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Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Aguadilla Reviews

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The university need improvement in their way they develop the courses and integrate new strategies of teaching. They use a strong culture of self-learning students ignoring the fact that student need the tools for their works.
Inter American University had encourage me to persue my dreams of keep on studying higher education and also has amazing professors .
The Inter American university is a very great place to study its only been my first year here but I studied in a different place last year and I could tell you that they are very different. Both of them were good, but in the Inter they help us with everything and they even offer tutoring for classes that you are struggling in. The other university I was in choose all your classes for you but not in the Inter here you choose which class you want with any professor that offers the class at the time that is best for you.
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My professors are very nice and observant to my needs. They make sure I receive and understand my materials that are in Spanish. I also like that classes are average sized and not overloaded.
Have security guards on campus that do student checks and parking car checks all the time. Lightening is very well at night throughout entire campus.
Overall all experience so far is great. The cost is very good for being a private institution. My professors and staff treated me very well. They made sure I understood materials and lectures because most of my classes are taught in Spanish here in Puerto Rico. I am a Caucasian American white male so it is a little more difficult for me than most. Spanish is my secondary language. I love that the University staff really make sure I understand everything.
I really haven't paid attention to the athletic clubs or programs. I really do like the gym facility though. A lot of students do attend the gym for exercising.
The environment is very welcoming, like nothing I have ever experienced. The personnel tries to accommodate to your needs, and always find a way to meet your requirements the most comfortable way possible for the student, on the contrary to other universities in my island where it is quite difficult to enter, and wont offer any type of guidance, or help to the students like this institution does.
I find it fine; it isn't too strict, but it's not like there is a riot everyday.
The only trouble I had was that I needed to change it from Bachelor's to Associates.
It has a variety, so you won't get the same boring food.
It's a lot of work (Science & Technology Department), great professors, there is a class/program that permits you to do an internship with double evaluation: one from your professor and the other from the place of internship. You learn a lot but there is a constant hassle in how to arrange you classes withing campus and outside campus due to availability per periods.
For admission you need transcript from previous schools or universities, or start from scratch. I suggest you go to counseling to make sure what is your current position and towards what are you moving.
There is no on campus housing
Off campus housing is available since there are no dorms on campus. But most students just travel from home, mostly other counties.
Overall is good, but it need more accessibility to certain classes, otherwise you have to divide yourself between campuses or classes online.
It's sunny almost every day, sometimes with a little bit of rain, sometimes it rains hard. But it's great.
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The main campus area is small-medium so there is no inside transportation from the university. But most classes are on that area so, you don't have to use the car other than to arrive to campus from your home or apartment. There are outside areas on campus near the main campus, you can walk but you should probably take a car.
Sports are a great and big thing on campus. Some athletes practice on campus others have to practice in nearby campuses facilities. Depending on the sport. Justas competitions and Central American & Caribbean Games are extremely important.
Currently there is no Greek life on campus but the universities around the area permit students from this campus to join in. Specially Mayaguez Greek life.
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