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I like the class sizes. I like the fact that they're fairly small. Also, it's close to my home. Since it's close to my home, I get to see many of my friends from high school still. The professors that I've had are very professional and care about their students.
I really love the time I have spent at Indiana University South Bend! The proffesors are amazing, class sizes are perfect, and the opportunties provided by the campus cannot be beat!
Most of the teachers are intelligent and helpful when you come to them. Some of them teach courses at Notre Dame so you're getting the same kind of education for an affordable cost. The class sizes are small so you get more individual attention.
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I personally have never had any problems at IUSB. Every experience is great. they have hundreds of clubs and there is always an event or activity available. Most students don't realize there is so much to do and experience so i would recommend that the university start posing the activities for the day on the school website. Some activities include plays, the entrepreneurship lecture series (listen to an meet very successful local professionals), career fairs and much more. There is also a free gym for students.
When I went on the IUSB campus tour, I felt like the director really explained himself with everything. He was very thorough with explaining how each department worked. The only thing we did not get to was the Housing because the office was closed, also it was pouring down rain. I think IUSB is well maintained, and a awesome looking college. I can not wait to extend my education further at IUSB in the fall.
I love the small community at IUSB. Coming from a small high school, it was important to me to be able to have small enough classes that I could connect one on one with my professors. The professors at IUSB could not be more welcoming, helpful, and excited for you. It really makes a difference in your education.
The tuition for this college is very do-able! I would like to see more healthy food options on campus. I also feel as if the workout center isn't big enough, there is sometimes lines for machines.
I have been going to Indiana University South Bend for 3 years now and I have enjoyed my experiences even through the rough patches, because without those I would not be where I am today.
Very little diversity in a crappy part of town. Parking is awful and the bye kept the top of the parking garage closed off for no reason at this point. Don't come here for sports. Some professors are alright while others are questionable at best. No one seems to care about the student reviews. All of the funding is dumped into the business school while the others get crumbs.vthey spend a lot of money on stupid magazines that they send out that no one cares about. The sculpture house has moved multiple times in the past few years, none of which have been on campus. Then depending on the way the wind is blowing, it either smells like hot dog food or sewage.
My first semester at IUSB has been good so far. Most professors are nice and make it slightly easier for freshmen to adjust to college. The campus isn't hard to navigate because there are always signs and posters telling you where stuff is located. The buildings are also nice and modern except for Northside. Most buildings are cold, which needs to be fixed since it is winter.
I like that it's close to my home and that it's affordable. I also enjoy being on the campus because there are a lot of places for you to study and to go and get help with your class or homework.
What I really like about Indiana University South Bend are the opportunities for students to learn. IUSB has plenty of programs and courses for students to take that will challenge people, and help them learn.
If there is one thing that could change for the better, it is the food. It would be awesome if the campus could offer better quality food for its students and staff.
With Indiana University - South Bend being a local college to me I was not expecting it to be as diverse as it is. The professors and advisors are also very helpful.
I love that it is a small campus and personable. My professors try really hard to help everyone and they are the bet teachers I’ve ever had. Everyone at the school is willing to help the students in anyway and it’s fantastic to see everyone succeeding because of them.
I am very glad that I chose to go to IUSB. Not only because it is affordable but because the classes are small so the professor gets to know you personally and helps when you have questions about the subject. It is very different than the typical lecture you would get at a bigger University and it helped a lot for someone like me who learns better in smaller groups. I've made so many friends because of the way IUSB is set up! If I had to choose it all over again, I would.
I really liked the modern impression that the school gave out. The staff was nice and welcoming. Definitely one of top college choices.
I just did not feel like I fitted in well at IUSB. And I also found that it wasn't too student friendly I guess.
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I am currently in my first semester and I feel at home their professor want to interact with you and for you to do your best
Indiana University South Bend is a great place to be when you want the college experiences close to home. I was always that person who wanted to be close to home when choosing my future school. While it is abundant in what it has to offer, it is not a big school. If you are looking for decent class sizes and professors who will notice when you are gone from class... This is the place to be. This school has a lot of student life and some of the friendliest people I have ever met.
I've had a great time while attending. The professors I've had have all been professional , helpful and kind.
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