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Indiana Wesleyan University is a loving student center university that strives to make your education experience the best that it can be. I have loved my time here and I would highly recommend this school.
First visit and we were hooked! Loved the family feel to the campus and how beautiful the grounds were. You really felt like they wanted you for more than your tuition.
Will start IWU in January 2019. I researched many colleges offering both online and campus education. I was impressed with IWU because of flexibility of courses. I hope that it is a good match for me, but I'm confident it will me.
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I am currently attending Indiana Wesleyan University's adult on-line learning program to pursue my Bachelors degree in Digital Marketing, Branding and Advertising. I began in April after a long process of getting my Associates degree from Ivy Tech. After I finally completed my Associates degree. So far it is amazing. The on-line campus is well organized and most of all the instructors are professional, very helpful and respectful. I love IWU!
On move in day there was so many peopke that were very helpful in getting things moved in an ordinary fashion. People are very helpful and willing to help.
IWU is a great college that is intentional about being Christ centered. The students and faculty truly care about you and want the best for you. The community atmosphere makes you feel right at home and excited to be there. IWU has changed my life even just after the first year!
This school is wonderful! Online classes are very informative and helpful for sources. Instructors are very nice. I love the spiritual side to this school. Accepts everyone for who they are. Positive results and environment.
It is a very beautiful campus! All of the staff are very friendly and they love to help their students out with anything they need! I love that the school encourages their students to attend chapel, it helps us get into that routine early in life.
Indiana Wesleyan is a great school! Amazing dorms, great food, safe, and amazing athletics. I’m very proud to be a wildcat!
My favorite part of attending Indiana Wesleyan University is making meaningful connections with professors who care about my future. I certainly feel that some of the professors and mentors I have had at IWU care deeply about my well-being and want me to be successful.

If I could change anything, I would perhaps consider some more food options/food availability (hours) and maybe add something more recreational for students to do. The campus also seems to be sort of sheltered and distanced from the rest of the community.
Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana is a beautiful campus filled with caring and kind professors. There is so much to get involved in and everyone seems invested to make sure the students succeed! The dorms are awesome and there is a nice variety of places to eat and activities to do! The buildings are very nice and nothing is too far from each other that you couldn't walk there within 10 minutes. There is really not much I would change at this point except lower tuition prices!
I've made the best community of my life. The people and professors I've had the chance to befriend have embraced my values, helped shape them, and live them out similarly. College has been highly valuable for this reason. I've also enjoyed the education I've received and feel like I've been specifically invested into by the professors and faculty members.
As a Christian that is attending this University, the atmosphere and Christ-centered attitude of the staff really blew me away. I feel really at peace being at this University, and really feel that I am getting a Christ-centered education. I also met the girl of my dreams here, and we have been dating for almost a year with plans for marriage!
Indiana wesleyan has provided an excellent education and spiritual program to me as a student. I have been shown God's love and grace through the people at this university. However, at indiana wesleyan it feels as if the students are not treated as adults. I would say that it feels like high school again with the rules and experiences I have had on campus. This school does not allow you live as if you are an adult. Besides that the education is top notch.
I love the academics at IWU. I learn so much in each class and the classes are geared toward working adults, like me. The instructors have all been unique yet I have learned from each one of them.
I am a dual enrolled student still in high school at IWU. I have had a wonderful experience in class and in the enrollment process. Most are friends since this area is known for its strong cliques and connections people have. Every class I have taken has been in a positive Christ centered environment. I can’t say too much else besides class and the campus since I am still in high school, but the classes and campus are wonderful
The school's Division of Natural Sciences is the saving grace of this University. Outside of this education and community experience the school is quite a let down. The people are judgmental, hypocritical, and extremely polarized on almost every topic politically.
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I have had a great experience so far visiting the campus and dealing with the enrollment staff. They have contacted me personally and helped me connect with my roommate.
I love attending Indiana Wesleyan University. I have attended the school for 2 years and have loved the experience thus far. The environment is friendly, God-centered, and so helpful for students working hard towards a degree. Most of the professors are kind and involved, willing to help any student who simply asks. The community is open and inclusive. Just by walking through the McConn coffee shop you are bound to make new friends. I am so thankful for this school and all I have learned and experienced.
I love the university that I attend. It is wholesome and well rounded. I have been attending the school for almost 4 months and I am elated to be doing well in my courses. The professors are very helpful and attentive.
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