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Indiana University-Purdue University - Indianapolis (IUPUI) Reviews

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I really enjoy the campus setting. The teachers are extraordinary and the classes are fantastic! The campus has a nice down-to-earth feel and is very home feeling.
IUPUI is really known for their diversity in students and staff. They make everyone feel welcomed and like they belong there. They have so many clubs and activities that you can get involved with. Every week they have movie night! Such an easy way to get students together on campus.
IUPUI gives the students a real college experience while also letting them feel like they're being adults for the first time. The campus is downtown, so there's plenty to do! The professors are nice and are well-prepared to teach their classes.
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I have truly found my home in the community at IUPUI. As a transfer student, I always felt welcome and as if my professors really did have my best interest in mind. I loved it so much I have decided to continue my education at IUPUI, pursuing my Doctorate of Occupational Therapy in their program.
This downtown campus is a wonderful location sitting in the heart of Indianapolis, IN. I was in the Purdue School of Engineering and really enjoyed the resources that the campus provided. A lot of cool lab space and the career placement resources are fantastic! The only down fall to this campus is that it is commuter based so it lacks the traditional college vibe.
I would prefer other professors be hired. Especially if the said professors are doing a terrible job at teaching. When most students are complaining about the lack of information being delievered by the professor, than there should be some serious evaluations on the performance of the professor.
I had a wonderful experience at IUPUI! I went on a tour of the whole entire campus and got to walk through all the buildings. The environment there was very appealing to me and I loved all the free resources IUPUI had to offer. I can that they want you to succeed there and they have every major you could imagine. I also love the city feel of the campus.
There are so many resources for Students looking for tutors, any type of help and support. I love the fact that I can do all my classes online, it’s very convenient. It works for my home life and work life.
I am still a senior in high school and haven't started there yet but very impressed with tour we took back in October.
IUPUI has a great sized campus with lots of easy ways to get around. Different campus buses and safe bike lanes to get you around campus. Overall campus is safe and everyone is friendly. However, parking can be difficult. Finding a parking spot during the peak busy hours (11-12pm) can take longer than needed. Other than parking, the campus is nicely laid out and easy to navigate.
IUPUI has been a great experience! The overall campus, students, professors have been extremely helpful during my 4 years. I've grown as artist but also I've grown into a different person. I view the world in a different perspective and understand and comprehend art in a different way for the good.
I am a freshman at IUPUI and I am having an excellent time thus far. I just completed my midterm exams, and of my five current teachers, I have issues with just one. The parking situation is sub-par but besides that, I am enjoying my time.
I will enter as a freshman in Spring 2020, transferring from another college. From what I have seen thus far, the campus is warm and welcoming the communication has been excellent I really feel that I can thrive on the campus of IUPUI.
IUPUI really does feel like home. Everyone on campus, staff and student alike, are extremely friendly and will help you out with anything. It definitely gives you a feeling of relief knowing that even as a freshman everyone is willing to help you.
IUPUI is a wonderful university in the great city of Indianapolis. I always feel safe and can always find something fun to do. The opportunities for work are amazing and the chance for personal growth is beyond what I ever imagined. The dorms are cozy and the campus is gorgeous. The sky walks make getting around easy and the food is great. If I could change anything at all, it would be to add some more parking. It is such a busy campus that everyone wants to enjoy, but they need to be able to park to do so.
So far, I really enjoy the diversity and surroundings of IUPUI! I hope they can improve on the parking soon though!
The opportunities surrounding this campus are endless no matter what degree you are pursuing. Due to the campus' close location to downtown Indianapolis, business students and those alike have access to tons of Fortune 500 companies. Medical and healthcare students have three of the biggest hospitals located right off campus to find the career that fits their needs and desires. Campus is full of networking opportunities, endless organizations, and campus life that is beyond the typical college experience.
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I chose IUPUI because of the combination of Purdue and Indiana University, I love the campus, and the location of the campus. The school could work on campus safety.
I like the way the campus is set up and the security is outstanding. At this time , since I’m a freshman, I see no changes I would make.
I love how IUPUI is a diverse community that offers a lot of opportunities. IUPUI is located in downtown Indy, so it easier for students to find job opportunities and internships to help further them in their education and careers. One thing I wish IUPUI did differently is increase safety on campus because there is a lot of crime in the surrounding areas.
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