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Indiana University-Purdue University - Fort Wayne Reviews

1,070 reviews
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IPFW was a good fit for me because it was a local college and close to home. Some people don't consider it to be as nice as other colleges, some say that the academics aren't as good here but I don't consider that to be true. You are graduating with an Indiana degree or a Purdue degree. There is a lot of diversity on campus and that is a good thing. Being diverse is important. Campus is nice and they want to do whatever they can to improve it and make it better for their students. The staff and professors are willing to do as much as they can to help you succeed and achieve the goals you want to achieve on time. Campus is without a doubt a safe place to be at all times. There are nice running trails on campus as well. There is a lot to do in Fort Wayne if you have a break between classes you could go a few blocks away to go out to eat with friends. I am a freshman at IPFW this year and the first to go to college in my family so I was a little nervous, but I feel at home at IPFW.
Fairly accessible for disabled people. Not a big campus, but not so small that there isn't anything to do. Athletics have their moments of success but are mediocre for a Division I school, same with academics.
i think that this is a really great school. It is a dry campus so you know that your safe from that. really great student to faculty ratio.
I love this school so much. The campus so beautiful and I feel safe attending here. I'm never scared to walk in the dark alone because IPFW has made me feel welcomed and protected. I had a pretty rough first semester, but I knew I could get through it because of how great IPFW is.
I enjoyed my trip to IPFW. They campus there is wonderful. The dorms are good and everyone seemed really nice when I went on my college visit. The adviser answered all the questions that I had and was very helpful. I can not wait to go there in the fall for school.
IPFW is a commute university with many programs to offer. IPFW has an amazing Human service program. The professors and administration offer great support and direction. I am pleased with my decision on transferring here to IPFW.
Going to college was a huge decision for me, and the fact that I had no way of going around and looking at colleges made it a really stressful time for me. IPFW is the school I picked and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The faculty goes above and beyond to see you succeed and there are tons of programs to join. Not only to help you but to get you involved in student life.
IPFW offers a diverse learning environment with plenty of support through the Office of Multicultural Affairs and their Trio Program.
IPFW may not be the biggest, brightest, or even the greatest college, but for someone looking for, "the right fit," Its the college for you. It offers convenience in a large of Fort Wayne, friendship, being in a friendly community, and there is even a gym for those few who enjoy to workout after school.
I have not been at IPFW for long, but at this point I find it a nice school. I have been unfortunate to come at a time of many big changes. However, it has still been a good experience. The teachers are interested in helping the students, and the classes seem to have a decent workload. There's also usually something going on on the student union to occupy down time.
This college is a good idea if you are going to school to just get a degree, which is the overall point of going to college. The opportunity to do much outside of classes is limited. The dorms are beautiful, and styled much more as an apartment then a stereotypical dorm room. The professors tend to be open-minded and willing to help although there are a number of which who do not seem to really care much about their students. Overall I think that this is a good school if you are commuting or want to focus more on education for a lower price.
I did my freshman year at Indiana University in Bloomington, but upon completion of that year I chose to transfer to my home town because the cost of IPFW is significantly cheaper. Overall I have been enjoying my time at IPFW and am enrolled in the environmental policy degree. It will be interesting to see what happens with this campus because there has recently been an announcement of numerous programs/ degrees being cut.
Not a lot of student life, but overall great degree for a much cheaper cost. Professors are usually good!
I believe the programs at IPFW are phenomenal and give attention to students who are in dire need of it, but there are sometimes when the teachers and administrators are overlooked or overlook their students due to time constraints or budgetary issues that should be resolved before a student puts his all into a class. Each teacher should be given the drive by their bosses to do the best in their classes, but most of them are too afraid to be cut or replaced. Yet overall, the college is great and I look forward to attending there again.
I absolutely love my school! They always have some kind of activities going on where you can expand your social circle and make new friends! The staff, for the most part, is really approachable and fair. I do not live on campus, but I have heard nothing bad about the dorms besides the WiFi, which is probably a given with all those people connected to it at once. They even hold multiple events during finals to help with the stress. The campus is always so clean and the lawn is never less than perfect. The only bad thing is that for commuters, the parking garages and lots fill up very fast and it is basically the Hunger Games getting a parking spot as someone leaves from class. But overall, if I had to pick again, I would not even second guess myself!
So far, first semester of my second year in college, the professors I have been given have been good. I did have a math professor last spring semester that I was not thrilled with and did not feel he was very good at teaching. Other than that I have had a few I have come to really enjoy and I do know I can still email them if I need help in years to come.
This will be my second year here on IPFW's campus and I can say I have not once seen or heard of anything bad happening on campus. I do feel safe and I remember last year for the spring semester they had every student take a course on their black board about sexual assault. This included where to go, who to talk to, what to do and more. I personally found in informing and I thought it was good of the school to do so.
I personally have gone to the gym to lift at IPFW and to me it was decent. Now I also have friends on teams here at IPFW and they have said that their facilities are better and that they're happy they get to use those instead. As far as involvement I personally have not been to any games or athletic events. Honestly I commute and I would rather go home to study.
For IPFW I have found it to be a wonderful school when transferring from a high school setting to a college setting. I have liked class sizes, the layout and the overall fact that there is always a place and or person to go to when I have a question.
Though I have not yet dealt much with the career networks tied to IPFW, I know I will be exposed to the connection more in the years to come. I have seen students earning certain employment and finding jobs because of the career center.
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