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Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics Reviews

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Enjoyed the use of the med spa oriented equipment in the master class. When I was in Basic I got to use high end results oriented products that I see in the doctors office I work with now. I was and still am extremely prepared for the work force and perform well above and beyond what is expected of me!
Was extremely prepared for life out in the job force. Was confident with myself as an esthetician. Went to the state board and way over achieved what I would have ever expected. Great instructors and awesome machines to work with.
I enjoyed my time with my awesome instructors and great classmates. The facility was always stocked with up to date and clean equipment. We got to use the best products available in the industry that I actually use now at my job. I'm greatful for the training I got here.
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A lot of girls have came back, to help be a part of the staff.. because they love the school that much.
This school helps you find jobs outside of school for the career you are going into.
The instructors themselves are amazing. They are always willing to answer any questions you have, if you don't quite understand them yet.
I get the ability to have hands on experiences, which will help me in my career
This school has an amazing staff, who is there to teach you everything and anything you need to succeed in your career.
Excellent Job Opportunities – The owner works very hard to promote students to prospective employers. The education gained at this school puts you at the top of the industry and at the top of the hiring list.
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