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They are always there to see you succeed. They have supplemental instructors and the professors are always there to answer all your questions. The school is set to to help you succeed.
Indiana University Southeast is an average school. The classes are good, and the quality of education is above average, but I felt like there was something missing from my education there. The campus is not diverse, and sometimes it feels like everyone just tends to stay to themselves. It can be a little depressing. If you're just looking to get through school then this is a good choice, but if you really want the college experience then I would recommend looking elsewhere.
I love the small community at Indiana University Southeast. The small class sizes makes it easier to interact one-on-one with professors and develop connections with fellow students. However, at IUS the campus life is somewhat lacking. IUS is a commuter school and has difficulty promoting school spirit that you may find at a bigger, traditional college. Overall, IUS is an excellent choice for students interested in a small campus and focusing on receiving a great education.
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Indiana university Southeast is an amazing college but it has its down falls. I chose IUS because it’s small. The campus is easy to get around and takes very little time to get to each building. Although, since the school is so small living on campus can be very boring. The area the school is located is not bad, it’s only about 15 minutes away from downtown Louisville, but there’s still not a whole lot to do.
I was hesitant at first to attend school here for honestly reasons unknown. When I finally did decide to go though, I made a very smart decision. The staff at IUS are absolutely wonderful, and if you desire to learn, this university truly is worth your while. The campus is serene and flush with green, the professors are interesting in the subjects and the students. Couldn't recommend a better school for anyone in the Kentuckiana region looking for a four year degree that is worth their money and time. A beautiful place to grow the mind.
The faculty is great and treats everyone with respect. As a non-traditional student with a family, I found it easy to find the classes I needed at times that were convenient.
For me, IUS was a childhood dream. My older brother attended this school and I visited it as a child. I fell in love with the campus, the surrounding community was amazing. Everything was so big and surreal. I enjoy the classes now, and the community is great but the childhood wonder isn't here.
IUS has a very open and welcoming environment. I really like the face-to-face interactions with my professors, as well as having the smaller classes, which helps immensely when you are having a difficult time understanding a particular topic.
This school has a very nice atmosphere along with kind people and teachers; my professors seem to really care about me and are willing to work with me. Although I wish there was a bit more of a social scene, it's a nice little school.
This is my home away from home, this campus is beyond beautiful, perfect in size and everyone that works there are super friendly and very helpful. The only downside is that the tuition is expensive.
I like how IUS is very organized along with having a welcome week where you are able to go and learn about different sororities, and how to get more involved with things going on around the campus
IUS is very accommodating. The staff is friendly and helpful. There are also many different options as far as class schedules are concerned. A big bonus is that there is a flat tuition rate for anywhere from 12 to 18 credits a semester. There is not any confusion about what is expected of new students and all the paperwork, such as financial aid, etc., is processed quickly.
The campus was conveniently located and well maintained. The instructors are enthusiastic and I enjoyed my studies.
I just finished orientation yesterday. So far, so good! I have rated below based on what I know so far.
Indiana University Southeast has been a great fit for me and my college experience. I commute and this is a commuting school but they also have very nice dormitories. The academic advisers are extremely helpful with helping you decide a major and also planning out your college career. They have walked me through many career options and classes. This college has been a great investment on my future and has gotten me to where I need to be to earn a great career. This campus in named one of the safest campuses in the United States. The class size and professors also work out great. The class sizes are a reasonable size and many students can receive one on one help. People of all ages come to this school. I have a family of my own so this school really fit with my lifestyle. I love this university and would recommend it to anyone.
Overall the school is amazing. Some of the professors in charge of the online classes can delay responses and some just post everything and pretty much say have at it, but this has only been a few out of the entire roster. Then again, you have this issue with any college.
Comfortable campus. I'm very happy about my experience. I've changed my major once, and had great feedback. I enjoy the adult center that they have there. I utilize that the most. The library has plenty of rooms for study groups.
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The campus is very safe and available to students 24 hours for studying and working on artwork. The teachers take the time to get to know you and help you if you're struggling or need guidance. I love how my art instructors help me progress in my work and make materials available at all times.
IUS has been a wonderful experience! I have had understanding and patient teachers over the past 3 years.
As a current undergrad I feel that Indiana University - Southeast has helped me in my need to grow in continuing to higher education and advancing my career. The advisors here are very helpful and knowledgeable which in turn helps every student advance better in their academic career.
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