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Indiana Wesleyan University Reviews

862 reviews
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Indiana Wesleyan is a wonderful Christian college who really focuses on each individual students needs. Each professor I have met on campus are unbelievably sweet. As a high school senior I would really hope to end up at this college.
The faculty is really nice for the most part, and there are a lot of activities and amenities that many other college campuses do not have. There is definitely a positive atmosphere here that encourages you to grow both academically as well as spiritually.
I like the environment here. It is very friendly and open to almost everyone. It is very costly, though.
I love that I only have to take one class at a time. I would like them to accept all the credits I received from other colleges. I would also not make the introduction to college class optional, especially if this is not the persons first college experience.
Everybody I have talked to has always been so understanding. They have always had an answer. I can't wait to attend.
I loved meeting and working with the kind and knowledgeable staff at IWU over the summer. In addition, the facilities were beautiful and I love the spirituality that IWU provides.
Though IWU is a fantastic university, it really needs some work concerning diversity and cost. Alot of the money that is spent feels like it is spent in vain. The professors are amazing. They care so much about the students and their growth as individuals. They want to take time to get to know their students and want their students to learn. I really like that. Campus is gorgeous and there isn't that much diversity.
I really love Indiana Wesleyan so far. The campus is really beautiful, and I am enjoying all my classes. The dorms are pretty big, and I have been making a lot of friends and am getting along really well with my suite mates. I really like having a first year experience class and it has been really helpful as well. Overall I love Indiana Wesleyan and wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
I like how easy it is to get to places across campus; Indiana Wesleyan has a very easy campus layout. I also like that the classes are small so you can get more individual attention. The professors are very personable as well and like to get to know you as a person.
From Indiana Wesleyan I experienced wonder hospitality from the track coach and a college sponsor that use to go to the school. They heavily explained that it was a wonderful Christian school that focuses on the spirit of college and finding yourself rather than the experience of more education. My majors of psychology and physical education is very well doable to take. Also they greatly explained that if necessary that clubs can be created to better the experience at the college. I love to dance, so when I mentioned of created a dance club at the school, they were very much thrilled. As an undergraduate they got me very hyped to be apart of Indiana Wesleyan. What i would like the change there is the track and field division team. They are division 2 which isn't bad, however I would like to be with the better competition to better the like experience of being at the Olympics.
I feel safe and secure while on campus
I love living on campus! The dorms are great, and since the campus is smaller, it's easy to get anywhere from the dorms.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
I've just transferred to Indiana Wesleyan University, and so far my experience with this school has been great. They are very kind and helpful and quick to reply to emails.
The campus are always around campus making sure we're safe.
You have friendly staff that are willing to help you find a job in your choosen field.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
Sports are a very imporatant part of IWU culture.
Indiana Wesleyan is a beautiful smoke free campus. It's a great college to attend and make new friends at. Everyone is very warm and welcoming and always willing to help.
To reiterate what I had previously stated: This is the best place for me to be. I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. The Lord ahas showed Himself in so many ways and in so many people. I have truly found a solid group of friends, who are no longer considered friends, but family. They have helped me grow, and I can't thank God enough for who He has placed in my path. I am truly blessed.
I have heard from several people that receiving a Indiana Wesleyan Degree is looked highly upon. This is a school that has a great reputation for providing a job after graduation.
  • College Junior
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
The school is safe, clean, and secure.
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