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Every one was nice, informative, and able to help me with everything i needed.
Wasn't able to get full financial aid because my mom makes too much money so we are still on a monthly plan to eventually pay it off.
Facilities Aren't Bad – Sometimes it was too hot! The ac broke a couple of times, if I recall correctly. Other than that, clean. The stairs were killer sometimes too, but they have an elevator. Too bad it is so slow.
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Great Network – Lot of equipment to learn on, and technical support always available.
Classes Could Be More Interesting – The courses are very to the point, but there are some subjects that I wanted more out of, and I felt at times there was not enough time to learn everything I wanted to really dive into and learn more. It is good to have a personal studio to practice what you learn at school.
Great Experience – The cost is fair, the staff in the financial department are on top of their game. I never had to stress much, because the staff was very knowledgeable, and helpful.
You Get Out What You Put in – This applies to life in general, and it is no different at IAR. The tools are provided for you, and the help is exceptional. The teachers are always available to help, and answer any questions that you have. There is a tutoring program provided by the school for free that offers additional assistance. Also, there are workshops, and guest speakers that come in frequently to further your knowledge. The staff always went above, and beyond, for me, and are extremely helpful, and cool! The only problem I had was with some of the students enrolled in the program. They didn't take it serious, and were rude, and obnoxious during class. Again, the staff is there to help, but it was very annoying at times! That is why IAR didn't get an A+ from me.
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