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I attend Indiana Wesleyan University off campus site instead of the online course. The admission process was hassel free and the staff will not hesitate to work with you and even pray with you. At this moment, I would not change a thing.
The staff is very helpful and compassionate. Each person is very dedicated in ensuring the students succeed.
My experience at IWU has been amazing and feel that I do belong. The college is very Christ-centered and friendly. I feel very safe on campus as well. The professors are understanding and mentor you through your college career.
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I love this school. The culture is friendly and dynamic, the campus is modern and beautiful, and everything is incredible. Best decision I've ever made.
I liked that I was able to have one class at a time. I was never overwhelmed with tons of coursework. Mosf of the instructors responded to emails quickly. Above all, the program was Christian based.
It's an EXTREMELY Christian college. I attend online, and that seems to be the better way to attend IWU from my interactions with students that go in part time. The admissions will down play the extreme extent of the religion in the classroom, but about 15% of every class is based on "devotionals." This means my math, finance, business, ethics, and history classes were 15% Jesus Christ. While it does make passing FAR easier, I feel like I'm getting 15% less education for my time and money.
Loved calling this University home for 4 years. The professors really made you feel like you were important and like you could go to them for anything. There was always something to do on campus, from athletic events to the Spotted Cow to Crema at McConn. Could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience!
This is great school. I'm off site doing the adult learning and it has been a wonderful experience.
The Indiana Wesleyan Adult online program is amazing! It gives confidence to those who may have been out of school for a long time. It is user friendly, and the teachers are warm and approachable. The technical aspect is easy to navigate. I highly recommend this program to those who may think school is too far out of reach, or a long lost dream. Go for it! Indiana Wesleyan will get you there!
I have loved my first two years at IWU. The campus itself is very inviting. The professors are interested in the individual students' learning and the students work hard to live up to their expectations. There are great opportunities for everyone on campus, if they look hard enough for it.
A lot of people have misconceptions about this school, but if you can accept it for what it is it is a wonderful place to go to college. You just have to understand what the school's expectations are for you.
I love it there! It has such a great Christian atmosphere and I love how connected it is on campus. I love how you can go over to a professor's house and just hang out with them and it not be weird. Overall amazing school to go to!
It's a nice Christian college. What would i would like to change is making chapel more exciting. I know that sometimes you can't find the right ideas, but I would rather have someone is
Some of the professors are exceptional and try to make sure you understand the lessons. Most are rather quick in responding to a question or concern.
Indiana Wesleyan University is an excellent college to attend as a Adult Learner. The professors are highly qualified and experienced. The connection between the students and the faculty is extremely rewarding. I have learned so much in my discussion sessions and textbooks. I would reccomend this school to anyone who is looking for a quality education that will work with your schedule.

Indiana Wesleyan is a wonderful Christian college who really focuses on each individual students needs. Each professor I have met on campus are unbelievably sweet. As a high school senior I would really hope to end up at this college.
The faculty is really nice for the most part, and there are a lot of activities and amenities that many other college campuses do not have. There is definitely a positive atmosphere here that encourages you to grow both academically as well as spiritually.
Review Indiana Wesleyan University
I like the environment here. It is very friendly and open to almost everyone. It is very costly, though.
I love that I only have to take one class at a time. I would like them to accept all the credits I received from other colleges. I would also not make the introduction to college class optional, especially if this is not the persons first college experience.
Everybody I have talked to has always been so understanding. They have always had an answer. I can't wait to attend.
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