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I just finshed 2 weeks of class 100, interduction course. The instuctor was very nice and very knowledgeable. He gave us life examples. Informored us how importent it is to get and education and never stop learning.
I spoke to students who just finashed and preparing to graduate. They were very excited and felt that they well trained. Three months hands on training. Plus they prepare you for resumes, job interview, on job skills employees are looking for.
The are teaching you how to get a career not a job. After the book learning you get hands on. For 3 mos. They give you the skill to go on a enter view with knowledge and skills. You have the right to ask what can this company offer me.
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Everyone was very nice and encouring. I spoke to students who was already enrolled, they stated this is a great school. The teacher are very knowledge, and they want to help you.
The school is saturated with diverse cultures, religions, political affiliations and sexual orientations. The connective tissue that solidifies the student body is an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Our differences from one another are overshadowed by the commonality to become better and more productive thinkers; and successful persons in society.
Before you go to your career courses you get a self evaluation/self discover course class. This helps you look at your future and goals. Really worth it. It will help you in Life.
The financial aid office is open door and they walk you step by step on what your tuition is. It is really affordable if your looking for a great education.
All the instructors have great connection in their respected fields. The career center is great. You can use them all you want, even after you graduate. You have a life long opportunity to use them.
There are no hassles in the school as far as flexibility. Everyone is flexible including the classes that you are taking.
We have a one on one learning with the instructor because we have small number of students per class. I love that we have hand on learning.
Registration is easy. You are walked through your entire registration step by step. The professors that I have met have their Masters Degree.
The school has great diversity. In my classroom we have Hispanic, Caucasian, African American and a French.
We all get to know one another, even if we are in different programs. Family Environment.
They have their computer lab open all day. The schools has the newest Office, so it is great to work on. The school provides free printing, which is awesome. They provide great speed on the Internet.
The school has a great open door policy. They have an awesome staff that will help you with counseling, financial aid, admissions and career center.
My Instructors are very straight forward and they explain things well. hey offer in depth explanations and hands on training that allows me to learn quickly and efficiently.
My classmates are mostly working class people and some non working people who are there trying to learn a trade in order to make a better life for themselves. They have lives and are assuming the roles of of mothers, wives, daughters, husbands, fathers, son, and students. Yet they still manage to show up for class ready to learn their trade.
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When I first started InterCoast College,I was unsure of how I would last eight months. How ever, the staff here have been very motivating and flexible with my schedule. I am one hundred percent satisfied with this school.
Everyone is very nice. They have things like root beer float day and that is fun.
The people in the office are very nice and knowledgeable.
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