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The library does not have many books because the students steal them.
We have iPads that were issued for school used. Unfortunately the wifi provided blocks out almost all websites.
One teacher stands out as the only person reliable and competent at this school. The registration process and all administrative issues are terrible.
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The actual program is wonderful. I love my field of study. It entails being elbow deep in books at all time and a ton of homework/ studying. I enjoy my field and cannot wait until I graduate so i can start my career.
Based on research from other schools and their tuition rates, I am finding that I am paying almost triple what I should. I wish the quality of the school and employees reflected that.
One teacher that teaches my current program has provided the most help in understanding the curriculum. Currently she is the only teacher for our major.
The programs at this school are accelerated, offering the student an Associate's degree within 15 months.
To be honest, the career services department doesn't exist. We are placed in job site for an internship at the end of our schooling so we can get in our hours for clinicals. Whether or not we are a good fit for the site is not even thought about by the school. If we cannot find a job, it is considered our problem.
The students tend to stay to themselves or with additional students in their specified program. The upper class almost always has a attitude towards the newer students. There is constant drama surfacing in the classes because of the students talking bad about each other. Also, the clubs never seem to last very long. Students don't seem to want any responsibility and quickly dismiss any of it on another person.
Unfortunately, the school's admissions and financial department does not give potential students correct information. They are promised that school loans would not kick in until six months after graduation, but are hit with thousands of dollars before they are able to even graduate. The teachers are constantly changing. Except for a handful, most of the teachers are under qualified. The school is lacking equipment for each major ( and have seem to put surgical technology on the back burner). If the faculty even hears that a student has said anything negative about the school, they take it out on the student and deliver passive aggressive threats claiming that no one is allowed to talk about the school. Overall, i would say that choosing this school was a waste of time and $36,000.
All of the classes that I have taken are appropriate for my major.
I love all of the hands on that we do in class. All of the teachers are great at what they do.
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