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The teachers are very nice and care about the students. The other staff at the school are willing to help you as well and a lot of the students will help you if you reach out.
Great sense of community at this university. You get a more individualised education since class sizes are small. Professors know you on a first name basis and are often involved beyond lectures. Ample opportunities to take advantage of, I am very happy at this university.
It was a good university. Campus was clean and had a lot to offer its students. There were a lot of degrees and classes to choose from.
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This university is in a good part of Fort Wayne, along with being a very tight knit campus. The dorms are some of the nicest I've ever seen, and the teachers are also great. This is also one of the cheapest schools you can attend, and it's a great value.
I haven't really left my apartment for anything other than classes, but even those are no different than high school classes in terms of difficulty. It's just the first year so I'm trying not to be to critical.
IPFW has a great variety of online and on campus classes to fit any schedule. The professors are very knowledgable on their classes because most have experience in the field. If I could change anything it would be to offer some classes more and group classes together that are similar.
IPFW is a very welcoming campus. They offer lots of clubs, and social events to get involved and to make new friends. The staff encourages you to meet new people, get involved in some way, and to do well on your academics. My experience with IPFW has been very great so far, the staff is very nice and willing to help you out in every way they can!
I love this school. My only disappointment with it is that it recently merged completely with Purdue University, against the of the faculty and students.
My experience thus far at IPFW has been rather interesting. I started out as pre med and then switched to education. I then changed my major to general studies. I have met many of the staff and faculty and would recommend IPFW.
Indiana University Purdue University is a great College to balance studies, work, and family. The Purdue or Indiana degree you receive at IPFW is respected by employers at a fraction of the cost of going to home campuses.
IPFW gave me the opportunity to find out who I wanted to be in life. It offers plenty of chances for everyone, including lower-middle class students like myself. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and a way forward, and if it was not for the wonderful people here offering me a chance to fulfill my dreams, I would not be able to earn my Bachelor's here.
Nice small classes with lots of opportunities to get help with school work, for free. The academic programs are quite good, especially the engineering programs.
The professors are overall great, its just the higher ups that need to put in more focus on their students.
This university is a good university. It is more cost effective for a reputable degree from Purdue or IU. However the two schools are separating. This university will officially become a Purdue campus. With this has come some unwelcomed changes in policy and academics.
I love the atmosphere it is relaxing and has a lot of resources. I wish there were more ways than a few fliers around campus, telling us what is going on and where.
I’m a brand new freshman here at IPFW and I’m very glad I chose this college to pursue my degree. Every staff member is here to help you on your path and they really care about you and your grades.
I honestly love attending school here. It's local so I am able to commute and save money on rent, but while on campus I have access to the full college experience. The food on campus is overpriced and mostly nasty but I think that is normal for college cafeterias. They used to cater in local chain restaurants such as chik-fil-a and Panda Express, and that was worth it and delicious. If I could change one thing about IPFW that would be it. Bring back the Panda!
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I liked how the staff and faculty were so involved with the students attending this college. I could tell that the students academics and involvement in the school was very important to the staff.
So far I haven't fallen in love with my school. With no football team, little student life, and many of their population being commuters, I find the school to be bland and frankly for underachievers. Thinking about transferring to Purdue next year in the hopes of finding the true college experience.
The central location in Fort Wayne is nice. It is also very close to my high school, which helps when I commute. My professor is great and very helpful.
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