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I told my employer that I went to MIT and they gave me the manager position instantly just because of that alone, little did they know that by MIT I meant the Modesto Institute of Technology.
Modesto of Institute of Technology has inspired a lot of students the acamdeic is good the instuctore is great the school is very private and over the year I have learn skills my self from my instructor and going on from there was a lot of hands on skills and I have achieve the overall learning and the staff is great. In medical Assistant I have done a lot in the lab EKG, injection, capillary puncture, and blood pressure,pulse rate Medical terminology , Medical assistant book the insturcture is great overall
Institute of technology is a great place to go when you want to start your career. The instructors are very helped and dedicated to their job. There is not a single question that has gone unsolved because of how dedicated the instructors are. The staff in general makes sure that all their students are enjoying their education there. Overall IOT is an amazing school to be at.
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Everyone here is so helpful. All the teachers are so helpful, and also the students. They are willing to help you with anything, and wants you to graduate. They also help you help find jobs and help you set up for one. I'm really happy here and happy to come back to school.
I am just being here I start in less than a month and im looking for help in paying for it and help for getting me here everyday with out having a financial problem but so far I really like it here everybody seems really helpful and they want me to do the best I can and see me be the best that I can be I really think this program will change my life around for the better and change my life I just need the chance to do it and by getting this scholarship it would really help out.
When i got into the program of baking and pastry i was very excited.. I learned so much but i feel like i could of learned so much more to make my moneys worth.
there is less internship or job opportunities here. everything else is fine.
some major course needed to be update.
Most programs offer morning afternoon, and evening; however because of the newness of the program i chose i am only offered morning classes.
Im not taking any online courses. I wish i could supply an opinion.
Unsure getting ready to start classes in january
I love the staff, and how the program is set up and how hands on you are with everything and so much easier and fun to learn.
During school I had to move to a different city, they were awesome in the transition, they made everything go very smooth for me. The staff has an open door policy, they are always ready to help a student and if they can't help you they will find someone who can. I would definitely go to Institute of Technology Modesto again.
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