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My experiance has been really good at the Institute of Technology. It's the only college I've been too, but I love the environment they provide for their students and staff. It's not your normal college that has sports and extra currecular activities. It's a school to help people get started and or to get their national certificate in their career choice. What i love most about this school, is that you take one class every 5 weeks, instead of multiple classes throughout the whole year. SO it miniumizes your work load and helps you focus on that one subject to insure you fully understand it and are able to get the grade you deserve while only having to study that subject for the 5 weeks.
This school is helping me become the Nurse that I want to be.
They help you find a job after you are done with the program.
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Every one is very nice and the classes does not have a lot of people so then they can help each student instead of not being able to get to everyone.
I will learn how to be a nurse and preform all the duty's that I will need to know.
This program is what I have wanted to do my whole life. This nursing program will help me become the nurse I have wanted to be. The program also helps you after you pass the course helps you find a job.
I think this school is very understanding and willing to help people if they are struggling. They seem to really care about you and want you to feel comfortable as well.
There were only two options for class times, both are Monday through Thursday. Times were either in the morning or the afternoon (2-10)
They helped find job opportunities
the recruiting officer was very friendly
Class size is perfect. Not too big to feel invisible or too small to feel like you're the only one
I enjoyed the different places for clinical hours
could be better, but not the worst
I look forward to everyday
They set you up to where you can get a job right after school.
I love that the instructors have been through what we are doing.. Knowing that they took the same course and succeeded makes me want to push harder knowing it can be done.
I am excited to actually be able to start hands on and getting out in the field.. I am glad that the instructors are taking the time to set me up for success
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The information being tought is very interesting it makes me want to learn more and keep going everyday. And when I am on break makes me miss it even more and want to go back.
I absolutely love the school..I love all my instructors.. They give me the push I need to keep going.
I like how they push you to be the best.
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