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The professors really care about their students and make sure they succeed. There is always someone there to help in anyway possible, as well as some kind of event for students to get free food and stuff.
IPFW is a great small campus college. Most of the faculty is very personable and great to work with. I have been there for 2 years now and couldn't be happier.
I am currently studying nursing here. I enjoy my classes but life outside of the classroom and on campus can be kind of boring.
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I enjoy that the campus is so close to my family, the advisors are very helpful, and the professors are very easy to talk to.
There are a lot of changes going on at IPFW because it will be changing to Purdue FW in the fall. There has been a lot of updates on campus and there has been a lot of contractors marking areas that will be fixed or rebuilt. Each department will have their own good and bad aspects but as a whole, the campus is moving in a good direction.
The food is astonishingly delicious. I was amazed when I ordered my first meal in the cafeteria. It was fresh, the vegetables were crisp, and the wait time was minimal. The selection of food blew my mind. Wraps, burgers, pizza, salad bar, drinks, coffee, and the 2 daily specials are just the selections in the Walb cafeteria.
The students and (most) professors are really easy to get along with, however I would like to see better communication between the Bursars and Financial Aid offices.
I love this school because it helped me find a career that I love. I have met lifelong friends through this nursing program and I could not imagine being anywhere else. There are small classes, so I never feel like I am competing for my professor's attention. I also like that I am able to live at home and work full time while going to school locally.
The teachers all work with you one on one. The class sizes are perfect and you have a lot of the same people in all of your classes so it’s easy to make friends!
I like the nursing program so far. It is a good environment for learning and the facilities are nice. I really enjoy the program and the teachers.
It has a decent campus as well as campus resources, however; a few instructors and professors are a little difficult. Parking is also a very big issue. Overall very average and basic not a lot of university spirit it is a very individualistic environment.
IPFW is a good school academically for a great price. I love that the teachers always make time for students' individual needs. I also love the small campus community with a large campus, well-respected name. My classes are great, and every staff member I meet wants only the best for me and every other student.
I like the structure of the classes, the campus needs to be renovated in some areas, but it is very nice overall. I think that it is a good school for the price.
This is a great school with good teachers. They care about the students that come into their classrooms, and are willing to help them outside of class.
What I like about IPFW is that it is an affordable college that accommodates to what may be happening within each individual's life. I wish that there were more to do on campus or feel more like a college then just going to school and leaving.
The teachers are very nice and care about the students. The other staff at the school are willing to help you as well and a lot of the students will help you if you reach out.
Great sense of community at this university. You get a more individualised education since class sizes are small. Professors know you on a first name basis and are often involved beyond lectures. Ample opportunities to take advantage of, I am very happy at this university.
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It was a good university. Campus was clean and had a lot to offer its students. There were a lot of degrees and classes to choose from.
This university is in a good part of Fort Wayne, along with being a very tight knit campus. The dorms are some of the nicest I've ever seen, and the teachers are also great. This is also one of the cheapest schools you can attend, and it's a great value.
I haven't really left my apartment for anything other than classes, but even those are no different than high school classes in terms of difficulty. It's just the first year so I'm trying not to be to critical.
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