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Inter American University of Puerto Rico - San German Reviews

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Currently, I'm in my second year of college here, and so far it's been good. It's a pretty big campus you could easily get lost but that's the fun of it, you constantly find new places and areas of the campus you didn't know were there. There is a lot of diversity which is a great thing for you to get to know more people and have more friends. Student, faculty members, and some professors are really outgoing and caring, which personally I think it's something great.
I had my ups and downs with my learning experience here. One professor was kinda uptight and didn't explain very well, but the other professors I took classes with were pretty great and so far I have good grades except for that one class...
In an overall experience this is a good college , both my parents studied here . The profesors are responsible which is a very good thing. The only thing that I would change is the way the evaluation for scholarships is made . This year I didn't receive any scorlarships and Ive been applying to various ones through the internet. I have a 3.60 GPA , so I can apply to all of them but almost half of the time they are denied.I come from a middle class family which means my parents don't have the resources to pay for that much money yearly ,although I try to help them as much as I can . My brother graduated college and I would like the opportunity to have that same experience. With at least a certain amount of scholarships ,it would be easier for my parents to enroll with my college classes.
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My online learning experience although not what I envisioned to finish my first year of college was very good. All professors where responsable . I feel that if clases where not online maybe I would have learned better. Laboratories such as Chemistry or Biology are not that helpfull when taking them online.I believe classes where taken online for our own safety but not everyone learns this way. Everyone has their way of learning. While some students find it easy , other find it difficult because you cant talk to the professor and discuss doubts. The doubts constantly are responded by emails which is not a good way to do it.
The university experience is completely excellent. It can be interpreted that it is an excellent place where the student acquires knowledge about history but also receives inner peace.
The university experience is completely excellent. The campus is one that allows the student to grow personally or professionally.
The Inter American University San German campus it's a very beautiful and calm place. The local area is a very old structure and you can appreciate the history of the city and Puerto Rico in general and the Inter American since the San German Campus was the first one built. The student life it's very good since everyone is really social and you can get to know a diversity of people and cultures.
I love this university is big, have a lot of different major to select voy lot of technology involve. Have very good professors, they do a lot of activity for ya students to participate and know more about the university.
The college has a variety of careers to pursue in the future. Proffesors and students are friendly, compromising, and the classes too. Unique experience there.
I like it overall in terms of campus tranquility; however I would like to learn more on my major than basics.
La Inter de San German is just like your average University, the school is full of kids who just want to learn and finish their academics and move on to finding a job. The university is pretty quiet nothing much happens around the school but it's a fairly large campus was amazing food. We also have a student center where you can go to relax in between classes, get something to eat, play pool with friends. The school is also bilingual, so most of the students and professors speak both English and Spanish. It's also one of the only provide colleges around the area with college dorms for around 600$ a semester. It's a really good and affordable college that I would highly recommend.
My experience at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico's San German campus has been a very mixed one. For the most part the university leans more toward rewarding the athletes and excludes the normal students, or at least that's how I feel. I have been to other campuses and I would honestly say they are better in the sense that I felt more welcome there, In the San German campus you feel oppressed, as if since you're not an Athlete you don't matter. Another point I would like to make is the professors, many of them don't really care about the student nor do they have a passion for teaching. I would like it if they had more diverse organizations that Included other students, not just the athletes and that there were dedicated professors who helped the student and taught in more dynamic ways.
The Inter american University is a great university where one can grow not only in the academic way, but also as a human
The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German campus is an incredible school with some of the most amazing, helpful, smart and responsible professors. This semester we had lots of ups and down but the administration, professors and worked hard to keep everything under control. We finished a hard semester with pride and sacrifice. No hurricane could stop us. It is a great experience to study here. The campus feels like home. People are nice and helpful. You will enjoy it.
Cada día que pasa es una oportunidad para transformar tu vida. Hay decisiones que nos obligan a observar con detenimiento nuestro entorno. En la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico-San Germán encontrarás todo lo que un universitario desea. Contarás con servicio de excelencia y consejeria para encontrar la profesión ideal para tu vida. Si aún no tienes un plan futuro en nuestra universidad te ayudaremos a desarrollarlo. Es un recinto que cuenta con mucha seguridad y lugares de recreación. Además, está en un lugar centrico por lo que cercano al recinto encontrarás restaurantes, cine, centros comerciales, entre otros.

P.d. Con perseverancia y dedicación sé que alcanzarás el éxito.
So far, i don't relatively have anything against the professors nor the classes that i have taken. But what i have a problem with is the financial aid process. I am not eligible for the Pell scholarship that the university offers so I am relying on loans but for starters, they do everything late. An example I would give would be that last year when my mother had to take out a loan to pay off my tuition and we did everything when i was finishing High School but the paperwork and everything wasn't processed until September or October of last year. It was hassle and this year its a hassle as well.
The overall experience in a class depends on your professor. The workload depends on the professor and how far along the the class is on the syllabus. There are obviously so many classes to choose from but some students tend to leave the math class for when they are graduating but other than that everything is fine.
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Diversity isn't common in my university that I've noticed. People here are usually open about anything and the majority are accepting of those who are different in any way.
There are excellent profesors and each one has their own style.
The Campus Housing generally its fine. The facilities are good most of the time. If there is any situation, you could ask help to the staff, and they will nicely help. Actually it's difficult to found housing outside campus at the same price.
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