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Inter American University of Puerto Rico Reviews

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I am a college student and I tell them that it is the best of all, from the campus to their teachers and work staff. Everything is clean, the teachers do an excellent job, you really learn, do not teach because if, if not, for one to learn and fall in love more and more of the chosen profession. The concierges leave the campus super clean and spotless.
My experience was not what I would have wanted. The teaching methodology is only theoretical and not of very good quality. There are only very few good teachers who really teach and are interested in the students to learn and not just pass the class. There are no boarding opportunities for administration students because the person in charge of the program is an engineering professor and only looks for opportunities for that field. If you want an internship opportunity you have to look for it yourself and then the university wants you to share your experience to take credit for it. Among many other things that are regrettable of this institution. The education they offer is not worth what you have to pay.
Inter American University is a fast pace moving institution with a trimester system which allows the students try a large variety of classes. The Professor are extremely helpful and wants the best for the students. Great school to be a part of.
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The Interamerican University is a great Educational Institution. varied in its academic offer. It has excellent professional resources that offer academic courses. It is a University that supports student needs. Very rich in their extra-curricular activities. The hiding academic environment.
I like this place! People are so kind and cares about your education, they like to see your success in the campus. I worldwide change the food of the cafeteria and the Students Centers.
The Inter American University of Puerto Rico is a very welcoming place, its academic faculties are extraordinary. It provides the best service to the student by letting them know that they are there to help you meet your goals. Since I started studying at this university I feel that we are all a family and that the remains that we face are only to expunge our knowledge and prepare for the professional world.
More professional experience, great opportunity in work and study programs.
Great service in the different areas distribution of work.
Tecnological advance
Es una buena universidad bastante versatil y tienes muchos programas de clases q se pueden ajustar a tu comodidad
The school is an alright school but if you want to attend it you need to be there in person. The administrative part of applying to school is very hard for English speakers. They will lament on your application.
The facilities of the University are not the best. I do not think it is a very comfortable place to study at.
The university is not particularly good with sports teams. I'm also not really interested or involved with the sport world
Seeing as I am completely new to my university everyone has been really helpful and informative. They are all helpful. The process for beginning of classes is a little hectic bit completely organized. The nursing department seems like a happy family since the school is so small and I am very excited to be a part of their crew. I can't wait to put on a set of scrubs and shadow doctors and nurses in hospitals. Can't wait to start and volunteer at the VA hospital.
This degree is pretty valuable. Some students and professors have been alumni from Ivy league schools and other great schools and have gone to become great at their field of study.
It's a great school and it's one of the best in Puerto Rico. I admit there are somethings they can change but so does every other university.
It's okay overall. I'm not sure how they handle sexual assault cases as usually the campus does't usually have them.
I live with my grandparents for now however the housing in the area is not as good as it could be.
There is not as much greek life as the south and east of Puerto Rico.
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The university is known for having great athletes and some even go to represent Puerto Rico in the Olympics.
The university is very good. They offer a variety of majors and there is always lots of things to do to get involved.
The campus in itself is not a very safe place, especially at night due to the poor lighting, but the town it is in is very quiet and relatively safe. Crime is rare.
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