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Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Ponce Reviews

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I am a student of psychology, I have a full-time job and I am a leader in the church where I am congregated. Almost three months ago, I decided to take classes online and they have been incredible because they fit my schedule. Although I would love to take classes in person. If in the future I decided to return to Puerto Rico to live, I would definitely choose to study at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus.
I studied culinary arts here and it was truly one of the best and most memorable college experience back in 2009-2010. The friends that I made there and currently still my closest friends!
Well, I really loved the first time I went to the University. It's very nice, interesting, good academic research, great opportunities for students to work and study too.
The assistants service in all the administrative areas at the University are excellent.

I didn't know in what University I wanted to study, but since I researched, the most of the Universities does not have the availability of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico.

So, that's why I enrolled.
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Considero que es bastante buena en todos los aspectos. El ambiente es agradable y los profesores amables. Por otro lado, la comida de la cafetería podría mejorar.
Some errors during the admission process, but the Admission's Director is the best. He's always trying to help and assits to the students.
Excelente Universidad, sin embargo deberian mejorar las ayudas economicas as que se le ofrecena los estudiantes.
Studying at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus has been the best thing I have ever done. I'm about to complete my Bachelors degree in Office Management Systems at distance education mode and I have learned a lot about the profession that I elected, I learned everything just like if I had attended at a regular on campus classes. I do really recommend everyone who is willing to study on a distant mode to select this College because it is a really excellent option. Everything there is excellent from administrative services to education.
Is an excelent University. The better students, professors and ambient. I love the partnership, kindness and the passion of the student. Cualified professors.
The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus has been an exemplary university full of professional services. This university is distinguished by its high technological performance at island level. In this way students feel comfortable, integrated and satisfied with their academic facilities. The university is filled with an activist social culture that students feel identified and connected with all the activities done for their students. It is a pride to be part of an area so equipped and full of a healthy spirit for students. That is why I say that the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus is the best exemplary university on the Puerto Rican island.
Among the variety of programs part of them are online, which is a really great option for students who need a flexible schedule in order to achieve other goals. I believe that most of the courses offered are good quality ones, with the exception of a very few professors who damage the image of the institution. My overall experience with the administrative departments, generally have been very good, with the exception of an specific office that mistreats the students. The structure and appearance of the campus is well conserved. Almost the whole building has A/C and counts with classrooms prepared with technological equipment which makes easier for the professors to make their presentations. The university has a very efficient security system and a very large number of security guards who are constantly driving all over the parking lot in order to guarantee the security of the students, employees and visitors.
i don know because i study online but i think its good because i never seeing something in the news about the university.
i can say its bad because its only been 1 year but i think they need to improve a new system that helps the students that study online and maybe they can offer more aid helps.
I don know if they have a campus because i study online.
it PR they don have fraterniza or sorority
In Puerto rico they do competences between the universitys and they are good, they win last year.
I study online and i think that the university needs to improve a new system that helps the students that are living away. Sometimes i call them and it can be 2 hours in the phone and they don answer. Its too dificulta but i know i can and i will graduate soon.
Inter American University provides their students with diverse classrooms and professors that give different perspectives on current topics.
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It's very accesible and the professors are kind and knowledgeable.
The school is great in terms of education, but the fees are high, taking into consideration that most of them are related to infrastructure and my program is completely online.
It certainly is different and great.
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