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This place is a joke. Outdated equipment that doesn't work, terrible curriculum, and they don't understand that it SHOULD be about the students. It isn't-- everything is tailored for the convenience of the management. Why don't they have afternoon classes? It is all about them making $$$
I thought I would make great strides after receiving a degree through Intellitec College. After graduating I have yet to be employeed in my career field. My program was taught out and dismantled. I received poor quality materials and no computer, even though drafting is 98% virtual these days. I would have liked to have had some sort of Internship or post graduate help finding work in my field. I would have to say the students and instructors were the one thing I remember being thankful for.
This is the last gasp of the for profit colleges: enrolling students who are not ready w/aggressive marketing tactics, high staff turnover, dodgy practices as opposed to best practices for education, and terrible treatment of staff and faculty.
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Biggest joke of a school I have ever seen. The CNST program is pathetic, never once touched an actual server, everything is done virtually with zero hands on. Yet they made a huge deal about getting the whole program new mouse pads (no joke). If you're considering attending this school, invest your money and time in a school that's not out solely for your money.
Great Schools awesome instructors. Hands-On training by the time you graduate you know your stuff. Multiple areas of study that allow you to be set and ready for your new career.
The staff are very helpful and help guide you through the whole signing up process. The teachers are professional and knowledgeable. I have enjoyed my learning here! I love that after I have completed my degree the school has programs to help me find a job. In addition, if after I have completed my schooling, I need to go back for a refresher course it is free.
Teachers try hard but most are inexperienced or just old retired guys. Management is awful, underpaid, and bad leadership. They never seem to know what they are doing. Lots of turnover except at the top, which is probly where its needed.
I have great teachers and classes. The teachers actually seem to want to teach you and the classroom size is small enough where they can give you personal time if you need it. It's easy to maintain all A's if you apply yourself like an adult.
Overall I've enjoyed going to this school. The main reason for going here is to get certifications that can get me started in the IT field. The teachers here are truly interested in helping us succeed and they do a fantastic job at preparing us for taking the certifications. Minus one star for an experience I had when we were taking a specific class that the teacher was determined to help us students get certified by the end of the class. It was actually a really great class, I learned a lot and was almost ready to test for the cert near the end of the term. Then the last week before the term ended, our program supervisor didn't seem to like our teachers idea, and the class went from hands-on, engaging projects that helped us learn, to reading powerpoints and hearing the teacher talk straight from the book. The class never tested for our certs after that and it really hurt to go from excited for class to completely unmotivated. The second star is due to students making class difficult
My experience was good. All depends on how you willing to Lean. I keep hearing bad things about the school, but I gotta say I did learn allot. The instructors are will to help to those who ask for help. I finished school like 3 months ago. I am very happy that I got my associates deegre. Good luck everyone!!!
Mostly the classes are a waste, and the materials are just same as anywhere else
Really bad, I felt like I wasn't learning anything. The teachers are so bad that they work here because they can't keep a job in real world
It is easy to meet and communicate with classes and instructors.
The courses are low level as in a 5th grade level.
I have not experienced it but I have been told that they are very helpful.
I've heard that their internships and recruiting is very proactive.
My first class is very relevant to the subject, but my second is a joke, and is basically irrelevant.
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The curriculum pertains to my major
They are very positive and care about your success.
curriculum is a mess, but easy workload mostly. The building needs some work its not taken care of very well
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