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Indiana University - Bloomington Reviews

4,027 reviews
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I love how diverse IU is, and how kind the people are. It is a very welcoming place and there is always a way for people to get involved. The only thing that bothers me is how outdated the School of Public Health is-- many other schools on campus have received a lot of funding from donors and were able to provide tremendous upgrades to their buildings, while SPH and the WIC seem to have a lot of problems with leaks and plumbing. Also, parking on campus is a downer.
IU has so much to offer. Whether that is socially, academically, extra-curriculars, sports, scenery, and resources, it has been an awesome experience.
This is my first year at Indiana University and I have to say I have mixed feelings about my experience. overall my freshman year has been very good. That being said, I will say that since IU is a big 10 school it does has a well developed student life program here which allows students the opportunity to get active and meet other people that have the same interest. On the other hand I don't feel that the school is well diverse or that the safety of students is safe due to lack of blue lights and areas on campus that are very dark to walk through at night.
Indiana University has been a great choice for me. The population is filled with dedicated students who strive towards their goals. The campus, itself, is very beautiful and it is a great place to relax and walk around. At Indiana University, there are various resources available to students with the best one being faculty office hours. The faculty are quick to respond to student emails and are always dedicated to help students succeed. Along with academics, Indiana University has various activities and clubs around campus. There are activities for everyone, with the biggest being Greek life. Coming to Indiana University was the best decision I have made.
Beautiful campus, plenty of activities, promotional events, talks, etc. Great diversity, and very easy to meet new people!
Campus is beautiful and the academics are amazing. I love the atmosphere that the campus provides. Each. Uikding has its own character, it is similar as well. I love this place!
I love the atmosphere and I absolutely love how it feels like home. The only thing I'd want to see change would be the cost of tuition to decrease.
I went to this University when I was a sophomore in high school for Summer of a Lifetime and I wished I didn't have to leave so early. The campus was great, the students are friendly and were helpful with getting me around campus, and really made me feel comfortable even though I am from the city of Chicago.
At Indiana University one of the things that stood out to me the most was the outstanding staff at IU. When I started my time at IU and also when I was in the process of applying, so many people were available to provide assistance and were of extremely high quality. Once at IU, I was pleased to see how well they provide opportunities for students to mingle with others and truly make IU their home.
Lots of musicians all of the place! It's refreshing and everyone is really nice. The campus is integrated into the town and also has beautiful views just from nature alone. Academics are great too, especially to learn English.
I absolutely LOVE my school. As a business student, there are few colleges with a business school as good as the Kelley school. The campus is stunningly beautiful, the professors are all passionate and knowledgeable, and I love the people I have had the pleasure to meet in this wonderful place.
Indiana University was such a disappointment. Being in the Kelley School of Business is very prestigious, but is not worth the lack of environment on campus, terrible food, and possibly some of the worst dorms. Just simply my opinion.
Because I am only a freshman, I can't say that I've really spent a lot of time here, but it sure feels like it. I hope that others experience the friendly environment that I have because its true that it gets better after high school. Not only is the campus beautiful but the teachers and students are kind. What I love about it most is that you can learn so much from everyone because it is pretty diverse. If I had to name a con, it would have to be the long cold winter I am expecting soon. Although I love the snow because I grew up in Colorado, I am not looking forward to walking so far and in the cold to get to my 8 am classes.
The campus is beautiful and my professor have been great (so far). The campus is a very diverse place with a lot of opportunities available.
I am so glad I chose to go to IU Bloomington. The academics are challenging and rewarding. The athletics are so fun to support and be a part of. The social life is so diverse, there's a place for everyone to fit in. The resources given to students are sure to help us succeed. The staff is so helpful and kind. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
This school is great if I pay in-state tuition or receive a major scholarship. It is too overpriced for out-of-state students for its quality.
I've been to three universities and my favorite would have to be IU. The city is wonderful, the academics are rigorous, and there's always something for anyone to do. The school has 2 fantastic recreational sports facilities. As well the school hosts a club fare where students can possibly find a new hobby or pursue current hobbies that they enjoy. This allows everyone to meet new people and build connections which is so valuable in this day and age.
My overall experience at IU has been great. I have found my passion and have been given a platform to expand my knowledge. The campus life is fun and exciting and the school spirit is great. For an out-of-state student the tuition is high.
Indiana University is the quintessential college experience. Great programs, beautiful campus, a lively community. Whatever kind of student you are, you can find a place to belong here.
Indiana University is a well-rounded school that offers a multitude of clubs and programs catered to any and every type of student. I only wish that IU gave more information about scholarships and career-advising information and classes.
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