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Just enrolled but the staff has been amazing, the campus is very nice and clean. Great location and students seem just as friendly. Nothing I would change at this point!
The professors, admissions, financial etc etc are all on the same page. They are there for you and really make you feel like they are! Not as expensive as other technical colleges which is a huge plus!!
All of my courses are going to be held at night. Which is awesome for me and my family because it allows me to keep my children out of daycare as well as giving me time to go to the gym right after my last class.
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I'm not sure how well the post-grad services are at this school, but I'm very confident it will all workout well.
The professors are kind and easy going along with having great personalities and their packed with tons of life experiences.
So far my specific major has very few graduates so the only thing I'm worried about is being able to acquire employment after graduation.
The School so far has been fun and full of knowledge. It's easy to get through the course with no problems.
My experience has been great i love going to school
The students become a family we all get along with eachother and help eachother out from time to time
Its good they help you get started on your resumes and help find you a job
The teachers help you understand the course and explain what you need to know in detail
I learned so much already from being in the CERM program
I love the campus and the instructors really care about your future they help you out alot to understand uour program choice
It is very expensive to attend the college
another question that needn't be asked. please try again later.
Actually, im still waiting to get into orientation in the middle of the month. ask me later
the student body has very many bright individuals who take initiative in their lives to better their education for their future.
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there are day classes, afternoon classes, and night classes that all classes have to offer. very easy to work and go to school at the same time.
Accounting has a small staff that doesn't have very many entries. so it benefits me to be one of few students to take the curriculum
the process it quite tedious in my situation, but the help at the school made it easier.
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