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If you want to dive into Native American cultural diversity you well get your fill and then some! A number of tribes are represented here and you could not believe the art that is made here as well as the art that is stored at IAIA. It is a growing school and many new buildings have been built since I attended along with new guidelines for different majors and minors. Overall, I highly recommend this school for those interested in a carer in Art as well as those Native high school graduates who do not know where they should go. Also, even if you like the school or not, I fully believe you will make lifelong friends, like I have.
The art education is amazing, but college life is not that great here there are a lot of changes on campus that need to happen including food, housing, and outreach
The community is very welcoming. The only things that I feel that needed to be addressed about the school is the bigger dormitories and wider selection of food. Other than that the school is fantastic. Great to have an experience with the Native American Community as well.
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I had a great personal growth and development experience. Learned so much about my heritage and culture.
Well, the experience I have at school is a little different than high school. You meet new people everyday and learn from the other people outside the classroom. This experience is a struggle, but you get use to it. Eventually you get a little wiser and more manageable with budgeting.
It's pretty much fast food unless you have the money to dine out near the plaza.
Everyone comes from different backgrounds and they are very accepting of each other.
I had a pretty easy time getting into my program. The transition from my old college went smoothly too.
It's extremely difficult to get a hold of the financial aid staff here.
Everyone is decently attired and they are pretty friendly too.
The scenery is beautiful. Sometimes the locals can be standoffish
I enjoy going to this school. The teachers are great and I'm always learning something new and different.
I feel pretty safe on campus. The faculty and officials work hard to keep everyone safe.
Athletics at our is okay. We have a cross country club that has about 10 people enrolled in it. Our main focuses are on Archery, and in the gym activities. All students are involved in their workout courses. Whenever we have a cross country event the school in is full support. Our only athletic facility is our on campus gym, which is used very often. I use the gym 2-3 times a weeks.
Near to where i am there is a community college and mostly High schools. Our school does interact a little with the community college but not too much. The larger college are located in Albuquerque and our campus is in Santa Fe, about 55 miles away. The only real attractions in my area, is a couple of nice walking/hiking trails. The scenery is beautiful, especially in the summer time. Our campus is close to a recreational center, and a few time a month a van will take students to go swimming, iceskating, or to play basketball. There are a lot of galleries in town which are free to go to. I have been to many galleries in town and enjoying the art. The local attitude towards students in very encouraging. Actually today I was talking to a woman in a shop and she said that she studied Art of History in college, and she wished me luck at school.
Some of the first places to eat off campus are mainly fast food places that are open very late or 24/7. If you don't have a car it is very hard to get off campus. We have a local bus service, but that only runs till 5:45pm. Eating out can be expensive if you don't eat at fast food places. There is some choice, but it can get a little boring once you've been there a couple of times.
I absolutely love being on our Studio Arts program. Once all of the introductory courses, and major requirements have been taken the student is free to choses his or her classes. There is a lot of freedom at our school. Experimenting with different materials is always fun. Faculty and staff are always on hand to answer any question regarding Studio Arts. Most our faculty went to our school, so everyone seems to know everyone, it's a very small community. There are also a lot of student worker jobs here on campus. I'm currently working at facilities. I have learnt a lot worker here; how to take care of the buildings, moving offices around, and delivering packages.
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Admission in pretty straight forward. Their is a non-refundable application fee. Background checks to live in housing, transcripts, and eligibility for funding. I never came across anything abnormal in my application. For me the only difficulty was timing. I had about 1 month to apply and submit all of my forms to the school before the deadline. I was planning on waiting a little longer to start college, because of funding, but I decided that waiting was not an option for me.
Our cafeteria supports local farmers, and all produce is locally grown. We have 4 alternating chiefs and one is from France. There is a lot of variety; salad bar, coffee, juices, hot food, and soups.
Living on campus is safe. I have lived in the dorms for a year now. All the rooms come with the same set up; two wardrobes, two single beds, two desks and chairs. I've had roommates for the time that I have lived in the dorms, but sometime that can be annoying. Your roommate either appreciates your space or they don't. Also the hallways and common areas can be quite loud at times.
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