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I had an excellent experience at this university during my three and a half years there. I had numerous opportunities to explore my passions and excel in my academics. I was employed in several on-campus positions including Residence Life and had wonderful opportunities in the Psychology department. I did find that some restrictions were a bit drastic compared to the way I was raised and there are some aspects of the campus culture that I could have done without; however, my overall experience was made amazing by my participation in the John Wesley Honors College! I would recommend this university to any student looking to pursue excellence and who doesn't mind a slightly conservative environment.
The professors are great and they understand that we are all adult learners and have a work, family life out of class.
so far the experience has been very good the enrollment process has been smooth and the online class option which is what I chose is a really good option for working adults.
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Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The professors take time to get to know you personally. The campus has a great spiritual atmosphere and there are lots of opportunities to get involved.
I am currently studying online at Indiana Wesleyan University. I am studying International Relations and Cybersecurity. I have had a really pleasant time studying this topic and getting to know my class mates and professors. The Indiana Wesleyan online portal is very easy to use and the staff at the college is inviting and eager to help you. I came to Indiana Wesleyan after being out of school for 5 years. A good friend of mine recommended the college to me and I am thankful I had taken his advice. If you are look for a online program that will stretch you, yet allow you the freedom to study on your own anywhere, Indiana Wesleyan is a great choice. There isn't much I would want to change about my experience. Being new to college my experience with IWU has been great and I would recommend it to anyone.
I have only been here one semester, and so far have enjoyed it. The people are amazing. However, the only drawbacks are that there are no parties, small campus, and in a rather boring city. I personally really enjoy how spiritually engaging this school is, but it is definitely not for someone whom religion makes them uncomfortable.
The college is very genuine when it comes to their student, they treat us as family and the college is christian basic and they give you a since of hope and a future to look forward too.
Indiana Wesleyan University is a great school that offers many options for the student to excel in their field. The university prepares you for what you will face right out of college. The faculty is so friendly and is willing to help you with any questions that you may have while you are at the university.
I have enjoyed my experience here so far. It is a christian college, so the party scene is not typical of most colleges. The professors thus far have been excellent, and make themselves available to the students. The community is welcoming and the campus is very safe. The only knock I would give it is that the tuition is pretty high.
The advisors and pastors and professors are a great team. They help in any way they possibly can. I feel they are a great part of the achievement of there students. I am an on line student and i get the same amount of help as i would get in the class room. I am glad that i am attending.
I loved how they incorporate God and his love for us and the people into our studies. The professors and staff genuinely care for you and your future success. The staff do everything possible to help you achieve your goals of attending and completing college. They make you feel as if we all are one big family. Very special school wished I knew about it sooner in my life.
I love that IWU is a Christian based school and that it offers so much flexibility. IWU is about adult learning and application and while that is different it is nice to apply experiential learning to my courses.
Great place to discover who you are. IWU provides the tools that you need to reach your optimal potential.
I love that it I can complete most of my courses online and that it is Christian based. The only setback is that it is very expensive.
After a long search of online universities. I decided the IWU was the best fit for me. The instructors and student services have been so helpful. All my questions have been answered within 24 hours, usually in as soon as just 1 hour.
Just started. Courses are hard and that’s ok. But the difference in styles from one course to the other between the professors is a bit frustrating. I could write same thing for 3 different classes with 3 different professors and get an A get a C and get a D. But that being said i do appreciate what I am learning.
I love the online program and the staff are very helpful. Any problem that I have had has been fixed in a timely manner. The academic advisors are great and keep you updated on your progress and what's next in your course.
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IWU gives you many opportunities to grow in your faith with a community of like-minded individuals. The campus is beautiful and safe, and the dorms are similarly comfortable, but not quite worth the cost. Each professor teaches both the Word and their subject during class, which was very encouraging! Although, Marion, the surrounding town, is very unattractive and rundown and does not offer a lot to do after class.
Indiana Wesleyan University has been a wonderful experience thus far. The instructors have been top notch who have shared their expertise in their fields. The curriculum has incorporated a strong Christian theme.
Great programs that get you ready, but can be hard to connect when being an online student, but not impossible.
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