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Lovely campus and amazing people to talk with and work with. a lot of compassionate people.have treated my sister very well the dorms are very nice clean well organized and plenty of living space very efficient use of space and community life style is wonderful
You get an IU diploma, and classes are small, which makes it easier to improve professor/students relationships. Also, the cost is very affordable. Go IU!
I enjoy my time at IUSB so far as I am in my sophomore year. The professors are always there to help and encourage me to do better. The only thing I would change would be for the professors to release the syllabus a couple weeks before classes start to get the materials needed.
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I like how the professor are approachable and take their time to explain everything. I like how the campus is.
The campus is very comfortable and is a perfect size for me. I came from a smaller school and my graduating class was about 130 students. So I am not used to anything big and this campus is just the right size.
The dorms were very nice. I love that I had my own bedroom. I loved my job at the WERC. Some of the professors were awesome and helpful, but most of the professors I had, did not care. The food at the grill pretty good. I loved working out the SAC! They’ve come a long way with the buildings. The dorms are close to campus. It’s a pretty small environment, this wasn’t my dream school but I did enjoy my time while I was there.
My experience with Indiana University South Bend has been wonderful so far. I just finished my freshman year and the student life there treated me very well! I loved the effort my professors put in with teaching not only their classes, but providing extra time outside of class to further cover material.
I like the size of the campus, it is easy to get around. I wish that there was more options of food available and longer hours. I have been to a previous college where they had food available until midnight. This would be really nice, because it would be a great place to study and grab a bite to eat later on.
There are many opportunities to get involved and try new things. I love the social activities and leadership roles students can participate in. It truly has helped me become a confident young women.
Small school but it is what you make of it. Many commute and never get involved in activity. Those students usually do not enjoy their time here as much. Still if you get involved it’s a great school. Housing is very nice too. Sports are also growing.
I am sure that I would enjoy this school more, had I not transfered from University of Indianapolis, and been accustomed to their style. Overall IUSB is a very average school, my biggest issue is that many of the classes I need to graduate are not always offered, otherwise it's fine for the cost.
Everyone on campus has been very kind and helpful to make college a lot easier to go through. Faculty and staff are easy to talk to and are very relatable.
I like the class sizes. I like the fact that they're fairly small. Also, it's close to my home. Since it's close to my home, I get to see many of my friends from high school still. The professors that I've had are very professional and care about their students.
I really love the time I have spent at Indiana University South Bend! The proffesors are amazing, class sizes are perfect, and the opportunties provided by the campus cannot be beat!
Most of the teachers are intelligent and helpful when you come to them. Some of them teach courses at Notre Dame so you're getting the same kind of education for an affordable cost. The class sizes are small so you get more individual attention.
I personally have never had any problems at IUSB. Every experience is great. they have hundreds of clubs and there is always an event or activity available. Most students don't realize there is so much to do and experience so i would recommend that the university start posing the activities for the day on the school website. Some activities include plays, the entrepreneurship lecture series (listen to an meet very successful local professionals), career fairs and much more. There is also a free gym for students.
When I went on the IUSB campus tour, I felt like the director really explained himself with everything. He was very thorough with explaining how each department worked. The only thing we did not get to was the Housing because the office was closed, also it was pouring down rain. I think IUSB is well maintained, and a awesome looking college. I can not wait to extend my education further at IUSB in the fall.
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I love the small community at IUSB. Coming from a small high school, it was important to me to be able to have small enough classes that I could connect one on one with my professors. The professors at IUSB could not be more welcoming, helpful, and excited for you. It really makes a difference in your education.
The tuition for this college is very do-able! I would like to see more healthy food options on campus. I also feel as if the workout center isn't big enough, there is sometimes lines for machines.
I have been going to Indiana University South Bend for 3 years now and I have enjoyed my experiences even through the rough patches, because without those I would not be where I am today.
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