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This place sucks. That's what I'm going to leave it at. Don't apply here if you value yourself in any way. Very, very, very, very bad. 0 stars if I could.
This school is overpriced based on our experiences they use pressure tactics to make you feel like a financial commitment had to be made the day was visited to hold a spot while they determined if our son qualified to enter. The made false claims regarding placement , internships, claims of major award winning people in industry would be instructors this was not true There were some individuals in industry that had given guest lectures at school but no big names in music industry taught at school while son attended. Unwilling to let student attend music after receiving needed medical treatment instead they kicked him out of school after they had secured full payment of second years tuition.
I am a newly enrolled freshman at IPR, my start date is July 2nd. Originally the enrollment process seemed lengthy and extremely daunting. However with the help of the school's many knowledgeable advisers, I have been able to successfully complete the enrollment process and am on my way to the next step in life's incredible journey! What sparked my interest in IPR was when I had a friend do some recording and mixing for me, he was attending IPR at the time so we had full access to the studios 24/7! This ease of access to state of the art equipment and full access to prominent individuals working in the industry today shot my interest through the roof. Despite the tuition cost and how expensive it will be to live in the city, this is the school I needed to attend. I have experienced and heard nothing but positive things about The Institute of Production and Recording, it is an incredible school.
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Although only beginning my 2nd quarter of classes at IPR, I feel a strong connection toward this school that applies to a field I had always desired to be a part of. The facilities and staff are accommodating in terms of helping achieve practical success and applying their knowledge to real-life scenarios. Being a school directly and specifically linked to the media industry, it’s already known that students fit within a given niché. For that reason, the experience feels authentic and beneficial in a professional sense. No program is perfect, but it’s a good place to start! The only downside, in my opinion, is that the overall campus is relatively small, and yet it still manages to contain essential tools and materials to create professional-grade forms of media. In all, I am more than grateful I found this program to become a part of!
I like that it is a school that teaches you how about film and television along with music. I like the small class sizes, the commitment the faculty has to their students, and also the connections they have as well. I like that all of the professors actually have experience for whatever class they are teaching. I like that they have worked on feature film movies. I like everything about this school; I actually love it!
I couldn't be happier with my schedule. Every class focuses entirely on my desired major with no class on some random subject. My schedule works perfectly with my work schedule and I can go to class in the morning and work nights. I didn't need to fi my schedule or make any adjustments. I'm also given access to all the resources that I need to complete my assignments. I'm still currently transferring credits from another school to IPR and they have been accepting of that as well.
Each professor has had a large amount of experience working in the specific field. Several instructors have worked with famous musicians such as Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, etc. The instructors are passionate in what they do, and also don't restrict our range of creativity. They are encouraging, welcoming to our ideas, and helpful. The average class size is 7-15 students.
The alumni network is great. I believe 60% of students get a job in their desired field immediately after leaving school at IPR. There are several references to help us students out with finding a job in our desired field. Several local bands come to us to record their music and help produce albums. IPR is also responsible for providing bands/artists for local venues seeking performers for their businesses. The degree is very useful because major universities don't offer a wide range of degrees in this very specific field. There's so many to choose from here, unlike another university that may only have theater, film/tv studies, and music. That is a very vague major, whereas here at IPR, there is Audio Production and Engineering, Live Sound Production, Music and Entertainment Marketing, and the list goes on.
Email a teacher your problem and work something out
The course goes well, don't procrastinate
Work with you and staying connected
Career services help you find jobs and internships
Audio Engineering Three Advanced my workflow
Im just finishing my first degree, and one more.
Everything I need or want for my education in music production is at IPR. It's the greatest school in the world.
It's great! I like the fact that it's very hands on and the teachers are great at teaching and know what they're talking about.
You're getting 2nd hand knowledge dropped down from experienced professionals.
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IPR is a great school! Very Hands on and has a lot of experienced teachers who know what they're talking about.
I have not started to attend yet, but I have met with some of the professors, and they appear dedicated to helping each student do their best, with curriculum, work load, special study options.
I love that there are so many opportunities to participate in large functions where our skills are primary. Like going to Texas, Nashville, working here with internships, helping with music functions here in Minneapolis
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