benefit me in the end. the class sizes are personal and my instructor is great!
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