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Inter American University of Puerto Rico - San German Reviews

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So far, i don't relatively have anything against the professors nor the classes that i have taken. But what i have a problem with is the financial aid process. I am not eligible for the Pell scholarship that the university offers so I am relying on loans but for starters, they do everything late. An example I would give would be that last year when my mother had to take out a loan to pay off my tuition and we did everything when i was finishing High School but the paperwork and everything wasn't processed until September or October of last year. It was hassle and this year its a hassle as well.
The overall experience in a class depends on your professor. The workload depends on the professor and how far along the the class is on the syllabus. There are obviously so many classes to choose from but some students tend to leave the math class for when they are graduating but other than that everything is fine.
Diversity isn't common in my university that I've noticed. People here are usually open about anything and the majority are accepting of those who are different in any way.
Review Inter American University of Puerto Rico - San German
There are excellent profesors and each one has their own style.
The Campus Housing generally its fine. The facilities are good most of the time. If there is any situation, you could ask help to the staff, and they will nicely help. Actually it's difficult to found housing outside campus at the same price.
The university have more opportunities than it seems. There are excellent professors and good facilities. Also, the campus is beautiful surrounded by nature.
It's a beautiful campus and the students and teachers are helpful
I have only seen a few security guards on campus.
So far I'm taking four cources which are English, Spanish, and two art courses I have to take because they involve my major and they are all Spanish except for my English course. I am bilingual but my thought process is mostly English which is a little difficult for me but once I explained this to my professors they understood my little dilemma and said that if I didn't understand what they said , they would be glad to explain it a little slower for me.I'm also glad that the majority of the courses consists of about 30 students or less depending at what time the course was. There is a variety of courses to take but I recommend you take the required courses you need first then worry about ellective courses.
There are programs that involve you getting internships for your specific major outaide of Puerto Rico but you have to keep an eye out for these programs. What's best is that if you talk with classmates they'll help you to find professors or counselors that can help you get recruited to get a job in or out campus. A prime example I'mgoing to give is my close friend who is studying to get a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts. He discused with his professor that he needs a part time job in order to pay for school and to advance his culinary experience.After a few weeks, his professor recommend him to a new restaurant that recently opened and he is doing well.
I'm not entirely certain how good the athletics are in this university because I personally did not do research about the sports programs in general. I assume they are OK because I often have seen many athletes around the campus but again I'm not sure if its good or no so I would say its OK.
I'm a little disappointed with this university. I expected a more challeging experience.
I wouldn't have come here if I had the chance to choose again. All I'm saying. I was disappointed.
I got lucky with my professors--I enjoyed all of them almost without exception. The class sizes range from 15-60 students. There are plenty of courses you can take. Most classes are lecture-types, in fact, I'm pretty sure they all are.
San German has the oldest church in the Americas. That's about it for the tourist attraction--if you want to see the beauty the island has to offer, you'll have to go outside of town.
You have to wait in a line for literally six hours. THE WORST.
There's no physics department. What's up with that? Half the professors are hacks. The other half are great. Registration is a pain. Little special study options, but at least you can minor in something.
Review Inter American University of Puerto Rico - San German
Being a chemistry major isn't so bad. The science department gets a lot of emphasis in funding so we're better off than the poor art departments. Unfortunately there is not a lot of science going on--internship opportunities are scarce and the professors that do research either have stringent requirement for assistants or do not have many resources at disposal anyway.
Not a lot of gals I find cute, let alone interesting.
It's mostly just corner bars people go to drink in. If you got deep pockets, you can afford to instead go drink in the fancy restaurants?
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