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Indiana University has one of the best campuses in country. It has amazing faculty and students. People in university and totally in Bloomington are very friendly and nice. It is easy to make friends. Also it is a great party campus!
I'm currently a graduate student at the IU Bloomington Campus and my experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. I am enrolled in a water resource management program and it has given me great insight into the necessary skills for my career path both at the state and federal levels. The campus is beautiful all year long and there is plenty to do whether you frequent the bar scene or prefer the fine arts.
Wonderful school with amazing opportunities for hundreds of different interests. The Kelley School of Business is particularly amazing but so is SPEA, Jacobs, and much much more!
Review Indiana University - Bloomington
IU is the first place where I have felt like home! It is the perfect place for me to develop culturally as there is a diverse and inclusive community. I am also gaining an invaluable education as there are so many highly ranked schools and majors within this institution. I also enjoy that I can take a break from academics by partaking in the rich patriotism and sports spirit as we are a part of the Big 10! Enrolling in a large university also provides you with more opportunities in terms of career recruitment, extracurriculars, organizations, and on-campus involvement. The icing on top of the cake is that campus is absolutely stunning. I would highly highly recommend everyone to come to Bloomington!
I really like Indiana University. The people that are at the school helping and giving guidance gives the school everything. The people that have guided me is what makes the school what it is. It is so diverse so you meet different kind of people and it is a very good experience everyone should be able to have.
Being African American on this campus can be tough sometimes. We only make up a really small percentage here, and at times it feels like the problems we face here are belittled. I would like to see in a change in how the administration reacts to racial incidents that happen on campus. Overall, IU is a great school that offers amazing programs for their students and I love that this is my school!
I love my time at Indiana University. The university challenges me to be the best student I possibly can be. I have grown so much as a person because of this institution.
IUB has a terrible problem with "looking the other way" when it comes to greek life partying and underage drinking. The city of Bloomington caters to the students and the nightlife thrives off of the students as well. The diversity is great and the campus is beautiful. Professors are also often in the middle of achieving their own post-grad degrees.
A good state school with some great individual departments. In the classes I took, the professors had flexible office hours despite teaching multiple sections of large lecture hall classes. Freshman housing is variable but decent, and the administrative offices were usually timely in helping with questions about financial aid and enrollment.
I love the diversity here at Indiana University. The school has so much to offer students with their variety of classes, sports, and clubs. I enjoy being able to have a major that allows me to take extra classes outside of my major. I can take science classes as well as scuba and rock climbing.
IU Bloomington is comparable to any state university. It is true that campus crime is a significant problem but the school is active about reducing it and if you make smart decisions it isn't a reason not to attend. The professors are average to slightly above average. Campus is beautiful. There are a ton of student organizations and it is easy for even the most shy and introverted of students to be social should they choose to be.
There are many great things about IU and many negatives - one of which is the massive lack of parking.
IUB was a completely rewarding and fulfilling experience. Coming from a small East Coast town, I did not find its size overwhelming and one has to remember that the IU "you know" is made up of the circles you are part of.
School has many great majors, active social life, and tons of extracurricular. Add that with Big 10 sports and a gorgeous campus and you can see why so many people love it here.
The campus is beautiful and the people are very kind. The university offers a variety of classes for each major and a large list of clubs and organizations. It ensures that there is an activity for everyone to be involved in.
Indiana University gave me the experience I was looking for in a college. I was able to meet new people, I worked with professors and peers to maximize my learning experience and I enjoyed learning about the diverse cultures that each student brought to campus. I highly recommend Indiana University.
I absolutely love IU. I have found my home here and met some amazing people! I am so happy with my decision to go here!
Review Indiana University - Bloomington
I love the campus, the people, and my major. I commute to campus so it is a perfect distance from home. The buses stop almost every block so its easy to go to and from classes, especially when its snowing!
I really love the Kelley School of Business. It is a beautiful campus. People there are really friendly.
I have really enjoyed my four years at IU. I've had great professors and really grown and am ready to enter my career field.
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