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Indiana University-Purdue University - Fort Wayne Reviews

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IPFW has a true connection to their students. The assortment of clubs and extracurriculars that the school offers gives an opportunity for every single student to find others and connect. The professors and staff are not only great teachers, they offer assistance in personal and professional aspects. The campus is beautifully laid out, and I could not be more happy with my choice to attend this university.
I love the layout of the campus. The staff there is very helpful to everyone. The housing there has a lot of space which is perfect for any college student. I cannot wait to start my college career there.
I like the small classes and excellent professors. I attended IPFW as a Freshman in College before transferring to Indiana University Bloomington, and am excited to go back this Fall 2018 as a graduate student.
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IPFW, now Purdue Fort Wayne, is an amazing school for those who don't enjoy the thought of living in the typical "college town" or a big city. The professors are truly amazing and will do anything to help their students who show that they are willing to put in effort to succeed.
It's got a wonderful campus, not too big but not too small. Dorms are apartment style, meaning everyone has their own room. It can be pricey but if you seek out everything the school has to offer it's worth it. There are several wonderful opportunities for enriching yourself. You can travel abroad, without having to pay more than current tuition. Several communities focused on helping out students with tutoring or daily needs. There are spacious updated gyms and weight rooms. Staff are mostly pleasant and some go out of their way to make you feel welcomed.
Professors were willing to provide help/answer questions between classes, beautiful campus, and plenty of student-run activities to take part in. My only complaint is that, in the afternoons when everyone schedules their classes, the campus can get claustrophobic.
I like the lower cost of being able to attend school while living at home. I wish some of the professors didn't have hard to understand accents. Some classes were very difficult because of the language barrier.
IPFW is very affordable for the education provided. My department (Theatre) is small so I receive much individualized attention and guidance from professors and other faculty. In classes I’ve taken with other departments, it is not always the same, but overall I have had very good experiences with professors who really seem to care about my success. Other services provided by the school, such as the tutoring center or career services, have not always been helpful to me, and I often feel like I have to figure things out on my own. I don’t live in housing, so I cannot speak for that, but the environment on campus feels safe and there are countless convenient and comfortable places to study and hang out. I feel very welcomed and at home at this university overall, and I feel as if I am reaching my full potential.
Faculty and staff work very closely with students, enhancing the learning experience. Many extracurricular activities, giving the opportunities to interact with others students and faculty out of the classroom.
It seems to be run like a community college. The education is great, but on campus events are very little. Most buildings interiors are old. But most of the teachers seem to really care about the students, and that's hard to come by.
The professors really care about their students and make sure they succeed. There is always someone there to help in anyway possible, as well as some kind of event for students to get free food and stuff.
IPFW is a great small campus college. Most of the faculty is very personable and great to work with. I have been there for 2 years now and couldn't be happier.
I am currently studying nursing here. I enjoy my classes but life outside of the classroom and on campus can be kind of boring.
I enjoy that the campus is so close to my family, the advisors are very helpful, and the professors are very easy to talk to.
There are a lot of changes going on at IPFW because it will be changing to Purdue FW in the fall. There has been a lot of updates on campus and there has been a lot of contractors marking areas that will be fixed or rebuilt. Each department will have their own good and bad aspects but as a whole, the campus is moving in a good direction.
The food is astonishingly delicious. I was amazed when I ordered my first meal in the cafeteria. It was fresh, the vegetables were crisp, and the wait time was minimal. The selection of food blew my mind. Wraps, burgers, pizza, salad bar, drinks, coffee, and the 2 daily specials are just the selections in the Walb cafeteria.
The students and (most) professors are really easy to get along with, however I would like to see better communication between the Bursars and Financial Aid offices.
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I love this school because it helped me find a career that I love. I have met lifelong friends through this nursing program and I could not imagine being anywhere else. There are small classes, so I never feel like I am competing for my professor's attention. I also like that I am able to live at home and work full time while going to school locally.
The teachers all work with you one on one. The class sizes are perfect and you have a lot of the same people in all of your classes so it’s easy to make friends!
I like the nursing program so far. It is a good environment for learning and the facilities are nice. I really enjoy the program and the teachers.
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