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Nothing to do around campus. Very christian but thats not a bad thing. The teachers are super nice and supportive. Really cool campus. You're probably gonna want a car on campus
I enjoyed my time at IWU. The professors are amazing, the campus itself is amazing, though the dorms could use some updating. It is expensive but the education you get is worth it.
My experience here at Indiana Wesleyan University is phenomenal. Everything from the process of room mate matching to the core classes themselves to staff response rate is 5/5 stars for me.

The only change I would like is for my specific academic adviser, Angel Wilson, to be more helpful with assisting in financial aid. Alternatively, if that would be to much of a burden on her specific position, I think a better alternative would be to open a position that would assist students in scholarship opportunities.
Review Indiana Wesleyan University
Application process is very easy, staff is helpful with admission paperwork and application is free!!
Stayed in the dorms for Momentum Youth Conference in July 2017, and the campus is beautiful, food was great, and security was good.
I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. This college has transformed me in so many ways. It has helped me grow in my faith and given me friends for life.
This university has a great Education program and wonderful, caring professors. The staff works very hard to make sure that you are getting the most out of your education.
I have yet to start my classes but just from me working with them has been great. I cant eait to go further on with them on making my life better.
Indiana Wesleyan University has been one of my favorite universities that I have had the privilege of touring. The atmosphere is very kind and friendly. The staff there is also lovely and supportive, going out of their way to make sure you are thriving in the IWU environment. Indiana Wesleyans professors are well versed in what they are teaching and can explain to you anything that you might be questioning. The only thing that IWU should work on is lowering the cost of tuition. It is an amazing school. However, it is also a privilege to go there because of the tuition costing so much.
The faculty and student services communities within IWU have been extremely helpful during a personal crisis to help me stay on track in my program. Everyone was incredibly understanding and helpful.
I am currently attending this school, and am enjoying it a lot. The professors at this university are always there to help and make sure you succeed, and the sports are an incredible plus towards the schools community.
I am currently an accounting student working towards my Bachelor's degree. I am a 100% online student. While the work load can be challenging as the courses generally run 5 to 7 weeks, I have done well and maintain a 3.75 GPA. If you are looking to a college that works with you and gives you the extra support you need, this is the place to be.
Indiana Wesleyan University has a very polished online education experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to emails and requests.
I attend Indiana Wesleyan University off campus site instead of the online course. The admission process was hassel free and the staff will not hesitate to work with you and even pray with you. At this moment, I would not change a thing.
The staff is very helpful and compassionate. Each person is very dedicated in ensuring the students succeed.
My experience at IWU has been amazing and feel that I do belong. The college is very Christ-centered and friendly. I feel very safe on campus as well. The professors are understanding and mentor you through your college career.
I love this school. The culture is friendly and dynamic, the campus is modern and beautiful, and everything is incredible. Best decision I've ever made.
Review Indiana Wesleyan University
I liked that I was able to have one class at a time. I was never overwhelmed with tons of coursework. Mosf of the instructors responded to emails quickly. Above all, the program was Christian based.
It's an EXTREMELY Christian college. I attend online, and that seems to be the better way to attend IWU from my interactions with students that go in part time. The admissions will down play the extreme extent of the religion in the classroom, but about 15% of every class is based on "devotionals." This means my math, finance, business, ethics, and history classes were 15% Jesus Christ. While it does make passing FAR easier, I feel like I'm getting 15% less education for my time and money.
Loved calling this University home for 4 years. The professors really made you feel like you were important and like you could go to them for anything. There was always something to do on campus, from athletic events to the Spotted Cow to Crema at McConn. Could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience!
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