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I like this college because it gives students the opportunity to look at Human Services from a religious stand point as well as God’s view of things.
Just beginning the process at Indiana Wesleyan. Can not wait to start. This has been something that I wanted to pursue for a while. The timing is right and all I need is to get some financial needs in order to be able to begin . I have the drive and I know I can complete it. I also have great support around me. Wesleyan has been very supportive in assisting me to begin the process. If this is any indication, and I believe it is, then this is going to be a fantastic journey.
I love Indiana Wesleyan University, I have been on multiple campus visits there and my older sister is currently attending Indiana Wesleyan. I plan on attending Indiana Wesleyan in the fall of 2019.
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Indiana Wesleyan University is a very caring, respectable college filled with educators who are truly there to support their students in success.
I have really enjoyed the curriculum and the way classes are designed. There is a lot of critical thinking and sharing of ideas.
I love the housing and the people there just is not a ton to do on weekends. The campus can be boring most of the time.
When it comes down to it, nothing is ever "perfect" in the aspect of whether or not it is flawed. However, when it comes to universities, this is about the highest quality thing I can imagine that anyone can experience.
I absolutely loved my first semester on campus. I have grown into a more mature person spiritually in these past four months than ever before. The athletics are top notch. The academics definitely provide challenges that will undoubtedly set a student on a good trajectory to stand above others in the job market. The professors care so incredibly much about the students. The dorms are markedly better than many other large universities, plus the food is all around solid.
My overall experience at Indiana Weslyan is Awesome 😄😄. The Teachers are very helpful when it comes to help with understanding all assignments.
The instructors and staff have been extrememly supportive and engaging. The online degree programs cater to working professional adults, where the material is comprehensive providing real life day to day examples of what different areas of study reflect.
I wish I could live off campus or swift my food plan cause I am spending so much money here. But that is the only downside. I love the chapels, dorm community and profs. Honestly, the profs are my fav
Indiana Wesleyan University is a loving student center university that strives to make your education experience the best that it can be. I have loved my time here and I would highly recommend this school.
First visit and we were hooked! Loved the family feel to the campus and how beautiful the grounds were. You really felt like they wanted you for more than your tuition.
Will start IWU in January 2019. I researched many colleges offering both online and campus education. I was impressed with IWU because of flexibility of courses. I hope that it is a good match for me, but I'm confident it will me.
I am currently attending Indiana Wesleyan University's adult on-line learning program to pursue my Bachelors degree in Digital Marketing, Branding and Advertising. I began in April after a long process of getting my Associates degree from Ivy Tech. After I finally completed my Associates degree. So far it is amazing. The on-line campus is well organized and most of all the instructors are professional, very helpful and respectful. I love IWU!
On move in day there was so many peopke that were very helpful in getting things moved in an ordinary fashion. People are very helpful and willing to help.
IWU is a great college that is intentional about being Christ centered. The students and faculty truly care about you and want the best for you. The community atmosphere makes you feel right at home and excited to be there. IWU has changed my life even just after the first year!
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This school is wonderful! Online classes are very informative and helpful for sources. Instructors are very nice. I love the spiritual side to this school. Accepts everyone for who they are. Positive results and environment.
It is a very beautiful campus! All of the staff are very friendly and they love to help their students out with anything they need! I love that the school encourages their students to attend chapel, it helps us get into that routine early in life.
Indiana Wesleyan is a great school! Amazing dorms, great food, safe, and amazing athletics. I’m very proud to be a wildcat!
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