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I love the university that I attend. It is wholesome and well rounded. I have been attending the school for almost 4 months and I am elated to be doing well in my courses. The professors are very helpful and attentive.
This online college experience had been the best experience, I have learned so much and am going well academically. I have had great interactions with my fellow classmates, and excellent experiences with my professors. They have real world experience in their trade, which helps when I have questions. I would highly recommend this campus to anyone.
My time at Indiana Wesleyan University so far has been such a blessing. I have grown so much spiritually and have been pushed academically. The environment is fun and exciting. Everyone seems so nice and outgoing, making friendships doesn't seem to hard to do. Love all the different events our campus holds. Their is something for everyone! I love the smaller classroom settings. I have wonderful professors that are pretty helpful and seem understanding. The food options are awesome as well. Our campus is so beautiful I highly recommend this college.
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IWU is a great college and the community on and off campus is absolutely amazing. The proffessors down to campus cleaning staff are all top notch.
I love how the professors and counselors are always willing to help you if you ask! I have found that the professors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields of study! I have also found that the professors encourage you to ask questions as you study. I just can not say how much I love this school!!!
My experience at Indiana Wesleyan University has been fantastic. The professor are available to their students when they need them. The material covered is very helpful to what I am trying to achieve. I also appreciate the the level of support provided by my students and faculty.

If I were to change anything surround IWU, it would be the price of college altogether.
I have really enjoyed the online business program through IWU. The instructors seem to care. The format is easy to follow. I have not had a bad experience yet.
Indiana Wesleyan has an awesome academic standard. It is a great school for adult students who wish to attend online. I would like to see more diversity in the staff on campus and online.
The learning platform is easy to use and the Professor are there to help each step of the way. All my classes have been online so I do not know much about the campus or the party scene, but I have learned quite a bit from my time attending the school. It keeps you balance spiritually as well, by engaging in a biblical prespective regarding your lessons plans which I enjoy.
IWU has the most user friendly online classes anyone could expect. The teachers are excellent with communication and want students to succeed. Text books are automatically sent in advance and schedules are lined out for you. Unlike other colleges, professors may or may not respond to your emails or don’t get papers graded in time, I have never had this trouble at IWU.
I love the environment of the university. It has always felt like home to me! Like any college, it isn't perfect, but the good outweigh the bad. The professors want to get to know you and as long as you put forth the effort, you can establish great relationships or mentorships with them. The professors all openly talk about their relationships with God and encourage their students in their walks with God as well!
Excellent school! The staff is very well qualified, the online programs are well written, the scheduling is good, and the cost is reasonable in comparison to other 4 year schools.

I'm enrolled in an online program. The way things work with that is a group of students called a "cohort" begins taking a sequence of classes in pursuit of a certain degree. The classes are three credit hours, and a semester's worth of material is compacted down into either five or six weeks depending on the amount of material covered. Only one course is taken at a time. This has the benefit of allowing a student to focus on one learning area at a time.

The instructors and the advisors have been very helpful and supportive. I have been to the main campus in Marion, Indiana, which is impressive to say the least. If it were not two hours away from where I live, I might continue on for my Master's on campus there.
IWU is a small Christian campus focused on God. The Professors are genuinely concerned about your education. The campus is clean and beautiful. IWU has lots of activities for students to get involved in.
I am so excited to be coming to this school next year! Their athletic programs are some of the best in the state of Indiana and are rising in their rankings every year. The cafeteria food is constantly changing and there is always something there for everyone to eat. They have an exceptional movie theatre on campus as well as a warm commons area. Definitely put this school on your list!
I honestly do love IWU. This was my first and only choice of college, and I love my degree program. I have been able to excel through my programs thanks to the wonderful assistance of my professors and the staff at the school. My degree program is tiny, but I absolutely adore it. I do have issues with some of the ignorance in the administration, but those I work closely with are wonderful.
I'm only a freshman here, but I already love it so much. This is my dream school. I am amazed at the caring and loving atmosphere that I am surrounded by and how my profs genuinely care about me. They would go to the moon and back to help me succeed in my dreams of being a Nurse.
The community here is amazing. All the professors and students are welcoming to freshman and really invest in getting to know students and peers. I have received and amazing education so far and have built solid friendships already. They really value community.
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This school is great! The community is fantastic, it is like a home away from home. The professors care about each student, and they want to make sure that everyone does well. Indiana Wesleyan is a great school, and everyone that goes here is terrific.
Indiana Wesleyan is a school with great Christian values. A school that’s like family and is Always there for you when it gets tough. The Advisors are the best in the land! Always available to help and will pray with you anytime.
Very friendly. Helped me through the process of signing up and has several follow up calls to ensure I am doing well and if I need assistance
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