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Interactive college is a great place to learn. I am learning computers and writing skills The Instructors are the best I love the one on one time that they spend with he students. I look forward to coming to school everday. I like to dress to impress. I like how work is handle and fellow students are willing to help each other.
I would say that it was an okay online and personal phenomenon way of learning but definitely wasn't a hands on learning through qualified instructors. The learning process was extremely perplex. Very little face to face help. It was discourage along the whole entire way. I recently completed my course successfully by my own sweat, will and determination and through the discouragement I work my tail off and prevailed instead of becoming another statistic of failing and dropping out like most do because of lack of proper help, teaching, and resources. Etc.
it is really convenient to have some one available right when you need them professor student relationship is excellent workload is as much as an individual can take it with ample amount of help provided by professor or online information.
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everything related to computers is excelent on campus even though the campus is small but their are ample amount of labs sufficient for students to use whenever they want printing is free and easily accessible internet speed is excellent though their is no wireless access
pretty much straight forward and easy to register for classes
What i really like about the school is the curriculum and the externship opportunity
you will see students from almost different countries india china columbia etc
when it comes to externship ITC provides excellent oppurtunities
honestly compare to other schools this campus is small and doesnot have much extra activities
this is the only part that made me upset, their is no grants or scholarship available for out of state student neither there is opportunity for on campus job. Its always good to have something available to work for international students because this is the only job they can do legally and practice their skills in various sections and plus help themselves with some finance in this state with expenses
again its just a beginning but admission was pretty easily done no long waits no delays espcially being an international student .
its my first month what i really like about the school is education provided here is real when compared to other schools they provide info that actually is not utilized for future career ooputunity
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