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I'm a massage and bodywork major. The workload was perfect, a little bit more on the intesive side. The only homework we ever got was to study for our test. Sometimes we would get helpful crosswords, and what not. The best part about everything was that we learned nothing that didn't have to do with massage. it was great! no math, no world history. I was so horrible at math, and i was able to excel at something that i was good at which is physiology.
There are so many hassles and frusterations it was unbelievable.
1. We have to do clinic time. And we were told in the begining of the year that there are many different days to do clinic. So I was thinking that we could do clinic whenever was a good time for us. But there was only one day a week we can do clinic. And once in a while we would have a weekend clinic. Mind you clinic is only 6 hours, and we have to get 152 hours completed.
2. I have yet to see any of my grades for any of the semesters. What kinda of school is that? Grades are the most important thing. Yeah we're supposed to keep track, but we were told that we would get progress reports after the midterm and final. Now we're done with school completly and I'm still confused to why I dont see any grades.
3. We need to get our certificates for completling the school, so we can get our licenses, and then get jobs. We were done with school in December... it's almost Febuary. I'm loosing out on opportunities because they have yet to give me my certificate.
4. When I called up the main location to find out my grades, I was told that they still are not in because the instructors didn't send the attendance and grades in yet. ITS BEEN MORE THAN A MONTH! Seriously?! come on now.
5. our school completly and physically moved to a whole different town. What kind of school moves location in the middle of the year?! And this is also part of the reason why none of our attendance, or grades are in yet. they had a fax machine in the building, they can easily fax papers over. There are many simple solutions that could have been followed but they failed to do so.
6. While the shcool adminstration was off the charts frusterating, I can tell you that my learning experiance was fantastic. In my opinion the instructors need to go teach somewhere else becuase the school does not deserve them... At all.
The student body at my school varies so much. We're all so different in so many ways, but the one thing in common that we have is that we know that massage is what we want to do.
We are very diverse in every way possible. Half the students were working and the other half were under un-employment. We have people of all different ethnic backgrounds, and different races. We most certainly have a huge range of religious backgrounds, almost everyone is a different religion completely. In my specific class we had 3 people out of 13 who were homosexuals (but two of those students dropped out, so only one finished the year). When it was time to go to the next semester you can feel the tension between one of the instructors and the student who was gay. The instructor would always make fun of the student behind his back and threaten to cut his bangs off when he was sleeping. Which is extreamly unappropiate because the student got excellent grades, never was disrespectful, and came to class and clinic on time. No reason for the instructor to be saying those rude things towards him. EVER.That was the only challenge that we had, and yes i do say "we" because as a class we bonded and if you hurt one of us, its like hurting all of us.
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Help Out – If you need or have a questen about anything they will help out in any way posable.They teacher you a lote of hands on thing.
Teacher Help – If you need any help with anything the teachers are will to stay affter class to help. If you need to leave early or come in late to class as long as you call or tell the teacher a head of time they are ok with it.
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