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Instituto de Banca y Comercio Reviews

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Classes aren't flexible and if you miss 8 days straight, you are automatically dropped out.
They have no idea how to work with us since Graphic Design is a new course.
One professor for the whole year of Graphic Design...
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I don't even know how to describe this. The quality of student/staff interaction is very poor and they are unhelpful.
They didn't help me with anything.
I wouldn't choose this school because it advertises a program it is unprepared to give. I enrolled in the Graphic Design course and it was a waste of money for the first six months (and this was a one year course). After that, they do manage to bring in an adequate teacher, but refuse to give us the budget or materials we need to learn.
All my teachers so far are great teachers they always are making sure the students are ok and if they understand.
The main reason I choose this school was because it was the only school close to me that I could take the classes I wanted. I love my teachers I have the best ones and my classes.
The Director – care about the welfare of students and seek ways to help each in their problems
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